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The Eve of New Years Eve Bunny Extravaganza

Advent is usually very quiet, working on other projects, setting up ideas, events … etc for Sylum for the upcoming year.

There has been epic plotting sessions from time to time.

The Christmas/Boxing Day Bunny of 2015 was Epic enough that it changed where Sylum was going – instead of an ending we had the End of the Beginning.

This year’s Christmas was fairly quiet.  To the point we made the mistake of saying – ‘so what no major plotting session from Bob’

Big Mistake.

The eve before New Years Eve, there was a knock on the door and a box filled with bunnies.

It was an all day plotting EVENT!  No seriously starting at 9am, during coffee that lasted all the way into the night.  Maybe a stop for food and bathroom breaks, though I think a few bunnies snuck under the bathroom door.

It’s good plots.

Good stories.

Great characters.


*stares at Bob and Bob 2 – who only smirk and run around on the couch*

Like I don’t have enough stuff to do!!

So to be the evil tease that I am … a few things that came from it.

Development of Heather’s networks of Pleasure Houses:  Additional Madams and one Master – in LA, DC, and London.

Junctions and Characters that bring together other storylines, that kind were hanging off the edge.

2 very interesting Triad pairings *cackles*

So what does a Scottish Exotic Animal Veterinarian, MI:6 Spy, American Cowboy, Revolutionary, Historian, and a Intergalactic Passport Control have in common…

Well you’ll just have to wait and see.




The Bob’s Negotiation Thursday

Instead of the normal Throwback Thursday – today is the Bob’s Negotiation Thursday

Bob Edit Bob2_Photo

The Bobs have been under intense negotiations with a variety of characters.

While working on the 10th there were a few characters who decided they had to have a much bigger role in the Universe.

His negotiation was successful


Not only did he end up in major story line he negotiated the position of Warrick’s Quarter Master on the Red Stallion – You’ll find out who he ended up Mated with in the 10th Anniversary Edition *smirks*

This one *eyeroll* manipulated whole story lines around to make sure they include him.


Actually not just one, but two.

Both story lines will be popping up in Advent

*waits for OMG Squees to die down*

These guys have been manipulating story line for a while now.  I’m not quite sure if they really negotiated with the Bobs or more threatened their furry little hides.


 I will say this – you’ll see/meet every single one of these characters … Just keep a close eye out as they are sneaky.


This big guy had extreme negotiations and in the end got his people into story line 8 years earlier than expected!!


We’ve already set the intro for him…check out the Trailer section of the website!

The latest negotiations going on are with these two.

Obi-Wan-Kenobi-and-Qui-Gon-Jinn-qui-gon-jinn-and-obi-wan-kenobi-4252507-401-600 tpm-024-01_lg

These are some heavy handed negotiations …

… some would even say aggressive – aka use of a lightsaber.

Sylum Disclaimer:

Always remember!! You might not meet any of these characters in the way you think you will.

After all Sylum is all about mixing things up:  taking characters, locations, story plots and tossing them in to a blender and hitting puree.

The Bob’s Negotiation Helpers





Nicky Stokes vs Nicolaus Meridius

As I’m working on CSI Stories that will lead up to the 10th Anniversary of Clan War – Nico and Warrick have become a pain in my ass.

The demanding sons of bitches have changed and added storyline in their favor (Speed is still trying to figure out how that happened – since Clan War started because of him), and they added additional characters.

Jim Brass I’m pointedly looking at you.

Who doesn’t look very repentant.

So while working on old school, future storylines have started to form.  Nico has decided he doesn’t want to continue to be a stay at home grandpa. Now I’ll be evil and let y’all wonder what he’s going to do with his life after Evolution *cackles*.

But I will be nice and show you the two gifs that inspired the movement from Nicky Stokes to Nicolaus Meridius.


Nicky Stokes



Nicolaus Meridius

Despite the Sylum implications – I have to say Nicky has come a long way in CSI.


The Bobs and their Evil Scheming

So once again the Bobs have decided to make their writers lives a living hell.  *hears cackling in the corner*

How should I put this…

It started off with these two


 There are some old school CSI Bunnies wandering around – that we won’t talk about.

But they may have something to do with this


Or and the guy in the suit – invade massive storyline


And just when you think they’re done.  No they had to go and raid a particular storyline that was meant for these two!


Who are now plotting revenge and I’m not quite sure yet if I’m looking forward to it or not…

But as you can see – these two are not looking very repentant


So after we dealt with the Old School CSI Bunnies from hell  and figured all was quiet on the Bob Front…

Famous Last Words.

This guy showed up all scruffy


He tagged along and brought his furry friend

The Raven


 Which some how led to a massive storyline with multiple characters being included because of these two!!



    Leaving this one sulking at the Vatican



Only to find out this one has been plotting


In the end leaving us writers staring at

 Bob &   Bob2

 in horror and shock!  While scrambling for paper/pen to write down notes and start making edits!

*Evil Cackle heard in the distance*

The Evils of Bob

Its been a while since I’ve been here so let me stretch out my paws and take a quick stroll through my domain.

