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Sylum Inspiration: Briar Rose

Passion Kin Clan: Archivist/Librarian

Briar Rose was the only daughter of one of the merchants in the village near Lady Claire’s Castle and Vineyard.  She was the miracle baby, and her parents always knew she was a blessing.

She was headstrong and wanted more than to get married and have children. She ended up working in the Castle, making friends with Snow White. The two became fast friends, taking care of the Castle and Lady Claire.

When the Lady approached them about a new life, they took it.

Sylum Inspiration: Javert

Javert was born in prison, and learned to defend himself quickly. One of the Prison Guards took him under his wing, taught him how to read through the Bible. He got him released and under his authority. He made sure Javert was raised with morality and honor. Leading him into become a Police Inspector.

His life will change drastically when he stumbles over Jean Valjean again after twenty years. In the end it leads him to questioning everything he knew and thought about morality and justice.

In the end it was taken from his hands.

(Dilios Note: Javert comments if anyone wants the story they can read the damn book Westley worked so hard to get published)

Sylum Inspiration: Louise Massart

Passion: Member

Louise Massart was born into privilege, but she wasn’t happy in her life.  She married the man her father picked for her, but then promptly divorced him.  She ended up back home with her father, and while he worked on building the Eiffel Tower, she figured out what to do with her life.

She had no idea her life would drastically change.

While on a date her father set up, she met Henriette an assistant at the Magic Show.  The two instantly connected, and Louise knew who she belonged with.

Unfortunately it wasn’t easy.

Louise was accused of murder, and the two of them had to work to figure out who actually was the murderer, and keep Louise safe.

Through their ordeal they ended up meeting Snow White and Briar Rose.  Who had no problem helping the girls.

Once Louise was found not guilty, they girls were ready to spend their life together, despite the obstacles.  Snow White and Briar Rose gave them another option.

Sylum Inspiration: Henriette

Passin Kin Clan: Member


Henriette doesn’t talk about her childhood.  She grew up in Paris, and was blessed to have a benefactor in society.  She ended up working as a Magician Assistant, living a good life.  Then she met Louise Massart, and everything change.

She fell in love with her instantly.

When Louise was accused of murder, she refused to lose her and they set out to find the real murderer.  They ended up meeting Briar Rose and Snow White, who helped them prove Louise was innocent.

Afterwards the two woman knew they were meant for each other, despite what obstacles society would bring them, not only as two woman, but as a interracial couple.

Briar Rose and Snow White told them about Vampires and gave them a new option.

Sylum Inspiration: Claude Renault

Passion Kin Clan: Hunter


Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, he walked into mine.

(Dilios Notes: It’s how Claude sums up his meeting with Rick Blaine)

Claude grew up wanting to be an Inspector like his father. He enjoyed his job, liked helping people and knew he was good at it.

Then he got caught in a situation with Rick Blaine, which he found out later was a Vampire and a Spy. The whole situation was a mess and at the end he ended up a Vampire himself.

Sylum Inspiration: Inigo Montoya

Passion/Inegridad Kin Clan: Hunter


Inigo was raised on a farm, had every intention to follow his father’s footsteps, marry a good woman, have kids and be a farmer.

It was destroyed when his father and family was killed. He set out for revenge, learning along the way how to fight and ended up becoming a mercenary in many ways.

He finally found the man who killed his father, and when confronted him ended up working with a Frenchman. Afterwards the man was dead, Turned to dust in front of him, but he didn’t care. As he fell to the floor bleeding, the Frenchman asked him to live.

Sylum Inspiration: Westley

Passion Kin Clan: Lead Hunter


Wait – why are we getting 2 Inspirations?  Well because the 1st of the month fell on an awkward Tuesday 🙂

Westley started off as a simple farm hand, who fell in love with a girl. When she finally realized he was in love with her, and fell for him, he set out to make a fortune so they could be together.

Only to be caught by Pirates, then trained to be a Pirate Captain.

When he returned for her, he discovered she married another, and died while having his kid. Not sure what to do, he ended up wandering the countryside robbing people. He ended up trying to rob Marek, who had him begging for mercy in seconds.

(Dilios Note: Not that Westley wanted to admit that)

He gave the Pirate Captain a new chance at life.

Character Introduction: Romeo Montague


Passion: Legal Advisor


Name: Romeo Montague

Turn Date: 1575 AD

Sire: Lucius Malfoy

Mate: Juliet Montague


Romeo made the mistake of falling for the wrong girl. His family house refused to allow them to marry a bitter rivalry still playing out.

He was set out to run off with Juliet when one of her brothers decided to take matters into his own hands.

As Romeo lay dying he was surprised to his father’s lawyer standing over him, asking if he truly wanted his Juliet.


Image: Leonardo DiCaprio


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