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Sylum Inspiration: Will Turner

Sanctuary: Second-in-Command


Will was raised by his mother in England and believed his father was a respectable navy man in the Royal Navy. When his mother died, Will began searching for his father, the only clue he had of him, was a gold medallion he had sent his mother.

The ship he was on, had been raided by Pirates, he was the only survivor.  It was being rescued by the HMS Dauntless from the burning shipwreck, that Will first met Elizabeth Swann.  Upon arrival in Port Royal, Will Turner became a blacksmith apprentice under John Brown.  As a simple craftsman, his life revolved around his work, and his distant longing for a woman he knew could never have.

When Pirates raid Port Royal, Will set out to defend the town and try to get to Elizabeth.  He was attacked by members of the raiding party and is run through.

As he lay dying in the street, he was approached by Hector, who offered him a new life.

Sylum Inspiration: Jim Ellison

Tallikut: Second-in-Command

Jim’s family were devout Protestants from the Swiss/German border and he was the eldest of six surviving children. His parents were Wilhelm and Mary Grace Bachmann and the family was well enough off that it was expected that young James would follow in his father’s footsteps to become a gentlemen farmer.

The family settled in the Carolinas in the early 1700s and while the town was small, he was mostly okay. But as he grew, so did New Bern and when James was in his mid to late twenties he could no longer stand the assault on his senses and escaped into the wilderness. Jim became a fur trapper hiding out in the wilderness, because it was too painful for him to live around what passed for civilization. He met Benton while trapping. When they were caught in a horrible snowstorm, trapped far from aid, Fraser offered him a way to live.

Sylum Inspiration: GIl Grissom

Sylum: Member


Gil was raised by his mother, who was deaf, after his father died when he was nine. Never good at making friends, he was a social recluse while growing up. He graduated early and became the youngest Los Angeles Medical Examiner at 19. Decades later he moved to Las Vegas, taking the Las Vegas Crime Lab from near the bottom of crime lab rankings to the #2 Lab in the country, second only to the FBI lab at Quantico.

Grissom is a renowned forensic entomologist and for fun likes to race Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

He took over the Night Shift as Supervisor after Brass was demoted to Detective after the death of Holly Gribbs. He has tried to instill in his CSIs the ability to find a balance between science and emotion, at times losing that balance himself.

Gil doesn’t talk about his obsession with Nico during the years in Vegas. It was this obsession that had him researching things into Nico’s past, discovering the world of Vampires. He was pulled into the world when his team was attacked by Rogues who were looking to harm Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown, the leaders of Sylum Clan. After discovering about Vampires he was pulled into a Clan War. He soon saw the men he trained in a different light.

His life once again changed when he had a confrontation with Harvey Spector.

Sylum Inspiration: Isaac Evans

Sylum: Member

Isaac Evans was the youngest son of Arthur and Ruby Evans. He grew up in Miami, always dreaming to own and operate a hotel. Arthur worried about his youngest, as he seemed to fancy. After his mother died, Isaac’s older brother, Edward, left and joined the Army, much to their dad’s relief. Isaac stayed by his father side, while he fought and worked for his dream.

Ike worked his way up from hotel cabana boy to building and owning the Miramar Playa Hotel, the most glamorous spot in America’s favorite playground in the 1950’s. He was twice-married. His second wife was Vera Evans. He had two grown sons, Stevie Evans and Danny Evans, and a daughter, Lauren Evans, from his first marriage. His first wife Molly, died of cancer. It was her family land that he was able to build the Miramar Playa Hotel on, after signing away the any claim to inheritances for himself or his kids from Molly’s family.

Though he had the land to build the hotel, he had a lack of cash. Going against his own rules he made a deal with organized crime figure Ben Diamond, who demanded a massive monthly payment of $65,000 from the hotel. When the law began to breath down Ike’s neck about Ben Diamond, and bodies that were starting to pop up, Ike kept his cool and handle each problem with ease.

Even when he was arrested for murder, he refused to let everything get to him and worked his way out of the situation.

He kept the Hotel alive, his family safe despite the stupidity of both his sons, the youngest Danny turning against the family and working for the District Attorney. While his oldest lived life on the edge by having a fling with Diamond’s wife.

As the 1960’s closed he felt every inch of his age. Sending his wife to bed, and his daughter up to her room despite her being in her early twenties and attending University, he settled into his office chair. He grabbed a bottle of Scotch out of the drawer and two glasses, not surprised to see his brother. Edward Morgan Blake concerned for his brother’s health, told him a tale about Vampires. Isaac had chuckled then slowly frowned as he realized it wasn’t one of Blake’s jokes.

