Sylum Pirate Aesthetic: Captain Warrick Calhoun



“Well my dear Will, what better way to find a pirate, than a Pirate Hunter.” Tia looked over to the far corner.

There were heavy boots on the stairs, a part of him was expecting to see Barbossa, but instead it was a tall black man. His hair was long, layered in dreads and pulled back to lay down his back. The leather boots went up to his knees, while the dark blue coat touched his thighs. He was a stylish and flamboyant as Sparrow, but Will knew this Pirate was a hell of a lot more deadly.   He leaned against the stair well, thumb cupped into his belt, where there was at least one gun and cutlass attached.

“Warrick Calhoun.” Will smiled, laughing lightly. “Jack told me about you.”

“All good.”

“Called you a thieving bastard.”

Warrick laughed, it was loud startling in such a small place. “Tell me young Turner, what are you willing to do to find your Mate?”

“I would die to be with him or kill to save him.” He answered honestly.


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