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Call Out to Clan – Part 2



Okay so ironically the series I was looking for was Alternate Paths.

The series someone requested was Escort Service.

Both dealt with escort services – so I got them confused as one would.

Alternate Paths – is the one where Speed was the Escort

Escort Service – is the one Dr. Speed calls for an Escort Service and accidentally gets Horatio (who just shows up cause why not).

The person who asked was awesome to find these on an old old archive.  But if anyone has copies it would be very helpful!!

Yes – I will fix up, edit and get on the Bj Jones section of the blog so all can read.

Call Out to the Clan!


Okay here’s the deal!  This is going to some of our old timers!

I wrote a series a long time ago in a galaxy far far away …. basically pre Sylum Era. 

It was Speed as a hooker, that Horatio got kinda obsessed with only for later Speed to be a victim of a crime and become a case.   

Sadly as I checked my Archive it wasn’t there!! At this moment I can’t even remember the name of the series!  

So calling out to those who has followed me on this journey – do you remember it? have a copy of it? know a stash archive somewhere that still has it?

Favorite Characters to Write …


I showcased some of my favorite characters to write via Monday’s Sylum Inspiration.    But they weren’t my only favorite characters to write.  

So here’s a list of the rest!

Paul Mallory snuck his way into being a favorite. 

He has a different perspective on the world as a Double-0 plus who he ended up Mated to. 

Plus he comes with a Dragon!

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New Characters that are Invading!

Here’s a list of new characters that are invading storyline.

This is Matthew Thompson, who was just to be a simple Chippy *hahahaha* who now owns 4th Division that is a million dollar international construction company.  Which came in handy when dealing with storyline that needed things built, and trying to locate ‘random chosen ones’.  He knows where bodies are buried, ended up hoarding secrets, and really he’s just a simple chippy.

You have been introduced to him a couple of times so he’s already snuck into storyline. 

His story will come out at a later date as it ties to a whole larger arc type of stories.  And seriously at this moment we are working on trying to get Family finished.

The rest of the new guys weaseling in are a mix bunch – some you’ve met,while others raided and demanding their story now.

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Characters I would love to see story/art for but don’t have time to create!


There’s 1119 characters listed in the wiki!  A lot of them do not have written stories or even mentioned in storyline.

Here’s my list of characters I would love to see more story for, but really do not have time to write as I got a long list of things to write as it is 😀

Though if you do decided to ever dive into Sylum either writing or artwork please make sure to contact myself to discuss background and storyline information.


Raymond Levoi 
Walter Crow Horse 
Josiah ‘Doc’ Scurlock 
Jose Chavez 
Doc Holiday 
John Ringo

Pointedly looks at Gil who I’m sure is ignoring me.


Lara Croft 
Indiana Jones 
Henry Jones Sr. 
Maura Isles

Yes two of them are in Sylum and some story has been written but be fun to see more of their adventures.


Tarzan aka John Clayton (Make sure to check who we have as image – it’s not quite what you’re thinking) 
Jane Porter 
Thomas Sawyer 


Lucien La Croix 
Claudio Cruz 
Billy the Kid  
Pat Garret


Hercules (Remember the person we picked is from the new series the other guy is a Oh Hell NO) 


Michael Dundee 
Roland Deschain 


Javier Vachon 
Liam Angelus
William ‘Spike’ Pratt 
Jack Harkness 

Sanguen Vitae: 


Pointedly looks at taibhrigh who I’m sure is ignoring me as much as Gil is.



Grimm Brothers 
Cheirmine Brothers 


Diego de la Vega  
Javier Esposito 
Inigo Montoya 


Carlos Oliveria 
Marcus Brody 


Lucius Malfoy 
Narcissa Malfoy 


Briar Rose 
Snow White 
Andre Marek 
Claire Marek


Illya Kuryakin 
Napeolon Solo

Actually anyone in Sila would be good to see!


Malcolm Montgomery 
Simon Edwards 
Kicking Bird 
John Dunbar 


Kong Qui 
Marco Polo 

Another clan that would love to see more stories in!


Artemus Gordon 
Jim West 
David Starsky
Kenneth Hutchinson
Samuel Gerard 
Richard Kimble 
Tom Sawyer
Huck Finn


Meriweather Lewis 
William Clark 
Theodore Roosevelt 
Jane Rizzoli 

Vampire Council: 

Jason Bourne
Christopher John 



Characters that Invaded & Never LEFT!!


I think we can all agree that this is the main invader!  Who showed up as a side character, who was just going to be a Hunter for Lealta *hahahahaha*

Next minute we know he’s got his own damn story, infiltrated a half dozen threads, and inserted himself promptly in the middle of Sylum and has never left.

He also stole the heart of the audience. 

Let’s face it we all love Ernesto, and the Pope that comes with him.

Now for other invaders!  

Read more“Characters that Invaded & Never LEFT!!”

Birthday Month – Fun Activities


So this is my Birthday Month.

To celebrate I’ll be tossing out some fun Sylum stuff from my own perspective. 

Like for this month’s Sylum Inspiration – will be some of my favorite characters to write.

Later I’ll show case:

  • Favorite characters who invaded and never left
  • My favorite stories, art, fanmix, vids 
  • Favorite characters who I would love to see story but don’t have time to write!
  • Newest characters that invaded storyline
  • Maybe some snippets/teasers
  • Additional characters I love to write that aren’t in the Sylum Inspiration



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