Sylum Inspiration: Daryl Dixon

Sylum: Hunter

Daryl was raised by his father and brother in the back hills of Georgia.  His mother died when he was five, and all he remembers was that her name was Lily.

He doesn’t talk much about his childhood, when asked he will tell you the day he met Rick Grimes on the first day of high school, was the best day of his life.

Being with Rick gave him a purpose, he had finished high school despite the beatings and looked to find work that he could rely on that wasn’t breaking the law.

The two had planned on leaving once Rick received his degree in Forensic Science, but when he returned to Woodbury because of his father’s death, they had decided to stay to take care of Emily Grimes.

Rick ended up helping Daryl set up his business Dixon Honey, despite his own fear of bees.  The two kept their relationship a secret knowing full well the town and Merle would kill them both.

The only time they were apart was when Rick married Lori due to pressure from their parents and the town.  A year later, they came back together, needing each other too much to be apart.

As years went by they kept hidden in the shadows waiting, and when Emily Grimes died, they set their plans to motion.  Then Merle returned home and brought a gang of thugs.  At first Daryl thought they were fighting zombies, only to learn it was Vampires.

It hadn’t mattered to him, as they fought for their lives.

Making their last stand, Rick and Daryl were saved by Sylum Hunters.  But before they could overtake Joshua Hickok, Rick was shot.  Daryl watched in horror as the only thing in his life worth saving was dying.  He pulled his own weapon only to fall next to his lover.

Sylum Inspiration: Queen Mousette


Sylum: Member

Queen was born a slave but grew up free in the city of New Orleans.

When she was twelve, she wanted to make her own money, so went door to door until she found a job working at Heather’s Pleasure Boutique in the French Quarter fetching food, drink and cigars for the clients until Heather’s Mate, Evy heard her sing. That began her new career entertaining the guests as they waited for the girls.

Heather gave her an education and opportunities. She attended the first co-ed college for black people in New Orleans where she obtained degrees in Business and Music. Though she wanted more than to ‘work’ for Heather, she found a niche at the Boutique. After college, she began working in some of the other ‘coffee houses’ in New Orleans, becoming one of the wealthiest black women in the city. She owned a house in New Orleans, a plantation in Larose, was a Chosen One for Sylum Clan, and often gathered information for Nico and Warrick to help them keep ahead of the happenings in New Orleans. She provided safe houses for those not wanting to be seen, entertained Assassins, provided a home for Riddick’s Twins, and was exhausted.

When she started coughing, Heather quickly became concerned. She contacted Claire Barton, who took care of most of the girls, when she lived in the area. She informed Queen she had what looked to be the beginning stages of Tuberculosis.

Heather Turned her under watchful eye of Claire Barton, and when she woke after her Transformation, she discovered a talent for communing with the dead.

Sylum Inspiration: Harold Finch

Camelot/Sylum: Member

Harold is a very private person, so little is known about his life before he became a Vampire.

He was born in Ireland, had a wife and children.  All of it was lost, when he was taken from his home and sold into slavery.

(Dilios Note: He doesn’t talk about it, and the only person who knows everything that happened in those years is his Mate, John.  His Sires are close seconds.)

Harold realized he had an opportunity to escape when Nico and Arthur showed up as slaves.

It was during the raid and escape that he was injured, leading to the two Vampires Turning him. (Dilios Note: It is the rarity, actually this is the only case I know of, where two Vampires were involved in Turning someone).

Sylum Inspiration: John Rhys

Sylum/Camelot: Member


John Rhys was born in Abereiddy, Wales, to a fisherman family.  He was always on the edge of the society, not fitting in very well.  He fell in love with the landowners daughter, Mari.  She was forbidden to be with him, but it didn’t stop them from seeing each other.  When she discovered she was pregnant she ran away, finding herself in a Monastery seeking sanctuary, not soon after John found her.  He married her instantly, and the two stayed with the Monks, Mari cooking, while John helped with Hunting for food and taking care of the grounds.  Tragedy struck the small family, when Mari died in childbirth, leaving John with a son.  He knew he wasn’t in a position to take care of the young child, so left him with the Fr. Dewey and set out to find work.

As he made his way towards a larger city, he came across a young woman being chased by a group of men.  Without thinking he pulled his sword and confronted the attackers, defeating all of them.  He discovered the young girl was Gwenhwyfar, the daughter to King Leodegrance. He escorted her back to her castle, and her father promptly awarded (though John wondered if it was punishment) the position of Head Guard.

