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Super Bowl Sunday


I know there’s at least a few people who actually follow the teams, and are excited by the upcoming game. 

Me … I watch for the Clydesdales! 

Who are you routing for?

Or do you just watch for the commercials?

So don’t care …. when does Rugby start? 😀

Sylum Updates/Reminders

Quick Update/Reminders

  • The Wiki is the best place to get history of characters and clans.  If you’re ever confused about anything there, can reply to the character or clan post and I’ll answer to the best ability.
  • The Archive has all the Canon Stories.  All non-canon stories are on the Old Archive (Link can be found on the links list and the menu on top of the blog).  In time the Old Archive will be deleted, but at the moment it’s still up mainly because Family & Evolution are being updated.
  • I finished Chapter 2 of Family and working on 3 (this is the most I’ve gotten done in a while as I finally have energy and the will to working on things!)
  • The Wiki is still being updated via images and bio formats
  • If you have questions you can email ( – please note I don’t check the email daily so it may take a few days to get back to you.
  • I think that’s it for the moment …
  • Maybe

Major Sylum Update: Oh Hell No List (Must Read)


This is a Major Announcement!


We’ve had to do some major casting changes for three characters within Sylum, due because two actors ended up on our Oh Hell No List!   Ironically, this list was recently brought up, when we had a Casting Call to get some ideas for new Sylum Characters.  There were some questions and concerns about who was on, or what exactly the Oh Hell No List was, and how it impacted Sylum.

The Oh Hell No List is basically actors/actresses that stand against everything Sylum represents.  They are homophobic, racists, sexist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic … the list goes on.   Basically, those actors/actresses that have crossed that line into areas that we can’t condone.   We actually have a list of actors/actresses that we will never use, and there are reasons why some characters were either killed off or re-cast – Jim Phelps (aka Lord Croft) and Hercules come to mind.   At the same time, we have a small list of actors/actress we keep an eye on, basically those who have a bad habit of not quite wording statements right or every once in a while doing something stupid.   We make sure the stupid doesn’t go full stupid.

Recently we’ve had two actors that have not just crossed the line, but high dived right past it.  And well, for one in particular, went straight to crazy land.

So we’ve spent the past few weeks cursing their name, doing major re-casting research, looking for actors that weren’t RDJ, JDM, Russell Crowe or Michael Fassbender (yes, when we started the research those were the top names that popped up – shocking!), and then making sure storyline could continue without too many major re-writes!

Sadly, the first character that got re-cast was someone with major influence within Sylum storyline – one we couldn’t kill off (oh we contemplated it, we were that pissed off at the situation).   So with sadness we have to announce that we’ve re-cast John Rhys.

Yep you read that right.   Mr. Rhys – the Man in the Suit, Nico’s Meridia, Assassin, Spy and Sith.

Why?  Well when we said one of the actors high dived off the cliff, dove straight past the line and right into crazy land – this was the one.   We actually got wind of behavior that was making us start to cringe, so at first we nixed any future characters from that actor, and deleted the name from the wiki.   Then three weeks ago, there was no way we could keep the actor in Sylum.  His rhetoric stood against everything Sylum stands for, and despite John Rhys being a major character we had to stand by our principles and remove the actor from Sylum.

The only reason we’re not having a beautiful storyline of Nico going utterly batshit because someone took out his sister and daughter, is because we have way too much storyline where those two are needed.  We didn’t want to piss off the Machine, and well we couldn’t do that to Harold.

So re-casting was our only option.   When we typed in ‘tall dark brooding actors’ the first two that popped up were JDM and Fassbender, but both were nixed instantly as I wasn’t even going to try to deal with those family lines connecting with Rhys & Finch.

But we found someone!

I’ll admit it wasn’t someone I would’ve guessed to play the role, but amazingly he fits the character well, and though they have other characters in the Sylum Universe it works.

So who is the new Mr. Rhys?

Click the read more to find out.

