Welcome to Sylum Clan


Hello!  Welcome to Sylum!

Recently we’ve had newbies and some poor souls that have stumbled onto Sylum with no idea what the crazy is all about.  I figured it was time to do a ‘Sticky Post‘ to help all those who wander into the Manor, navigate around this vast universe.

So here we go.


If you’re new here, welcome!!  You’ve just been recommended to this vast multi-story universe, and you likely have no idea where to go or what to do.

Well first off.

Fact: Vampires exists.


Welcome to Sylum Clan.

A multi-layered, character driven storyverse.

Inspiration for the first story that effectively launched this concept, was the death of Timothy ‘Speed’ Speedle from the Television Series CSI: Miami.

His implausible and much mourned demise, led to the premise that you can’t kill someone if they’re already dead.

This quite literally immortalized him, birthing the first story Kiss of Death, and the rest just kept on growing, sprawling  across more than 7,000 years of unexpected history, and on into the future.

A few things you should know, so you can’t say we didn’t warn you *grins*.  There are 3 Major Story Arcs, and hundreds of Supplemental Stories.  These stories expand across 13 Clans, 7 Kin Clans, and showcase over 1200 Characters.

We just hit our 15th Anniversary in 2020!

For further information:

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Sylum Wiki: To Tab or Not To Tab

The Wiki.

How I despise thee.

Some of you may recall a few months back I made an announcement that due to updates from wordpress, the tabs weren’t working on the theme we had.  We ended up changing themes, only to discover tabs worked on Pages not Posts.

Noticing that the plug in hadn’t been update in a while, we figured best to change the format of the posts, taking away the tabs.

Guess what’s working.

Come on guess!

Yep the tabs.

*sighs along with rolling my eyes*

So here’s the question we have for you.   Keep the new format?  Or go back to tabs?

New Format: James Malone

Tab Format: Timothy Quinn

Please vote below …

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Sylum Trivia: January 2021

Question: What kind of car does Michael Westen Drive?

Reminder: You can find info in stories and the wiki.

Please answer below:

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Coffee House Friday

It’s also Bagel Day!

Favorite Bagel?  What no – keep those things away from me?

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Throwback Thursday: Death of Michael Westen by Bj Jones

Link to Archive

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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Twenty-Two)

Part One

Part Twenty-One

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Rubber Ducky Day

Yes it’s Rubber Ducky Day!

And with it comes a Sylum Snippet!

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Sylum Top Ten: 15th Anniversary Edition (Reminder & Friendly Poke)

Okay guys, to get a good set of statistics, we need answers from more than just one or two of you!!

I’m going to list below the Sylum Top Ten: 15th Anniversary Edition Questions … please click the links and answer as many of them as you can.

We’re looking for your top ten answers.  If you have ten you can list that’s great!  If you can only answer with a few that’s also great!

The more answers we get the better!

If you’ve answered these earlier great!  If not – NOW is the TIME!!!

I’ll be sending out these reminders a few more times.  We’ll be closing the polls in March.  That means you got three months to answer!

Question 1: Name your top ten favorite characters.  (Originally this was top ten new characters from the past 5 years, but as this led to some confusion of who was considered new characters – we’ve changed it.)  So yes – Name your Top Ten Favorite Characters!  The only thing I would ask … please don’t list out the Fab 6 – we all know everyone loves Nico, Warrick, Speed, Horatio, Tony and Jethro.

If you’ve answered this and would like to adjust it, go ahead. We have the ability to track and change answers.

Question 2: What are your Top Ten favorite stories?  Those go to stories you read over and over again?

Question 3: Top Ten Clans you would like to visit?

Question 4: Who are your Top Ten Favorite Pairings?

Question 5: Name your Top Ten Favorite Bad Guys!

Question 6: Top Ten favorite Quotes from any story.

Question 7: Top Ten favorite Assassins?

Question 8: Top Ten favorite Sire/Childe pairings?

Question 9: Of all the Characters in the Wiki (that don’t have stories written), which top ten characters would you like to see their stories written?

Question 10: Top ten favorite characters that have died?

Question 11: Top Ten Non-Vampires?  (This could be Chosen Ones, those not of this world, not yet Vampires, side characters … basically anyone who doesn’t have fangs!)

Question 12: Top Ten Favorite Pets?

Question 13Top Ten favorite ‘Yet To Come’ Characters  (Those characters we’ve teased about but aren’t in the wiki yet)

Question 14: Top Ten favorite Odd Friendships (Those characters who you would never think to be friends  … Dean/Charlie or Paul/Hannibal – those type of friendships)

Question 15: Top Ten Snippets that were posted would you like to see more of? (There was a few added over Advent!)

Bonus Question: Top Ten Questions you want to ask me?

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Sylum Inspiration: Aragorn

Medjai: Head of Security

Aragorn was raised with the Medjai, trained to be a warrior since he was born. He was exceptionally good even from a young age.  He rose up the ranks to Captain, and when the time came he was assigned as Head Medjai Guard to the young Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

He was by the boy’s side when he took over the throne when he was ten. He treated him like a younger brother, giving him space to be a child yet push for him to learn how to lead.  He always made sure Tut heard every view point, and took time to think about everything before making judgement.  Helping him despite the pressure at a young age, how to be a good pharaoh.  And when the young man’s temper flared he had no problem smacking him across the back of the head.