Over the years, John became the big brother to Gwen, and was one of the few people she trusted.   She was also one of the few that new of his son, and made sure money was sent to the Monastery for his education.

When she was set to marry King Arthur of Britain, John organized and guarded her wedding train, only to be betrayed from someone on the inside, leading to the train being attacked and Gwen being kidnapped.

John took down over half the raiders, and even with an arrow in his side traveled and fought with Arthur, Lancelot, and Galahad to get the future Queen back.  It was on the journey back, he finally fell to his wounds, and Nico refused to loose his first born child, Meridia.

Sylum Inspiration: Carlos Alvarez

Vampire Council: Spy Network


Carlos (Cougar as he prefers) doesn’t talk much about his past. He was one of the youngest in his family, and though very deeply religious didn’t have the personality for priesthood. As he was good with a bow and arrow, he set out for a life as a mercenary.

He traveled through small towns and villages, entering into a variety of tournaments, living on prize money and a few jobs he acquired.

It was at one of the Tournaments that he met Robin for the first time. The archer had bested him, taking away the prize money he desperately needed. He bowed graciously then moved on, only to go up against the same man in the next competition.

He finally confronted him, no one was that good!  Robin told him he was a Vampire, Cougar felt vindicated that Robin wouldn’t have beat him if it was fair.

Robin Turned him two days later to prove Carlos’ theory wrong.

Sylum Inspiration: Jonathon Clavier

Vampire Council: Spy Network


Jonathon was born in Paris, France. His has few memories of his mother, just that she had a soft smile, dark curls, and always wore a pale blue dress to Mass.  He was eight when she died.

He grew up learning to be a Blacksmith, having his father’s larger build. By sixteen he could wield a hammer easily and had the ability to create more than horseshoes and wheels.

When his father was killed for the few coins in his purse, Jonathon closed his father’s shop and by a twist of fate, became an Inspector. His strength and cunning moved him up the ranks as an Inspector.

He met his wife, Maria, who was a waitress in a bar.  She had green eyes, blonde hair, and was wearing a pale blue dress. He kept coming back and ordering a drink, until she finally stopped serving him, demanding he respect the uniform he wore and do his job. He laughed, pulling her into his lap and whispering that he was there only for her.

A few months later they were married.

A year later she announced she was pregnant. Jonathon was worried with the way society was starting to decay, but trusted her beyond reason. She never recovered from the birth, and slipped away quietly when his son was a few weeks old.

He raised his son, Arnaud, as best as he could, making sure the boy had an education that she would be proud of.  When Arno was eight, he was dragged back to their home by a fellow Inspector, stating that the boy had picked his pocket.

Jonathon looked at his boy, ‘I thought I told you not to pick pocket fellow Inspectors’. It was the beginning of his friendship with Javert.

In 1789 his life changed.

He watched in horror as his son was dragged up to the Guillotine. He yelled at the soldiers to stop, the mob to stop, but no one listened – the scream of agony rocked through the square in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A few days later, Javert pulled his drunk ass out of the of the gutter and Turned him.

Sylum Inspiration: Jacob Jensen

Council: Hunter


Born in 1976, Jacob Andrew Jensen was the second child of Stephen and Hannah Jensen. His sister, Jessica, was three years older and has always tried to make sure her math and computer geek of a younger brother was safe because at two he started spelling words with fridge magnets and just after his fourth birthday he started grade school. And then there was the whole incident with taking the microwave apart.

Tragedy hit the summer Jake was eleven and his parents were killed. Jake didn’t speak for almost a month. He and his sister moved in with his father’s mother, Margaret (“Peggy”) Carter Jensen –Grandma Peg for short– where Jake was able to excel and learn people skills with her help. Grandma Peg was always providing him with the newest technology while still keeping him grounded by signing him up for baseball and the Boy Scouts and teaching him how to dance, Latin, and how to drive. She allowed Jake to skip grades in school but Jake refused to be placed into the same grade with his sister because he wanted his sister to get to live her own life and not be the “sister of the boy breaking all the curves”.

Jake thought his Grandmother Peg was the best. Teaching him enough German and Russian to get around and sending him to Math and Space Camp. At Space Camp he met Chris Beck and instantly became friends; best friends. They have stayed in touch –first through letters, then phone calls, and later email ever since. Grandma Peg encouraged the friendship and the long distance phone bill. She was always there for Jake even when he started MIT at sixteen. He was devastated when she passed away from a heart attack when he was twenty-two.

