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Sylum Inspiration: Carlos Alvarez

Vampire Council: Spy Network


Carlos (Cougar as he prefers) doesn’t talk much about his past. He was one of the youngest in his family, and though very deeply religious didn’t have the personality for priesthood. As he was good with a bow and arrow, he set out for a life as a mercenary.

He traveled through small towns and villages, entering into a variety of tournaments, living on prize money and a few jobs he acquired.

It was at one of the Tournaments that he met Robin for the first time. The archer had bested him, taking away the prize money he desperately needed. He bowed graciously then moved on, only to go up against the same man in the next competition.

He finally confronted him, no one was that good!  Robin told him he was a Vampire, Cougar felt vindicated that Robin wouldn’t have beat him if it was fair.

Robin Turned him two days later to prove Carlos’ theory wrong.

Sylum Inspiration: Jonathon Clavier

Vampire Council: Spy Network


Jonathon was born in Paris, France. His has few memories of his mother, just that she had a soft smile, dark curls, and always wore a pale blue dress to Mass.  He was eight when she died.

He grew up learning to be a Blacksmith, having his father’s larger build. By sixteen he could wield a hammer easily and had the ability to create more than horseshoes and wheels.

When his father was killed for the few coins in his purse, Jonathon closed his father’s shop and by a twist of fate, became an Inspector. His strength and cunning moved him up the ranks as an Inspector.

He met his wife, Maria, who was a waitress in a bar.  She had green eyes, blonde hair, and was wearing a pale blue dress. He kept coming back and ordering a drink, until she finally stopped serving him, demanding he respect the uniform he wore and do his job. He laughed, pulling her into his lap and whispering that he was there only for her.

A few months later they were married.

A year later she announced she was pregnant. Jonathon was worried with the way society was starting to decay, but trusted her beyond reason. She never recovered from the birth, and slipped away quietly when his son was a few weeks old.

He raised his son, Arnaud, as best as he could, making sure the boy had an education that she would be proud of.  When Arno was eight, he was dragged back to their home by a fellow Inspector, stating that the boy had picked his pocket.

Jonathon looked at his boy, ‘I thought I told you not to pick pocket fellow Inspectors’. It was the beginning of his friendship with Javert.

In 1789 his life changed.

He watched in horror as his son was dragged up to the Guillotine. He yelled at the soldiers to stop, the mob to stop, but no one listened – the scream of agony rocked through the square in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A few days later, Javert pulled his drunk ass out of the of the gutter and Turned him.

Sylum Inspiration: Jacob Jensen

Council: Hunter


Born in 1976, Jacob Andrew Jensen was the second child of Stephen and Hannah Jensen. His sister, Jessica, was three years older and has always tried to make sure her math and computer geek of a younger brother was safe because at two he started spelling words with fridge magnets and just after his fourth birthday he started grade school. And then there was the whole incident with taking the microwave apart.

Tragedy hit the summer Jake was eleven and his parents were killed. Jake didn’t speak for almost a month. He and his sister moved in with his father’s mother, Margaret (“Peggy”) Carter Jensen –Grandma Peg for short– where Jake was able to excel and learn people skills with her help. Grandma Peg was always providing him with the newest technology while still keeping him grounded by signing him up for baseball and the Boy Scouts and teaching him how to dance, Latin, and how to drive. She allowed Jake to skip grades in school but Jake refused to be placed into the same grade with his sister because he wanted his sister to get to live her own life and not be the “sister of the boy breaking all the curves”.

Jake thought his Grandmother Peg was the best. Teaching him enough German and Russian to get around and sending him to Math and Space Camp. At Space Camp he met Chris Beck and instantly became friends; best friends. They have stayed in touch –first through letters, then phone calls, and later email ever since. Grandma Peg encouraged the friendship and the long distance phone bill. She was always there for Jake even when he started MIT at sixteen. He was devastated when she passed away from a heart attack when he was twenty-two.

