Welcome to Pirate Appreciation Day


Welcome to Pirate Appreciation Day!


Today is actually International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Ya Mateys!

So it’s only fitting we showcase Sylum Universe’s Pirates – we’ll be posting every hour on the hour throughout the day!!  The Pirate Aesthetics will have sneak peeks of the updated Pirate Series.

As we do have a lot more pirates than we ever anticipated.  Though we do have ‘Disney’ style Pirates through Jack Sparrow, we also showcase the historical reality of Pirates.

Basically the good, the bad, and the ugly of how they lived.

But enough of that …

Raise the canvas ye old sea dogs, grab a pint of rum, and sit back and let us tell you a tale.

A tale of Pirates.



Special Thanks to Taibhrigh for the great Pirate Appreciation Banner.

A secondary Thanks to Captain Sparrow for help with the Aesthetics.

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