Eight months prior to Grandma Peg’s death, his sister lost her fiancé in a tragic accident; only to find out days after his funeral that she was pregnant. Three days after their grandmother’s funeral his niece, Maggie Dylan Jensen, is born (1998). Jake then decides to quit MIT two classes and one final project short of finishing his Master’s degree to make a life altering decision and enlist in the Army.

He just turned twenty-three when he finished boot camp and began his Army career as an Army Computer Tech. He was promoted from Specialist to Corporal at twenty-six when he began working for Air and Missile Defense. He was in Afghanistan for Tony Stark’s Weapons Demonstration and in Stark’s Humvee when the convoy was attacked.

It was pure luck that he was found by his two Mates or he would have bled out and died.

Sylum Inspiration: Sam Winchester

Sylum: Hunter

Sam was born to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. When he was six months old, Balthazar entered his nursery and killed his mother Mary Winchester. John placed Sammy into his brother’s arms and told him to run.

Raised on the road being taken care of mainly by his brother Dean Winchester, they were trained to hunt Vampires, never staying in one place. Sam hated the life they lived and wanted to stay in one school, have friends, live a normal life. Always strong-willed and stubborn like his father John, Sam fought their lifestyle through his teenage years, finally giving up and leaving for college.

Four years later Dean showed up on Sam’s doorstep with news: their dad had gone missing. After following a few leads and finding nothing, Sam went back to Stanford, only to discover that Balthazar had come back into their lives, killing his girlfriend, Jessica. Swearing to hunt the man down, Sam set out again on the hunt with Dean.

Balthazar soon found them. Dean handed his life over to save Sam’s. Determined to save his brother, Sam found himself at Cal Sci University searching for the blueprints to Balthazar’s penthouse, and ran into Charles Eppes who urged him to find Nicolaus Valerius Meridius in New Orleans.

Driving straight from Los Angeles to New Orleans, he barged into the Manor seeking help and refuge.

Nick and Gaius Cassius Longinus agreed to help and returned to Los Angeles to confront Balthazar. In the ensuing battle, Sam was stabbed by Cassie Robinsonand mortally wounded; he consented to be Turned.

Sylum Inspiration: Captain Jack Sparrow

Sanctuary: Hunter


Captain Jack Sparrow was born on the sea in the middle of a typhoon. He doesn’t remember much of his childhood, only that it always consisted of a ship and water.

He’s served on many great ships and had many grand adventures before he was even twenty. It was when he refused to ship humans as cargo that he was branded a Pirate and his life as the infamous Pirate Captain began.

Sparrow made a deal with Davy Jones to pull his ship up from the water and renamed her the Black Pearl. It was then he set out to be a Pirate only to have his crew mutiny and take the ship. Jack couldn’t help but smirk when the crew ended up cursed for stealing the treasure of Isla de Muerta.

Jack escaped the island they abandoned him on.

Sea Turtles was the key, that and rum.

Over the years he wandered, through the islands, his only goal to claim the Pearl back.

He had heard rumors that Barbossa was aiming for Port Royal, that William Turner’s boy was all grown up and could stop the curse. What Sparrow hadn’t expected was to be taken out by his own ship.

He had know about Vampires, seen a few and no one talks about the Jackdaw, so when Odysseus asked if he wanted to be saved.

There was only one word.


Sylum Inspiration: Dean Winchester

Sylum: Hunter


Dean was born to John and Mary Winchester January 24, 1979 in Lawerence, Kansas. When he was four years old, he was excited at his brother Samuel Winchester’s birth. Six months later, his life was destroyed when Balthazar entered their home and killed Mary. John handed Sammy into four year old Dean’s arms and told him to run. Since then he has taken care of his brother, never truly letting him go.

Raised on the road, trained to hunt Vampires, Dean learned to live the life of a nomad. He barely stayed in one school long enough to make friends, but remained loyal to his father John Winchester and brother Sammy. Among the few bright moments in his life are when he and Sammy stayed with Bobby Singer who taught him everything about cars.

As he got older he began to take hunts on his own, running into Maxine Guevera and Logan Cale. Not truly understanding Vampires and the Clan System, he just figured that Vampires weren’t all bad like his father had preached. When he returned home from the hunt he discovered that Sammy had been keeping secrets, and had left the family for college.

Four years later he showed up on Sam’s doorstep with news: their dad had gone missing while hunting. After following a few leads and finding nothing, Dean took Sam back to Stanford, only to discover that Balthazar had come back into their lives, killing Sam’s girlfriend. Swearing to hunt the man down, Sam set out again on the hunt, with Dean.

Balthazar soon found them, and Dean willingly handed his life over to save Sam’s.

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