Eight months prior to Grandma Peg’s death, his sister lost her fiancé in a tragic accident; only to find out days after his funeral that she was pregnant. Three days after their grandmother’s funeral his niece, Maggie Dylan Jensen, is born (1998). Jake then decides to quit MIT two classes and one final project short of finishing his Master’s degree to make a life altering decision and enlist in the Army.

He just turned twenty-three when he finished boot camp and began his Army career as an Army Computer Tech. He was promoted from Specialist to Corporal at twenty-six when he began working for Air and Missile Defense. He was in Afghanistan for Tony Stark’s Weapons Demonstration and in Stark’s Humvee when the convoy was attacked.

It was pure luck that he was found by his two Mates or he would have bled out and died.

Sylum Inspiration: Sam Winchester

Sylum: Hunter

Sam was born to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. When he was six months old, Balthazar entered his nursery and killed his mother Mary Winchester. John placed Sammy into his brother’s arms and told him to run.

Raised on the road being taken care of mainly by his brother Dean Winchester, they were trained to hunt Vampires, never staying in one place. Sam hated the life they lived and wanted to stay in one school, have friends, live a normal life. Always strong-willed and stubborn like his father John, Sam fought their lifestyle through his teenage years, finally giving up and leaving for college.

Four years later Dean showed up on Sam’s doorstep with news: their dad had gone missing. After following a few leads and finding nothing, Sam went back to Stanford, only to discover that Balthazar had come back into their lives, killing his girlfriend, Jessica. Swearing to hunt the man down, Sam set out again on the hunt with Dean.

Balthazar soon found them. Dean handed his life over to save Sam’s. Determined to save his brother, Sam found himself at Cal Sci University searching for the blueprints to Balthazar’s penthouse, and ran into Charles Eppes who urged him to find Nicolaus Valerius Meridius in New Orleans.

Driving straight from Los Angeles to New Orleans, he barged into the Manor seeking help and refuge.

Nick and Gaius Cassius Longinus agreed to help and returned to Los Angeles to confront Balthazar. In the ensuing battle, Sam was stabbed by Cassie Robinsonand mortally wounded; he consented to be Turned.

Sylum Inspiration: Captain Jack Sparrow

Sanctuary: Hunter


Captain Jack Sparrow was born on the sea in the middle of a typhoon. He doesn’t remember much of his childhood, only that it always consisted of a ship and water.

He’s served on many great ships and had many grand adventures before he was even twenty. It was when he refused to ship humans as cargo that he was branded a Pirate and his life as the infamous Pirate Captain began.

Sparrow made a deal with Davy Jones to pull his ship up from the water and renamed her the Black Pearl. It was then he set out to be a Pirate only to have his crew mutiny and take the ship. Jack couldn’t help but smirk when the crew ended up cursed for stealing the treasure of Isla de Muerta.

Jack escaped the island they abandoned him on.

Sea Turtles was the key, that and rum.

Over the years he wandered, through the islands, his only goal to claim the Pearl back.

He had heard rumors that Barbossa was aiming for Port Royal, that William Turner’s boy was all grown up and could stop the curse. What Sparrow hadn’t expected was to be taken out by his own ship.

He had know about Vampires, seen a few and no one talks about the Jackdaw, so when Odysseus asked if he wanted to be saved.

There was only one word.


Sylum Inspiration: Dean Winchester

Sylum: Hunter


Dean was born to John and Mary Winchester January 24, 1979 in Lawerence, Kansas. When he was four years old, he was excited at his brother Samuel Winchester’s birth. Six months later, his life was destroyed when Balthazar entered their home and killed Mary. John handed Sammy into four year old Dean’s arms and told him to run. Since then he has taken care of his brother, never truly letting him go.

Raised on the road, trained to hunt Vampires, Dean learned to live the life of a nomad. He barely stayed in one school long enough to make friends, but remained loyal to his father John Winchester and brother Sammy. Among the few bright moments in his life are when he and Sammy stayed with Bobby Singer who taught him everything about cars.

As he got older he began to take hunts on his own, running into Maxine Guevera and Logan Cale. Not truly understanding Vampires and the Clan System, he just figured that Vampires weren’t all bad like his father had preached. When he returned home from the hunt he discovered that Sammy had been keeping secrets, and had left the family for college.

