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Moon Day

*AWWOOOOO* Howls at the Moon!

So it’s Moon Day.  Sadly most of the time I was prepping this post all I had in my head ‘That’s no moon that’s a space station’.

Seriously, my brain these days.

Random Acts of Light

Today is Random Acts of Light.

This was created to help those in dark places, to take a moment and reach out through random acts of kindness whether it be a smile, a hello, or a helping hand.

Make the world a better place filled with Love and Light.

National Best Friends Day


It’s National Best Friends Day! 

A lot of friendships have been made on this list/blog!

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how long I’ve known a few of you (you know who you are are!!)

So today, reach out to those friends, you know the ones.  The one who will show up at 2am to help you dispose of the body.

*Pointedly looks at a few* They likely helped me plot the murder.

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