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State of the Clan: 2022


It’s 2022!  I’m not even sure where the last year went, yet here we are on another year.

Lets be honest the past two years hasn’t been the greatest, and we’re all pretty much looking at 2022 with trepidation.   Last year for my personally has been rough.   There was major work changes at my real job (believe me guys I would love to do Sylum full time but I got pay my bills!), enough that the last few months has had a lot of added stress and worn me out.  My own personal health was fluctuating most of the year, with a bad flare up that sent me to the ER just before Thanksgiving.   Luckily!  I had good doctors and found a better solution, and for the first time in a while, I’ve got more energy and focus.

Before we begin the full State of the Clan, first things first.

Sylum is and will always be a safe place.   We work hard to make this place as stress free as possible.  Rarely dive into politics, or into aspects world events.  There are moments these things will come up, only because sometimes its inevitable – especially if an actor high dives off the sanity board straight into lala land.

Our goal is to bring a smile and fun to your inbox each day.

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State of the Clan: 2021

State of the Clan

Well it’s 2021.

We’ll start with that and work our way forward.

I’ll be honest and had been tempted to just copy paste State of the Clan from 2020, but lets not repeat last year!  No.  Let’s not.

We all know last year was rough, and so far this month has been stressful.  The most important thing I can ever state, is that Sylum is and will always be a safe place.  I rarely, if ever will bring up politics.

There are always a few exceptions to the rule – I will make a comment on anything that has an impact on Sylum.  I will also do check ins to make sure Clan Members, who are being affected by an event, are doing okay.

And well there are some things that goes beyond politics and that is memes.  So here’s the one political/not political thing I’ll be posting.  Some of you may have seen the Bernie Meme going around the internet … basically someone got a photo of him from the Inauguration and it was photoshopped into everything.  Sylum not withstanding.

Now on to the Show!

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