Four years later he showed up on Sam’s doorstep with news: their dad had gone missing while hunting. After following a few leads and finding nothing, Dean took Sam back to Stanford, only to discover that Balthazar had come back into their lives, killing Sam’s girlfriend. Swearing to hunt the man down, Sam set out again on the hunt, with Dean.

Balthazar soon found them, and Dean willingly handed his life over to save Sam’s.

Sylum Inspiration: Ernesto Olivetti

Lealta: Hunter

Figured highlight some of the Top Ten Favorite Characters!

Ernesto is the only son of Franco and Veronique Olivetti. His father was a Roman Carabinieri, and was killed in a shooting when Ernesto was twenty. He followed in his father’s footsteps when, after two years as an MP in the Italian Army, he joined the Vatican Police.

He was married to Maria, and has four children: Francesco, Mary, Adria and Isabella.

Ernesto rose up the ranks in the Vatican Police quickly, becoming one of the youngest Inspector Generals at the age of 47.

He was introduced to the world of Vampires when he became friends with and later a Chosen One for Andrew Kiernan.

His life radically changed That Night. Though he had known about Vampires, he had not expected to be pulled into a conspiracy that went all the way back to Galileo, who he found out was a Vampire and was betraying his Clan and society.

He chased all over Rome with Robert Langdon and Nicolaus Meridius. Until he ended up at the Santa Maria della Vittoria, his home parish. A place where he laid his life down for his Church only to wake up a Vampire.

Sylum Inspiration: Claudio La Cruz

Knight: Co-Leader


Claudio was the youngest son of French and Spanish Aristocracy.  He was raised in privilege and had the finest tutors.  Though Claudio may look fancy and flighty, in truth he was very politically savvy, and had the ear of many ladies and lords in Court.

His parents gave up hope of finding him a wife, and hoped he would become someone’s ‘kept boy’.

When Lord Lucien La Croix introduced himself to Claudio at a party, their hopes were soon realized.

Claudio liked the charming Italian instantly. He was open and honest with him, told him about Vampires and that he was his Mate.

Until he saw him with the male hussy. It took Lucien months to get back the ground he lost. (Dilios Note: Ask Kirk Lazarus and Nico about that particular moment in time)

Claudio finally gave into Lucien, and he was Turned and soon after they two Mated.  He still talks about how romantic it was, and how attentive Lucien was to his needs.

Sylum Inspiration: Raymond Vecchio

Tallikut: Co-Leader


Ray was born and grew up in Chicago, raised a Roman Catholic. He is the patriarch of a large family – including his mother, sister Francesca, sister Maria and her husband Tony, many nieces and nephews and a brother who lives outside of Chicago. His father, with whom Ray had a strained relationship, died in 1989 and did not care for police officers, which might explain by way of rebellion why Ray became one. The senior Vecchio did, however, bequeath his house to Ray, although this is most likely because Ray was his firstborn.

Ray has been a Chicago police officer since 1985, he started off as a beat cop then, worked up to becoming a detective.  His present supervisor, Lieutenant Harding Welsh, is somewhat less enthusiastic, but nevertheless fair; he has shown great reluctance to take disciplinary action against Ray, and defended him before higher-ranking officers. Ray’s relationship with his fellow detectives, particularly Jack Huey and Louis Gardino, is at some times cordial and other times downright competitive and antagonistic.

His best friend and de facto partner was Canadian Mountie, Constable Benton Fraser, who was assigned to the Canadian Consulate in Chicago, and the two often help each other solve crimes and right wrongs in the city of Chicago.  Little did Ray know it would lead to a much larger world.

Fraser is Ray’s polar opposite in many ways – whereas the Mountie is polite, well-mannered, and obeys the law to the letter, Ray is loud, brash, and will often bend or break the rules to solve a case.

When Victoria Metcalf walked into their lives, he knew she was bad news. He had never seen Benny act like an idiot. Determined to keep him away from the woman, he shot Benton, though he says he ‘accidentally’ did it.

It was when Benton was recovering he discovered the truth about who ‘Benny’ really was.

