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Hello!  Welcome to Sylum!

Recently we’ve had newbies and some poor souls that have stumbled onto Sylum with no idea what the crazy is all about.  I figured it was time to do a ‘Sticky Post‘ to help all those who wander into the Manor, navigate around this vast universe.

So here we go.


If you’re new here, welcome!!  You’ve just been recommended to this vast multi-story universe, and you likely have no idea where to go or what to do.

Well first off.

Fact: Vampires exists.


Welcome to Sylum Clan.

A multi-layered, character driven storyverse.

Inspiration for the first story that effectively launched this concept, was the death of Timothy ‘Speed’ Speedle from the Television Series CSI: Miami.

His implausible and much mourned demise, led to the premise that you can’t kill someone if they’re already dead.

This quite literally immortalized him, birthing the first story Kiss of Death, and the rest just kept on growing, sprawling  across more than 7,000 years of unexpected history, and on into the future.

A few things you should know, so you can’t say we didn’t warn you *grins*.  There are 3 Major Story Arcs, and hundreds of Supplemental Stories.  These stories expand across 13 Clans, 7 Kin Clans, and showcase over 1200 Characters.

We’ll hit our 15th Anniversary in 2020!

For further information:

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Throwback Thursday: The Circles of My Lives by Paula Cas

Link to Fic

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Sylum Charity: Music for Relief


Music for Relief was founded by the band Linkin Park in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Throughout its first twelve years, thanks to incredible artist partners, donors and supporters, Music for Relief responded to more than 30 natural disasters across four continents providing immediate relief and funding long-term recovery with a focus on sustainability. Always thinking about collaboration, in March of 2018, Music for Relief announced it would join forces with Entertainment Industry Foundation to amplify the results of its disaster relief and recovery work.

Building on EIF’s historic commitment to furthering the philanthropic efforts of the entertainment community, Music for Relief allows for immediate response in the wake of humanitarian crisis or natural disaster. By mobilizing the entertainment community and committing to work with key partners and organizations on the ground, MFR is able to deliver funding and support of vital services in real time ensuring long-term sufficiency and resiliency in affected areas throughout the world.

For More Information: Music for Relief

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Guest Posts: 2020

First off.  2020.  WTF?  Seriously?  We’re in a whole new decade!  Oh Dear God.

Okay now that I had  mini breakdown.  I’ll just add to the OMG of the moment: 2020 – The 15th Anniversary of Sylum!

Wrap your head around that one!

Okay so for the actual post.  I’m looking for Guest Posts for the upcoming year.  It’s helpful for some people to put out fun type of posts.  It can be just simple ‘National Days’ or ‘World Holidays’ or ‘Fun Facts’.

So if you want to sign up for doing some Guest Posts for 2020.  Drop me email at sylumclan@yahoo.com


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Sylum Inspiration: Timothy Quinn

Sylum: Timothy Quinn

Born Timothy Quinn in 1312 AD, near Donegal, Eire, the youngest son of Callum and Lavena Quinn.

His two older brothers, Gregory and Aaron, followed their father into a living on the land and developing their farm. His older sister Lorain was betrothed to Fearghus O’Niel, eldest son of a neighboring family.

At a young age his curiosity and inquisitive nature got the best of him when he stole the local Priest’s Bible trying to understand what was being said in the pages. The Priest taught him to read, a rarity for someone of his social class during that time, and with a thirst for knowledge he learned quickly from local wisdoms, soon becoming the clan’s Healer.

At the age of sixteen, British soldiers attacked outlying farms near Donegal, killing Timothy’s entire family. Lord Sean, the Clan’s Leader took him into the O’Gairmledaig family, and for the next few years Timothy helped with the household, and repaid their kindness by teaching Lord Sean’s children, Aden and Collin, to read and write.

