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Pirate Appreciation Day Wrap Up!



That was a loonngg day!  And a lot of posts!!  Not normal for us!

I hope you enjoyed Pirate Appreciation Day with all the fun and exciting things that were posted.

Stay tuned for Advent to get more Pirate Tales!!

And to do a wrap up …

Pirate Cast of Characters


Captain Jack Sparrow


William Turner


Joshamee Gibbs


Captain Hector Barbossa






Captain Warrick Calhoun


James Brass


Captain Edward Kenway


Samuel Axe


Thank you to Taibhrigh for the hard work on the images for the Sylum Wiki!

Sylum Fic: A Pirate’s Life For Me by Bj Jones


Title: A Pirate’s Life For Me

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: R

Summary: Captain Jack Sparrow has been searching for a long time…

Author’s Note: This is a rework of the original series that was posted a long time ago. It’s been updated to fit the new canon, and expanded with new characters and storyline. The second and third story will be showcased during Advent.

Artwork: Taibhrigh

Link to Archive

Sylum Pirate Aesthetics: Captain Jack Sparrow


(Aesthetic created by Captain Jack Sparrow)


Jack stared at the cloth that had the key drawn on it. The lengths he went through to get this small piece of information was enough to make him want to get drunk.


He was already drunk.

He had to be, to be able to lie in a coffin for hours on end.

Talk about life imitating art.

Or was that dead imitating life.

Now that he had the cloth all he had to do was find the actual key, and what it opened.

He tossed the cloth onto his desk, grabbed his compass and opened it once again. He closed his eyes and wished for his deepest desire. A smile appeared on his face when an image of Will asleep on their bed came to mind.

The compass pointed directly at his bed.

He growled and tossed it back onto his desk.


Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Blacksmith William Turner


(Aesthetic Created by Captain Jack Sparrow)


Four guards came into the holding area, one stood in front of Elizabeth’s cell as a warning to Will not to try anything, while another opened his door. The last two dragged him out.

He pulled his arm free, shoving them into each other. “I can walk just fine.”

“No herorics!” One yelled slamming his hand into Will’s shoulder pushing him forward. “We know about your last prison escape.”

“Which one would that be?” Will asked as they escorted him out of the jail and across the square. He frowned at the size of gallows being built. He could understand one hangman’s noose, maybe even two, but seven.

“When you ran off with that pirate.” He answered with the assuredness of knowing the truth of what he had been told.

“Yet, here I am, in Port Royal.” Will stopped and looked at the guard, head tilting slightly, channeling his Mate. “If I had run off with that pirate, wouldn’t I not be here.”

The soldier stared at him, completely confused.

Will smirked. ‘I can see how Sparrow’s ramblings and made up words works.’



Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: First Mate Joshamee Gibbs



“What have you done?!” Gibbs yelled, staring in shock and horror.

“I’m doing what needs to be done! I’m saving us all.” Elizabeth reached down to drag Will away, calling to Gibbs to help her.

Shaking himself out of shock, he pulled his gun, aiming it directly at her. Joshamee Gibbs will not see his Captain betrayed again.

“No!” Jack called out to him.

“Captain!” He didn’t lower his weapon. “I can’t leave you.” Gibbs shook his head, not wanting to think about the consequence.

The pirate’s tone was sober and serious. “Joshamee, save me Will. Get him out of here.”

“If you die…”

“Luv’?” Jack stretched his arms out, giving him a cocky grin. “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow.”

The old seaman lowered his weapon, grabbed Will hefting him over his shoulder, and climbed down into the boat. He laid the unconscious man gently down, Ragetti covered him up with a blanket.


Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Pirates Pintel & Ragetti



They stared at their two new passengers, with shock and dismay. Will shook his head, saying exactly what Jack was thinking. “You’ve got to be kidding me!?”

“We want to be part of your crew.” Pintel motioned between him and Ragetti. They had known this was a long shot, but they were tired of Barbossa and the other undead pirates. They had decided to plead their case to Turner, knowing if they could convince him that they were changed undead pirates, and loyal to the Pearl. The captain would have to take them in, as everyone knew Sparrow couldn’t say no to his First Mate.

“On the Pearl? The very ship you hijacked from me, and then became undead Pirates.” Jack sashayed around them, giving them a suspicious stare. “What makes ye think I’ll let you onboard?”

“One cursed pirate to another.” Ragetti commented. “We have a kinda comradeship, knowing we’ll be eternal while loved ones die around us.”

“We’re not cursed.” Will pointed out, giving them both a look. “You betrayed Jack, and you kidnapped Miss Swann.”

“Well you really don’t care about that now, do you lad?” Pintel returned the look, one eyebrow raised. “Considering her announcement.”


Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Captain Hector Barbossa


(Aesthetic designed by Captain Jack Sparrow)


A sound of metal hitting the floor resounded through the bathhouse.

The occupants looked down to see a piece of eight lying innocently on the bathhouse floor.

Warrick glanced over to Tony, who shrugged slightly.

They all turned as footsteps echoed against the boards.

Everyone stared in shock.

“How did you get in here!?” Feng glared at his guards. This was the second invader, heads were going to roll he guaranteed it!

“Advantages of the undead.” He smirked, his hand slipping into the moonlight, showing his skeletal frame. “I have no interest in rescuing Sparrow, but I do have an interest in something of greater importance.”

Will growled low in his throat, struggling against his captors for the first time since they pulled him out of the water. They tried to hold him, eyes going wide as the wood log began to splinter.