He demanded to be Turned, and once he got his head around the ‘mate’ part, he demanded to be Mated.

Sylum Inspiration: Netjerikhet

Medjai: Co-Leader


Netjerikhet was born into a merchant family. His father was a baker, and he learned the trade from him. He married their neighbor’s daughter, and after his parents died he took over as baker. Tragedy struck when his wife died in childbirth, taking his son with him.

He sold the business, not truly caring about much in his life. He became an outcast, most shaking their head at him in disgust and pity.

His life changed when he was leaning against Thebes’ outer Palace wall, and the young princess skimmed down it, landing on top of him. He yelled and picked her up, holding her still as she fought screaming and yelling that she would have him killed for touching her.

He pointed out she was running away and couldn’t quite use her princess rules if she didn’t want to be one. She kicked him, he scooped her up, walked her back into the palace, into the throne room, and dumped her ass in front of Seti.

He was surrounded in less than five seconds, spears and swords at his throat. He really didn’t care if they killed him for being disrespectful. He pointed at the pissed off princess and stated that she had landed on him while trying to run away.

He brought her home.

Seti had him locked up, then asked around, discovering the tragedy that had befallen the young man. He then called his head of guards Malik, and told him that Netjerikhet was to be trained as a Medjai and guard his daughter.

Netjerikhet asked wouldn’t be nicer to kill him.  Seti liked him instantly.

For the next fifteen years he watched over the princess, Nefertiri. Everyone including Seti was surprised nothing developed between the two of them.

Netjerikhet had heard her startled gasp, and made his way onto the balcony, in time to watch as Seti confronted Anck-su-Namun. He yelled for the Medjai, but they could do nothing to stop her and Imhotep from killing the pharaoh.

When the leader of the Medjai showed up, Netjerikhet stayed with the group determined to see this through. When Imhotep was cursed and buried, his focus was purely on Ardeth. Something about the man made him curious.

When Malik informed him that in Thebes Netjerikhet was being declared a hero for dying to try and protect Nefertiri who tragically died at the hands of Imhotep’s men, he knew his life in Thebes was over.

Ardeth stated he would take them to the Medjai. Netjerikhet decided to confront the Medjai warrior, demanding to know what was going on. Part of him wished he didn’t ask.

It took him some time to get his mind not around the Vampire, but the Mates. He hadn’t committed to anyone after his wife died. And the only he had truly opened himself to was his princess.  Plus there was a lot he needed to tell Ardeth.

After a while he agreed to be Turned, and he was grateful for Ardeth for taking his time for their Mating.

He had to fight his way through the Medjai to earn their respect, but over time, he earned it.

Sylum Inspiration: Gwenhwyfar

Camelot: Co-Leader


Born in Wales in the year 506AD, Gwenhwyfar is the daughter of King Leodegrance.

At the young age of 13 she ran away in defiance against her father.  She was rescued by John Rhys, who saved her from her pursuers and escorted her back to her father, where he became the head of her guard.

Her betrothal to Arthur Pendragon was meant purely as a political match but upon their first meeting when Arthur came to the rescue of Wales and banished the rebel King Rience from his enemy’s lands, they fell in love.  Their Courtship was conducted in much secrecy and amidst great danger as there were many on either side of the English/Welsh border who were opposed to all that such a match would entail, both politically and in terms of social change.

Her Wedding Train was raided as she crossed the border into England, five days before the wedding was due to take place in Cornwall, and her abduction forced Arthur, Lancelot and Galahad to ride forth to avenge her honor and rescue her and her entourage.  The resulting massacre is now the stuff of legend.

Arthur knew he had found his Mate in Gwenhwyfar but did not tell her of his true nature until the eve of their nuptials.  Her resulting outrage from his suggestion that she remain human in order to bear the children he could not give her, and thereby supply an heir to the throne for Camelot’s future, resulted in one of her maidservants misunderstanding what was said and spreading the rumor that she had, in fact, slept with Lancelot.

Gwenhwyfar has a strong belief in employing only the most scrupulously honest of servants as a result of this notorious incident.

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