Read more“Major Sylum Update: Oh Hell No List (Must Read)”

Clan Location: Tallikut


Tallikut one of the few Clans that actually shares borders with three other Clans.

The main purpose of Tallikut was to be the buffer between La Croix and Nicolaus, the two had too much of a history to let their Clans share a border, let alone work together for patrols.   Benoit, had no problems building a small outpost, making sure to keep La Croix from annoying Nico.   He hadn’t expected for it to grow as large as it had.  While La Croix was perfectly fine staying in Toronto, and not moving West, as the Canada and the US began to expand towards the ocean, Benoit discovered he needed to do the same. 

The Clan settled in Billings Montana only recently, as in the past fifty years.   Before that their main location was Chicago, and had presence in New York.  Over time, they expanded further into the Canadian wilderness, including having a small outpost in a location that takes at least two planes, a jeep, and dog sled team to get to.   Tallikut doesn’t venture into La Croix’s territory often, and on a rare occasion their Hunters work with Serenity, that shares their western most border. 

It wasn’t until lately that they ended up taking ‘control’ of New York, as their Hunters and Members had more of a presence, than Sylum.  Nico was fine with it, as he never liked the city.

Clan Location: Camelot

Camelot Clan


I know a few people were likely wondering how Camelot Clan’s location ended up in the SouthWest of England.

Tintagel is the birthplace of Arthur Pendragon, so it was only fitting their first home was at the famous location.  Unfortunately, the area is eroding into the sea, so they had to find a new location, which how they ended up at St. Michael’s Mount.

In non Sylum world this is actually a private residence, mixed in as a Heritage Site.  So yes you can tour it, but only the gardens and older sections.  So everything we’ve described about the place is real.

Though St. Michael’s Mount is the main home, they do have other clan locations in Scotland & Ireland, especially as a few members stay in those areas full time.   They also have a variety of business and residences in London.

Casting Call


We’re doing a Casting Call!


We have some new characters coming, but we need to cast them!  So we’re reaching out to the clan – send in some actors/actresses that you would like to see in Sylum.

A few things before you start tossing names out:

  • They can’t be on, or added to, our OH HELL NO list.  What is the Hell no List?  It’s those actors that are homophobic, racists, sexists assholes that would lose their minds having their names associated with something like Sylum.
  • Please don’t pick overly famous names or actors that have family dynasties in Sylum.  We’re not looking for the next Meridii or McFassii – they are already good at adding their own characters in without additional help.
  • The actors need to be actors not a ‘reality stars’ there’s a reason we re-cast the Crab Fishermen.
  • We’re looking for a variety of actors/actresses:  all nationalities and variety of ages
    • Specifics we’re looking for
      • Indian Woman (30ish)
      • Eastern European Male (40ish)
      • European Male (40ish)
      • African Male (30ish)
      • 2 American Females (Both 30ish … dark hair and the other blonde/red)
      • Latin American/Mexican Male (30ish – that isn’t Pedro Pascal or Oscar Issacs)
      • 2 American Males (Early 40’s wearing glasses is a plus but not needed and 30ish close cropped hair or bald)

You can either drop the name on this post or go to the discord and drop images w/ name in the Channel – #SylumPretties

Clan Location: Medjai


Clan Medjai, the oldest Clan in the series.

Though the image and main location is labeled as Cairo, truthfully no one really knows exactly where the main location for the Medjai are located. 

Being the oldest Clan, they are securly hidden away in the deserts of the Egypt.  This is how they’ve kept an ancient society a secret along, with old artifacts.  

Those who have lived and been a part of the Medjai know how to get to the Oasis, the rest will they have to know someone.

Of course there’s the few who tease others with the concept that … one most walk into the desert, when can’t walk anymore, keep walking and when collapse of exhaustion hope the Medjai find you. 

They do have establishments outside the desert.  The main one being in Cairo.  Plus secondary homes in Morocco, Libya, and on the West Coast of Africa.

Questions, Comments?

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