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Coffee Day

It’s a shame this didn’t land on Coffee House Friday!

But today is National Coffee Day!

Actually I’ve had to cut out all caffeine from my diet, so I don’t drink coffee anymore 🙁

So I live through everyone else!

Favorite brews?  Types of Coffee?  Do you have your own Coffee Spot in your home?

Video Game Day


Video Game Day!


I really need to get my X-box back out – it’s been to long since I’ve played.

So who plays them? Which games?  Favorites?  Recommendations?

Read A Book Day

It’s been a rough year or two, but I’m finally getting to work on the next novel by NJF.

If you’re new to Sylum check out my published books!

If you’ve bought my books, please leave a review where you bought it from!  The more reviews the better standing I get, which means more people see the book!

Yes I do have a webpage, now that things are starting to progress I’ll be posting more to the sight to showcase what I’m working on.

Moon Day

*AWWOOOOO* Howls at the Moon!

So it’s Moon Day.  Sadly most of the time I was prepping this post all I had in my head ‘That’s no moon that’s a space station’.

Seriously, my brain these days.

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