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Reminder: New Password

Reminder!  November 1st we’re changing the password to the site.

We’ve announced the new password on the Sylum Security Group.  You must be part of that group to get the monthly emails with the password.

We’ve set up reminders over the next two months, but as of November 1st the old password will stop working and we’ll only be using the new one.

Casting Call: Bad Ass Characters and/or Actors & Actresses

So we’re looking to cast a set of characters!

The characters are bad ass – basically BAMF.  

Male. Female.  All ethnicity.  Basically send us those characters or just actors/actresses you would like to see as BAD ASS characters.   

A few rules:

  • Seriously they can not be on the OH HELL NO LIST
  • They need to be late twenties to mid forties
  • If it’s a character we need the character’s name, what show/movie/book etc and actor/actress
  • No historical characters it doesn’t work for what we’re looking for
  • Send as many as you can no seriously, send away!


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Sylum Advent 2022: Last Day for Sign Ups

Last Day to Sign Up!

Come on you know you want to

What is Sylum Advent? 

Sylum Advent is our Annual Winter Event.  It will start on December 1st and go through to New Years Day, January 1st.

What do you need to do to participate?

You will need to sign up and state what your interested in doing.

Reminder:  If you would like to work on a Sylum story, you will need to contact me with your idea, and I will have to see a draft ahead of time to make edits or notes.  It’s best if you focus on stories that aren’t attached to main characters being used in Arcs or stories by other authors.  Check out the Sylum Wiki – lots and lots of characters that need some attention and love!

You can reply to this post or contact me: – for questions or story ideas

How do I sign up?

Reply to this Post.

Just click reply and let us know what your interested in doing, don’t forget to give us your contact info so we can get a hold of you.

Sign Ups close August 16th.  If we do not get your request, by then it will not be included.

Is there a deadline of when the Fic/Art needs to be Finished?


Deadlines to remember!

November 6th: Banners must be to taibhrigh

November 25th: Stories/Art Due

I understand life happens, if you realize that you won’t be able to make the deadline or get the story/art done, please let me know ASAP so I can adjust posting schedule.

I have questions?

– Drop a reply to this post with a *FLAIL* *HELP* with contact info and we’ll get back to you.

– Email:

Update/Changes: Sylum

Updates/Changes Within Sylum

  • We’ll be updating the password on Nov 1st.  Do not worry.  We’ll be sending out notifications/reminders starting from now (on here and the group password).   We’ll be sending out the new password starting in September, which will give you two months to adjust before it changes officially over in November.
  • This will become a new precedence in updating/changing password on a yearly bases.
  • We’ll be adjusting how snippets are presented in the Archive, more information on that will follow.  But basically it will be easier to navigate where they are located.
  • We’ll be working to remove all story elements (including snippets) from the blog itself.  At the moment all stories that are in the Archive have already been removed from the blog, we’ll be also removing snippets and anything that was non-cannon.   Snippets as stated above are in the Archive, but anything non-cannon will be removed completely.  As for ‘Afternoon Fic’ the only one this will affect is Still Breathing as it’s a Sylum Story – the rest can stay.
  • There will be some changes to Events starting next year.  DO NOT PANIC – we’re not taking anything away!! Calm down it’s okay 🙂 the only thing we’ll be doing is changing how we present materials.   More information will be forthcoming in the next few months.
  • If you’re wondering what’s up with all these changes.  It’s in precaution of protecting Sylum, along with the creators and readers.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to email me at (
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