Hmmm *hops around* need some repair work over there, new paint on that section.  And must enlarge the bunny pen by a few sizes.

There’s a lot going on … Bob 2 and I have been working to drive our writers to distraction.  At the moment I’ve got Old School CSI on non-stop in the background tossing bunnies left, right and center.

Bob 2 is adding elements to the 10th Anniversary special of Clan War to the point that the new Kiss of Death has more pages than half the original Clan War Arc! *high paws Bob 2*

I see that Spring Fling is starting which means the Graphic Gecko will break loose of his cage *sigh*.  I have to let him out at least once a year or he starts selling car insurance to make a living.

Plot Crab has gone AWOL though last I heard he was having fun crabbing in the Bering Sea.

The Research Meerkat Sergei has got some new books and is contently curled up by the bookcases – fighting the dog for the bed and blankies.

*pokes Alien* *watches in fascination as the fur moves like a live organism* Dude! Wake up! Must annoy your writers!!

And because I’m evil – what like you didn’t know that.  Some old school moments you’ll be seeing leading up to the 10th Anniversary re-release of Clan War.


“Congrats Nicky you’re a CSI level 3,” Gil said as he handed the young Texan his new badge.

Nick smiled as he took the chain, his eyes quickly searching for Warrick.  He had been resigned to the fact that his Mate would beat him, and considering everyone, including his own kids, bet against him, obviously, so did everyone else.

Except for Thomas and Arthur, who had just made a small fortune.


It was Brass that found the note on Nick’s fridge, he took it down and pocketed it not wanting it to be cataloged in evidence.

‘Master Nico, 

Food’s been stocked up, including the back fridge.  I added new clothes to the wardrobe and called the Dry Cleaner to find out what happened to the previous items.  Bills have been paid, and the kitchen sink has been repaired.

Also contacted Van Helsing to come and take out the Rogue that is living in your Attic.



To bad the note showed up only a few hours before Crane had tossed Nick out of a second story window.


“What the hell is your problem?” Warrick asked pulling on his jeans, leaving them undone as he watched his Mate pace the room.

Nick had surprised him for his birthday.  A rare night off for the two of them.  Tucked away in their private room at Lady Heather’s. Nick on his knees, hands cuffed behind him…

“What?” Warrick shook his head out of the memories to make sure he heard what he thought his Mate had just said.

“You heard me. You’re dead not deaf.” Nick glared at his Mate. “I just saw Gil screwing my mother.”

“Were was Evy?”

“Taking notes.”

Warrick didn’t want to know if Evy had notes on him and Nick…

“Of course she does. Evy is a librarian, probably has them organized by dewy decimal system.” Nick answered the unasked question. “Her and mom own and run brothels, dominatrix club, and sex shops in more than one city and has since 3000 BC. They have a lot of information and knowledge to organize.”

“So are you going to tell Gil you know?” Warrick slipped on his shirt trying to hide his grin, at Nick’s face expression.

“Yeah sure laugh all you want.” Nick’s hands were on his hips, showing how much he was truly agitated. “So how am I supposed to drop that into conversation.  Next time Gil hands out assignments. ‘Hey Nick here’s a B&E. Thanks Gil, by the way you slept with my mother!'” Warrick’s laughter just got louder. “Oh and when he asks how would I know – I can tell him Warrick and I were in our private room, recreating our first date where he had me handcuffed on my knees and blowing him, before he fucked me straight for three days.”

Warrick stopped laughing.  “Awkward.”


“Is that a hawk?” Sara asked.

“No it’s a pigeon.” Nick tried not to roll his eyes.

“What’s it doing in here?” She demanded. “This is our break room.”

“You know Nick, you shouldn’t have animals in the lab, people could be allergic.” Gil added to the conversation.

He turned on both of them, trying not to upset the hawk anymore than it was.  “The hawk witnessed the murder and has evidence on him from the crime scene, which I’m collecting. I’m doing it in here, since I do not want to contaminate other evidence from other crimes.”

The hawk feeling the agitation in the room squawked, wings flapping outwards, talons digging into the perch it was one, mainly Nick’s arm.

Nick rubbed a finger down it’s chest and talked softly to calm it down.  Once the bird settled again, he glanced back at the two CSIs. “And let me get this straight – its okay for Gil to have Bugs and experiments in the break room, cause he’s the bug expert.  But I’m just patted on the head and patronized that I gain my knowledge of birds, from Animal Planet.  Which by the way when do y’all think I have time to watch these shows?!”

Gil opened his mouth, then closed it.  “You’re right Nicky, I hadn’t realized you knew so much about birds.”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, Gris.”


Pirate Bunnies Have Landed!!!            The Pirate Bunnies Are Coming!!!!


Have been trying to avoid them.

But it was to no avail.

Last night in the dead of night the Pirate Bunnies arrived in their ships and made port at the kitchen table in the dining room.

It may have something to do with this guy…..



He showed up after a long journey and made his home next to the rest of the Assassins.


