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Welcome to Sylum Clan


Hello!  Welcome to Sylum!

Recently we’ve had newbies and some poor souls that have stumbled onto Sylum with no idea what the crazy is all about.  I figured it was time to do a ‘Sticky Post‘ to help all those who wander into the Manor, navigate around this vast universe.

So here we go.


If you’re new here, welcome!!  You’ve just been recommended to this vast multi-story universe, and you likely have no idea where to go or what to do.

Well first off.

Fact: Vampires exists.


Welcome to Sylum Clan.

A multi-layered, character driven storyverse.

Inspiration for the first story that effectively launched this concept, was the death of Timothy ‘Speed’ Speedle from the Television Series CSI: Miami.

His implausible and much mourned demise, led to the premise that you can’t kill someone if they’re already dead.

This quite literally immortalized him, birthing the first story Kiss of Death, and the rest just kept on growing, sprawling  across more than 7,000 years of unexpected history, and on into the future.

A few things you should know, so you can’t say we didn’t warn you *grins*.  There are 3 Major Story Arcs, and hundreds of Supplemental Stories.  These stories expand across 13 Clans, 7 Kin Clans, and showcase over 1200 Characters.

We just hit our 15th Anniversary in 2020!

For further information:

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Sylum Inspiration: Dean Winchester

Sylum: Hunter


Dean was born to John and Mary Winchester January 24, 1979 in Lawerence, Kansas. When he was four years old, he was excited at his brother Samuel Winchester’s birth. Six months later, his life was destroyed when Balthazar entered their home and killed Mary. John handed Sammy into four year old Dean’s arms and told him to run. Since then he has taken care of his brother, never truly letting him go.

Raised on the road, trained to hunt Vampires, Dean learned to live the life of a nomad. He barely stayed in one school long enough to make friends, but remained loyal to his father John Winchester and brother Sammy. Among the few bright moments in his life are when he and Sammy stayed with Bobby Singer who taught him everything about cars.

As he got older he began to take hunts on his own, running into Maxine Guevera and Logan Cale. Not truly understanding Vampires and the Clan System, he just figured that Vampires weren’t all bad like his father had preached. When he returned home from the hunt he discovered that Sammy had been keeping secrets, and had left the family for college.

Four years later he showed up on Sam’s doorstep with news: their dad had gone missing while hunting. After following a few leads and finding nothing, Dean took Sam back to Stanford, only to discover that Balthazar had come back into their lives, killing Sam’s girlfriend. Swearing to hunt the man down, Sam set out again on the hunt, with Dean.

Balthazar soon found them, and Dean willingly handed his life over to save Sam’s.

Random Acts of Light

Today is Random Acts of Light.

This was created to help those in dark places, to take a moment and reach out through random acts of kindness whether it be a smile, a hello, or a helping hand.

Make the world a better place filled with Love and Light.

National Best Friends Day


It’s National Best Friends Day! 

A lot of friendships have been made on this list/blog!

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how long I’ve known a few of you (you know who you are are!!)

So today, reach out to those friends, you know the ones.  The one who will show up at 2am to help you dispose of the body.

*Pointedly looks at a few* They likely helped me plot the murder.

Sylum Inspiration: Ernesto Olivetti

Lealta: Hunter

Figured highlight some of the Top Ten Favorite Characters!

Ernesto is the only son of Franco and Veronique Olivetti. His father was a Roman Carabinieri, and was killed in a shooting when Ernesto was twenty. He followed in his father’s footsteps when, after two years as an MP in the Italian Army, he joined the Vatican Police.

He was married to Maria, and has four children: Francesco, Mary, Adria and Isabella.

Ernesto rose up the ranks in the Vatican Police quickly, becoming one of the youngest Inspector Generals at the age of 47.

He was introduced to the world of Vampires when he became friends with and later a Chosen One for Andrew Kiernan.

His life radically changed That Night. Though he had known about Vampires, he had not expected to be pulled into a conspiracy that went all the way back to Galileo, who he found out was a Vampire and was betraying his Clan and society.

He chased all over Rome with Robert Langdon and Nicolaus Meridius. Until he ended up at the Santa Maria della Vittoria, his home parish. A place where he laid his life down for his Church only to wake up a Vampire.

Sylum Charity: Sheldrick Wildlife


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust embraces all measures that complement the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife and habitats.

Working across Kenya, our projects include anti-poaching, safe guarding the natural environment, enhancing community awareness, addressing animal welfare issues, providing veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, along with other species that can ultimately enjoy a quality of life in wild terms when grown.

For More Information: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Sylum Blog: Update

If you’ve been to the blog website you might have noticed a few changes.

Yes!  We finally updated the main theme of the blog.  Hopefully this will fix some of the underlying annoying issues that we had with the old one … for one seeing people’s comments!

Thank you taibhrigh for the new banners and helping me with getting this set up.  Or I should say listening to the ranting and raving about the whole thing.

For the next few days/weeks we’ll likely be making tweaks and adjustments, so if you notice anything not working or missing, let us know in the comments.

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