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Clan Location: Camelot

Camelot Clan


I know a few people were likely wondering how Camelot Clan’s location ended up in the SouthWest of England.

Tintagel is the birthplace of Arthur Pendragon, so it was only fitting their first home was at the famous location.  Unfortunately, the area is eroding into the sea, so they had to find a new location, which how they ended up at St. Michael’s Mount.

In non Sylum world this is actually a private residence, mixed in as a Heritage Site.  So yes you can tour it, but only the gardens and older sections.  So everything we’ve described about the place is real.

Though St. Michael’s Mount is the main home, they do have other clan locations in Scotland & Ireland, especially as a few members stay in those areas full time.   They also have a variety of business and residences in London.

Casting Call


We’re doing a Casting Call!


We have some new characters coming, but we need to cast them!  So we’re reaching out to the clan – send in some actors/actresses that you would like to see in Sylum.

A few things before you start tossing names out:

  • They can’t be on, or added to, our OH HELL NO list.  What is the Hell no List?  It’s those actors that are homophobic, racists, sexists assholes that would lose their minds having their names associated with something like Sylum.
  • Please don’t pick overly famous names or actors that have family dynasties in Sylum.  We’re not looking for the next Meridii or McFassii – they are already good at adding their own characters in without additional help.
  • The actors need to be actors not a ‘reality stars’ there’s a reason we re-cast the Crab Fishermen.
  • We’re looking for a variety of actors/actresses:  all nationalities and variety of ages
    • Specifics we’re looking for
      • Indian Woman (30ish)
      • Eastern European Male (40ish)
      • European Male (40ish)
      • African Male (30ish)
      • 2 American Females (Both 30ish … dark hair and the other blonde/red)
      • Latin American/Mexican Male (30ish – that isn’t Pedro Pascal or Oscar Issacs)
      • 2 American Males (Early 40’s wearing glasses is a plus but not needed and 30ish close cropped hair or bald)

You can either drop the name on this post or go to the discord and drop images w/ name in the Channel – #SylumPretties

Clan Location: Medjai


Clan Medjai, the oldest Clan in the series.

Though the image and main location is labeled as Cairo, truthfully no one really knows exactly where the main location for the Medjai are located. 

Being the oldest Clan, they are securly hidden away in the deserts of the Egypt.  This is how they’ve kept an ancient society a secret along, with old artifacts.  

Those who have lived and been a part of the Medjai know how to get to the Oasis, the rest will they have to know someone.

Of course there’s the few who tease others with the concept that … one most walk into the desert, when can’t walk anymore, keep walking and when collapse of exhaustion hope the Medjai find you. 

They do have establishments outside the desert.  The main one being in Cairo.  Plus secondary homes in Morocco, Libya, and on the West Coast of Africa.

Questions, Comments?

Clan Location: Sylum

It was suggested that I could work up a series of why each location was chosen for the different clans.  

So of course we’re going to start off with the first one.


When this story first started over 15 years ago (where has the time gone) there was only one place a Clan of Vampires would be located in the US.

New Orleans.

Where else would they be?  

I also have a lot of personal history with the city, and no my way around it and the surrounding area, which helped when building the Manor and the city Sylum would call home.   As story developed other cities became important parts of Sylum – Vegas (for obvious reasons :D), Washington DC, Los Angeles, and at times New York (despite how much Nico despises the city).  

But New Orleans is home, and will always be the home for Sylum.

Oak Alley Plantation is only partial inspiration for the Manor itself, the other is Monmouth Plantation in Natchez.

So there you have it.  The reason why – Sylum is in New Orleans.

Any questions?  Or curious about technical Sylum history within the city?


Spotify – some of you may heard of it, some may even have it.

Would people be interested in me building ‘playlists’ for Sylum Stories?  Or what’s inspiring for this week? 

And for those curious on the discord – I’ve got all the tallies just working things out.  I’ve honestly havne’t had the time or energy to sit down to put all together.  But soon!

Sylum Blog: Update

If you’ve been to the blog website you might have noticed a few changes.

Yes!  We finally updated the main theme of the blog.  Hopefully this will fix some of the underlying annoying issues that we had with the old one … for one seeing people’s comments!

Thank you taibhrigh for the new banners and helping me with getting this set up.  Or I should say listening to the ranting and raving about the whole thing.

For the next few days/weeks we’ll likely be making tweaks and adjustments, so if you notice anything not working or missing, let us know in the comments.

Sylum Update: Wiki & Chat

A few quick updates!

Wiki Formatting: A while back (okay so it was a month ago, but feels longer) I brought up about the formatting for the post for the Wiki, whether to stick with the old style or implement the new one.  The votes favored the new format, and with much discussion, decided to go with the New Format.

This actually wasn’t an easy decision (as this is a lot of work) but the main factor was – we couldn’t trust the plugin to keep working, and if it failed we would be right back where we started.   Thank you for all the votes, it helped with the decision process.

So we’re back to putting in the new format.  As we do Sylum Inspiration’s you’ll see the changes, and we’re slowly working through the Clans – starting with the ones that have updated images.  As the tabs are working, we’ll update bios to the new formatting when we get updated images.

Global Movie Day: Still want to guess how many movies there are in Sylum – you have a chance.  Go Here and put in your best guess.

Discord:  Would you believe we’re actually tied on this … so if you haven’t voted Go Here, read the post and let us know what you think.

Updates: A little bit of this … a little bit of that

Just a few updates/reminders!

Sylum Security:  Yahoo shut down Yahoo Groups last month.  If you have not moved to the new group – do so now.  Just because you have the password now, doesn’t mean the password will not change.  You will have to make a account though you can use Facebook or Google to sign in.

Sylum Security

Sylum Blog: We’re working on a new theme for the main blog.  This will take some time, but if you there are moments you can’t access the site, it’s likely us fiddling with things or wordpress is being a pain.

Discord: Wait we have a Discord?  Yes we do – it was set up a while back for a chat program for the group.  Last I looked no one really hasn’t posted on it.  Is people still interested?  I’ve set up a poll – please take the time to answer.  I really need feedback on this, and not just a shrug.

Read more“Updates: A little bit of this … a little bit of that”

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