Tutankhamen had known about the Medjai and some of their eternal members.  He had asked many times about what it was like to be immortal, but Aragorn couldn’t answer as he was just a warrior.

He was the one who wrote Malik and Ahkmenrah, asking them to visit, thinking the young pharaoh would enjoy talking to the once pharaoh. While the two talked, Aragorn pulled Malik aside to let him know of his fears that there was a plot against the young king. Though he had married, both children had died in infancy, giving him no heirs and he had made many enemies while changing the Egyptian religious and physical landscape.

His main concern was General Horemheb.

When Ahkmenrah informed the guards that Tut’s chariot had crashed, Aragorn got to Tut’s chambers, just as the doctor set his leg. He didn’t like the way his charge looked or the high fever.

He looked over at the two Vampires, no words needed to be spoken.

Malik took him out of the room, for Ahkmenrah could do what needed to be done.

Aragorn demanded he be Turned.

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Sylum Trivia 2020 Recap

We all know 2020 wasn’t the greatest and I can honestly say got a bit behind on the snippets – especially with moving in the middle of all of this.  I’ve pulled together who won, what they requested to see what needs to be done *eyes list* so need to get cracking on those snippets!

So here’s the update:

January:  Winner – Norma … Requested Dean (Snippet Finished)

February: Winner – Tenadian … Requested Sam/Dean (Snippet Finished)

March: Winner – Kerrilane … Requested Bartlet meeting Lincoln (This actually inspired a story!  So that one will take a bit to be done)

April: Winner – K. Baxter … Requested Ernesto (I swear I did this one, someone please let me know if I did … yeah it’s been that year)

May:  No one answered the trivia

June:  Winner – Susan … Requested Sam/Dean (Snippet Finished)

July: Winner – Cat … Requested Riddick/Eric (Still needs to be done)

August: Winner – Connie/Bauer … Requested Jeremiah/Ray K (Okay technically Paula wrote the snippet – it was the first part of the Advent story.  The way things played out the snippet never got published … so the Advent story was for you)

September: Winner – Paula … Requested Nathan/Katsumoto (Still needs to be done)

October: Winner – Sarina … Requested Dwight Hendricks/Jim Longworth (Just finished will show up soon!)

November: Winner – Sheri … Requested Jane/Maura/Joe (Still needs to be done)

December: Winner – Cheryl … Requested Leo/Langdon (Still needs to be done)

I still owe 5 snippets (well 4 and 1 story).

We’re still going to do Sylum Trivia this year, with the winner getting a snippet!  These will get done – just may take some time.

*starts researching National Days that will work*

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Updates: A little bit of this … a little bit of that

Just a few updates/reminders!

Sylum Security:  Yahoo shut down Yahoo Groups last month.  If you have not moved to the new group – do so now.  Just because you have the password now, doesn’t mean the password will not change.  You will have to make a groups.io account though you can use Facebook or Google to sign in.

Sylum Security groups.io

Sylum Blog: We’re working on a new theme for the main blog.  This will take some time, but if you there are moments you can’t access the site, it’s likely us fiddling with things or wordpress is being a pain.

Discord: Wait we have a Discord?  Yes we do – it was set up a while back for a chat program for the group.  Last I looked no one really hasn’t posted on it.  Is people still interested?  I’ve set up a poll – please take the time to answer.  I really need feedback on this, and not just a shrug.

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Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image

Any New Year goals?  I really don’t do Resolutions …

I’m working on learning a new language skill and make sure to drink more water!

It’s the simple things.

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Throwback Thursday: Burn Notice Series Trailer

Link to Archive

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Guest Post: Reminder

As we enter a new year, a reminder that you are welcome to do Guest Posts for the blog.

Actually I encourage it.  It’s a big help for me!

So if you have something you would like to do, just let me know: sylumclan@gmail.com

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National Bird Day

We have a bird feeder out back, and every morning watch the little guys try to stack 20 of them onto it.  We also have an owl living somewhere nearby, and can totally understand Warrick’s growling over the HOOT!

Do you have favorite bird watching spots?  Bird Feeders in your yard or patio?

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Sylum Inspiration: James Malone

Tallikut: Head of Security


James Malone was the last of the family line that took care of Caine Manor. Unfortunately with the economic hardships, the Manor had gone into disarray.

Having never married, and no heir, he decided to sell the Manor and make a move to the United States. It was during this time he met Timothy Quinn, who was interested in buying the property.

Having recognized the young man from a drawing that graced the Manor walls, he demanded an explanation They sat by the fireplace drinking scotch, and passing stories of Ireland.

Timothy bought the Manor, and arranged to have it repaired and updated. He offered Malone a chance to stay as Keeper, but he wanted a new life.

He requested Timothy Turn him.

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