Timothy and Eleina – wife to Lord Sean – were attacked while traveling to another Clan. The subsequent chase caused her to go into early labor. The baby was born safely but at the cost of his mother’s life. Before her death, she named the child Quinn to make sure he had a strong start in life.

Six years later, Timothy found his place in the family when he became Sean’s lover. Tragically, Timothy and his Lord only had six months together before the O’Gairmledaig Clan was destroyed by a rival. Timothy escaped with Quinn, fleeing to Lord Caine’s Castle near Derry. The young Quinn was taken in, to be raised as a Caine.

Timothy rode away, prepared to die from the wounds he had sustained, and grief stricken at Lord Sean’s death, only to then be offered a new life by Nick Maoilriain.

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Sylum Christmas Card Exchange: Last Day

This is the last day to put in for the Sylum Christmas Card Exchange!

Go Here

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Sylum Teaser!

I’m just going to leave this here.  Let you figure out what the Bobs have been up to.

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Sylum Vault: Button Day

Button Heart Necklace

And to celebrate #ButtonDay check out Sylum Vault’s Button Creations!

Button Flower Hair Accessory 


Old Fashion Button Pegs


Coconut Button Pin


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Button Day

It’s National Button Day!  Who knew?  So how many of you have that tin of buttons … you know the tin that was originally shortbread cookies?

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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image

I’m not flailing.  I’m not.  No really.  I’m not.

Despite all the stress Advent brings, it’s one of my favorite events.

I know it’s most of yours.

What has been your favorite – Advent moment?


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Throwback Thursday: Choosing the Future by ladyjax

Link to Fic

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World Kindness Day

Basically … Don’t be a Dick.


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Sylum Trivia: November

Okay guys this is going to be a hard one.

Question: What type of truck does Kevin (the stable manager) drive?

Hint: It’s stated in Clan War 10th Anniversary.

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Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day on the 11 Month

For those who have fought we honor you.

For those who have gave their lives we remember you.

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Sylum Inspiration: Antonio Crisafi


Sylum: Second-In-Command


Born Antonio Crisafi in 1115 AD, Turin – Italy, he was the youngest son of the Crisafi family.

Intending a career in the priesthood, he was inspired by the writings of Bernard of Clairvaux, and in 1129 set out to find the Templar Knights, finally tracking down Hugues de Payens in 1131. At only 16 years of age he began his service as a Squire due to the influence of his family name, and his considerable education from the Benedictine Monastery in his home town.

As a Prior he found his true calling, serving God in the austere environment of the Holy Land, and as he grew in both years and experience, Antonio rose with seeming effortless speed to the rank of Preceptor by the year 1148, serving his Master, Captain Alexis de Chateauneuf.

Attacked while on escort for Benedictine Monks heading to Pilgrimage in Jerusalem during the time of the Second Crusade, he was captured along with his Master, and three other Priors, having distracted the enemy long enough for the Brothers to escape danger. Antonio watched his beloved Templar Brethren die at the hands of their captors, and found an unlikely ally in a Crusader who occupied the jail cell next to his own – Robin Longstride. An undying friendship was forged between the two men as they endured the physical abuses of their situation, and encouraged one another to remain strong that they might one day escape.

Their affection would last them forever.

After the death of his Master, tortured into a lingering agony until he finally succumbed to his injuries, Antonio escaped from prison with Robin and despite a desperate situation as they fought their way free, salvation came for them both at the hands of Nicholas Dupre.

Before Antonio left home to complete his education, he had unknowingly fathered a son by his sister’s handmaiden, Constance. She had been sent away to a Nunnery in shame, dying in childbirth to bring William Crisafi into the world. The child was given to the Papera Family as they journeyed out of Italy to make a new life for themselves, finally settling in Northern England.

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Sylum Christmas Card Exchange: 2019 (Reminders)

Reminder: If you want to exchange Christmas Cards with fellow Clan Members or if you can’t send out cards, but would like to receive some for Christmas – sign up for the Christmas Card Exchange!

Go to this Post

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