Now there are Pirate Bunnies.  Assassins Bunnies.  Pirate Assassin Bunnies.  Making their home at the Kitchen Table – setting up taverns, blacksmith shops, brothels, and a church – even Pirates Bunnies attend Confession … *eyes Pope Bunny who looks unapologetic*

At the moment they are eyeing the far off island known as the Coffee Table, in hopes to get closer to the XBox and Assassin Creed Games.

This is not a good thing.

So if you hear screams of help, or see the dogs flee the living area – you’ll know that the Pirate Bunnies have taken over our lives!

Hears Pirate Shanties off in the distance…

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!


Bob’s Bender of a Weekend


Bob —>  Bob


Bob 2 —> Bob2


Went on a complete Plotting Bender over the weekend.  To the point of major character developments, story lines, story arcs, plot changes, and WTF was that, you (*&#@# Rabbit!

First there’s this guy —> jeffrey_dean_morgan_10

Who snuck into storyline where he didn’t belong and changed future storylines just by his mere presence.  As you can see he is not repentful.


Then there’s this particular Assassin


Wanted to discuss storyline that isn’t even in the realm of being written yet *glares*


And not matter how hard I try to gag this particular bunny


It keeps coming back … kinda like a zombie.


atmosphere-rush-04 <— There’s a Formula 1 Bunny zipping around the house that can’t stop long enough to tell us what it wants.

Irony this one —>  rush_l2_0 came in for a pit stop and hasn’t left.


And this guy —> 1378608_514676125284326_1356026174_n Keeps hiding in the shadows


Oh and not to be left out, cause we could never leave him out….

This guy —> george-eads (who is herding at the moment)

Teamed up with this one —> Maximus_Quintus_1


who now has ties with —> Prince-of-Persia-The-Sands-of-Time-Movie-Review-4


These two —> martin_lawrence_and_will_smith_in_bad_boys_ii_hd_wallpaper-HD  are demanding a Timestamp!


 And of course let’s not forget Bob 2 who’s been just as bad as his papa.

See there’s this —> BWi4PnXCYAEjDwR

Teamed up with —> med_pierfrancesco-favino-2010-jpg

And we’re not telling how 😀 cause we can be just as evil as the Bobs!!!


After all that…


We won’t even mentioning this guy

Plotting has Resumed

*kicks out Graphic Gecko*

Okay now that I got rid of the scurry little annoyance – it’s time to make Bj focus on what I want her to focus on.

*pulls out list*

Oh yes there are a few things that I can torment my writer with, preferably all at the same time.

– Zombie fic *checks off list* *eyes graphic gecko peaking over desk for Vid/Fanmix to go with it*  If he’s good I may let him out to play for a tiny tiny bit

– Fisherman Story *Release the Plot Crab!*

– Next Michael Westen story that has lots of characters, twists, turns, and headdesking timeline *cackles*

– Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore *puts Assassins Creed 2 on X-Box*

– Two words: Ernesto Olivetti   *hmmm hook him up with the Westen storyline HAHA drive writer insane*

– There’s that IMF Bunny who is still hanging from the ceiling – I may go poke it just for fun *grabs poking stick*

– Note to self hire a wedding consultant for the wedding of the century story *sends minion to get tux from cleaners*

– Adds a half a dozen timestamps fora  variety of persons, places and things *cause you can never have enough*

Oh and last thing on the list.

– Plot with Evil Bob 2 – just to make everything difficult! *rubs paws together in evil anticipation*

Calling all CSI Fans/Watchers

*looks around corner – sees coast is clear*

*scurries into the room*

Graphic Gecko Here!!!  I’m working on a few super sekrit projects and need some help from you nice people you!  I’ve distracted Bob from storyline for a while so I can kidnap Bj to do some Vids *claps hands in excitement*

I need help finding some footage.   So if ya’ll could help I would truly appreciate it!

Footage Needed:

* Nick wearing a suit, looking professional – court like or even funeral doesn’t matter as long as in suit

* Nick in shootout, explosion, something action/drama

* Nick driving

* Nick looking tired/emotional – drama baby drama!!

* Nick Pissed off as f*ckin Hell!!

* Warrick in suit, looking professional

* Warrick in shootout, explosion, something action/drama

* Warrick driving

* Warrick looking tired/emotional – drama baby drama!!

* Warrick Pissed off as f*ckin Hell!!

There may be a theme in this…

Please either give me the Title of the Episode, Season # and Episode # or a youtube link!

I really like youtube! *gecko grin*

Oh Yeah. Evolution…

Whew! Glad I got that done. It was long. It took a while. Not that it wasn’t a fun read. It was. Totally.

The creative twists. The mind-bending turns. The awesome ass-kicking…

It was a blast to read.

Oh. I forgot. Y’all haven’t read it yet. Um. Yeah. Sorry. Didn’t mean to rub it in.

Look on the bright side. It’ll be posted in only two more days. Right? 


You are all planning to read Evolution, right? And you’ve done your Sylum Homework and read ‘Demons and Angels’ and ‘Roads Untraveled’? If you haven’t you’ve got two days, ’cause without those two you might be a little lost. Seriously.

Clear some time in your schedule. You’re gonna want to savor this one. Trust me. Would one of the Bobs steer you wrong?


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