“The song has been sung. The time is upon us. We must convene the Brethren Court. As one of the nine Pirate Lords, ye must honor the call.” Barbossa looked over at Captain Sao Feng. “It be time to put our differences aside. The First Brethren Court gave us rule o’ the seas. And now that rule is being challenged by Lord Cutler Beckett.”


Pirate Interview


Let it first be said – herding Pirates together is worse than herding cats! It took skilled manipulation and lots of Rum, but he had finally got them into Nico’s ballroom at Sylum Manor.

And he had thought interviewing Ernesto had been bad, at least His Holiness helped. When the he had asked Nico – the Clan Leader wandered off snickering, his kids weren’t much help either.

Thomas at least promised Brass would be there.

Thomas is too good for this world.

Turner got Sparrow into the room, literally buy making him follow a pint of rum.

Not sure what Nico promised Warrick, but he slid into the room with Kenway behind him.

Not long after Sam Axe swanned in with a Mojito in hand, he settled next to Kenway, wearing his loud Hawaiian shirt. Westen headed out of the kitchen with a yogurt not soon after.

The doors slammed open, indicating Barbossa had arrived. Joshamee Gibbs was waiting by the side door, to make sure Sparrow hadn’t run off … with the rum.

Pintel and Ragetti only shrugged and found a seat near the back.

Finally they were all in one room together.

This could likely be the worst mistake of his life.

“Gentleman…” The interviewer began.

Read more“Pirate Interview”

Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Master at Arms Samuel Axe



Edward Kenway stood in front of him.

Jack Sparrow, smoothed down his coat, fixed the ruffles on his sleeve, settled into a relaxed stance. “How can I help you?”

Kenway laughed, his voice booming across the docks. “I’ve always liked you Sparrow.”

“This is good.” He looked around, noticing Gibbs holding Miss Swann back, and it would seem that Jackdaw’s Master Axe was keeping guard. That man had too many knives, and liked to stab things, savy. “You’re not going to kill me, ’cause…”

“Already dead luv, yes I know.” He glanced down the dock. “Killing her isn’t your best option.”


Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Captain Edward Kenway



He shouldn’t have been surprised that the merchant ship had been attacked by Pirates. The fact it was attacked by the Jackdaw was either heaven or hell sent. He was the last man standing on the deck, having taken at least three of the Jackdaw’s crew, before coming face to face with Captain Kenway.

‘We meet again Turner.’

He barely could see the man’s face from under his hood, but Will didn’t give ground. ‘I need to find the Black Pearl. You sail these waters, have you seen her?’

‘I was wondering what you were doing so far away from Sparrow.’ Kenway sheathed his sword, then snapped his fingers. ‘Grab the goods and get back on board. Master Axe burn out the hull, sink her to the ocean floor. If any soul is left on board, Davy Jones can have them.’

‘Speaking of…’

Kenway looked over his shoulder. ‘Get on board Mister Turner, unless you want to meet Davy earlier than you expected.’

Will easily made the jump from the doomed ship to the Jackdaw. He stood on the expansive ship, awed at it size.

‘Welcome to the kingdom of Jackdaw.’ Kenway motioned for him to follow.


Sylum Vault: Pirate Bling

To go with Pirate Appreciation Week we have Pirate Bling!!

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The Black Pearl


Pirate Key Chain


Warrick’s Jazz Club Bracelet

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Compass Medallion Necklace


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Pirate Ship Wheel Necklace


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Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Quartermaster James Brass



Warrick looked out over the deck to see Brass ordering the crew to tighten the sails. If they were to head for the more remote islands they would need to catch all the wind they could.   Thomas was setting quietly working on cleaning some of Nick’s leather gear. He was the only Pirate in the Caribbean that had an English Butler on staff, well one that only worked for his Mate, but still if he was being generous he would help Warrick, after the kids and Brass.


Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Captain Warrick Calhoun



“Well my dear Will, what better way to find a pirate, than a Pirate Hunter.” Tia looked over to the far corner.

There were heavy boots on the stairs, a part of him was expecting to see Barbossa, but instead it was a tall black man. His hair was long, layered in dreads and pulled back to lay down his back. The leather boots went up to his knees, while the dark blue coat touched his thighs. He was a stylish and flamboyant as Sparrow, but Will knew this Pirate was a hell of a lot more deadly.   He leaned against the stair well, thumb cupped into his belt, where there was at least one gun and cutlass attached.

“Warrick Calhoun.” Will smiled, laughing lightly. “Jack told me about you.”

“All good.”

“Called you a thieving bastard.”

Warrick laughed, it was loud startling in such a small place. “Tell me young Turner, what are you willing to do to find your Mate?”

“I would die to be with him or kill to save him.” He answered honestly.


Welcome to Pirate Appreciation Day


Welcome to Pirate Appreciation Day!


Today is actually International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Ya Mateys!

So it’s only fitting we showcase Sylum Universe’s Pirates – we’ll be posting every hour on the hour throughout the day!!  The Pirate Aesthetics will have sneak peeks of the updated Pirate Series.

As we do have a lot more pirates than we ever anticipated.  Though we do have ‘Disney’ style Pirates through Jack Sparrow, we also showcase the historical reality of Pirates.

Basically the good, the bad, and the ugly of how they lived.

But enough of that …

Raise the canvas ye old sea dogs, grab a pint of rum, and sit back and let us tell you a tale.

A tale of Pirates.



Special Thanks to Taibhrigh for the great Pirate Appreciation Banner.

A secondary Thanks to Captain Sparrow for help with the Aesthetics.

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