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Seven Days of Summer 2018: The Russian Spy by Bj Jones

Rating: Nc-17
Summary: When you’re a spy, you have to accept the unexpected. Expect the unaccepted. And prepare for what the fuck just happened.
Author’s Note: You must have read the previous Westen Stories to know how we got to this point.
Sylum Timeline: October 2012 AD

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Seven Days of Summer 2018: Two Stories by Ladyjax

Two great stories from Ghost/Darkness Clan by Ladyjax

Title: Two People
Characters: Dell Parker/Naomi Bennett, Addison Montgomery
Clan: Ghost/Darkness Clan
Summary: With Dell’s secret exposed, Namoi can no longer deny the attraction that’s between them.

Title: Into the Blue
Characters: Bessie Coleman, James Yeo
Clan: Ghost and Darkness
Summary: For Bessie, the world may change beneath her feet but she can always find truth in the sky.

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Seven Days of Summer 2018: Aesthetics by Bayye Belle

Sylum Aesthetics by Bayye Bell

Eowyn Aesthetic by Bayye Belle

Lamont Aesthetic by Bayye Belle

Seven Days of Summer 2018: Waiting For Me To Catch Up by Paula Cas

Title: Waiting For Me To Catch Up
Summary:When Jeremiah Parks returned to the city of his birth, his life was in such turmoil that he failed to realize the most important thing in the middle of all the chaos. Now he has to learn to open his life to someone new while helping his Clan Leader keep history from repeating itself.
Author’s Note:A huge THANK YOU to BJ Jones for allowing me to play in her ‘verse over at Sylum Clan. THANK YOU to Taibhrigh for the terrific banner art for my Sylum stories.

Fic is Archived

Seven Days of Summer 2018: Wiki Update

We’ve had some secondary updates on the Sylum Wiki.  For this round we’ve edited a few of the pages: Sylum Library, Wiki Navigation, and the Welcome Page.  We’ve also added a Site ID image (hopefully it shows up). *Actually we have Site IDs for the Blog and Website also.

One of the major things we’ve been working on is adding more Diversity into the Clans.  So you will see more characters in Ghost/Darkness, Shogun and Oceania.  We worked to also include more woman through all the Clans.

Note: We’re always updating images … a special thank you to taibhrigh for all their hard work on the Wiki.  So do stop by on occasions to see what images have been changed.

Added Characters: 32 New Characters!! 8 of those were last minute, as we suddenly had an influx of characters for Oceania.

Note: Click on Clan Name to be led to Clan Page

Camelot Clan

Master David
Joshua Faraday
Paul Mallory
Sir Hilary Bray
Violet Jessup

Ehre/Weinsheit Clan

David Percival

Ghost/Darkness Clan 


Lealta Kin Clan

Austin Carmichael
Maria Carmichael

Medjai Clan

Jacob Peter Quill

Mod Kin Clan

Catherine Langford

Oceania Clan

Emma Frost
Jay Swan
David Unaipon
Fanny Conchrane Smith
Gladys Elphick
Catherine Helen Spence
Henrietta Dugdale

Sanctuary Clan 

Charles Evan

Shogun Clan

Nakano Takeko

Sylum Clan

Lady Rogue
Kevin Collard

Tallikut Clan

Miss. Scarlet
Mary Grace Humiston



Seven Days of Summer: Last Day for Sign Ups

Seven Days of Summer 2018: Sign Ups

Last Day to Sign Up!!!!!

I’m putting out the challenge like I did for Spring Fling.  There are over 1015 Characters in the Sylum Wiki Blog – take out the ones you know have major storyline or wrapped into major arcs etc… that still leaves about 815 Characters that have no stories written on them.  These characters are all over fandom, and they spread across history – so its a pretty good guess there are a few of you who could tackle story and/or art for these characters.

The main writers of Sylum have a lot on their plates mapping major arcs and stories.  We can’t tackle a majority of characters in other Clans.   So I’m callin’ y’all out.  Take up the challenge – sign up for Seven Days.  Browse the wiki, find someone you’re interested in.


What is Seven Days? 

Seven Days is our Annual Summer Event.  We accept Sylum Art, fanmixs, videos and stories.  It’s not uncommon to see stories that are set up for future fics or Timestamps that relate to stories from Advent.

Start Date will be July 1st.

What do you need to do to participate?

You will need to sign up and state what your interested in doing.

REMINDER:  All Sylum Stories will need to be approved by Bj Jones.  If you’re interested in doing a Sylum Story contact Bj (  DO NOT write the story then send it, this makes the General very cranky.

How do I sign up?

Reply to this Post.

Just click reply and let us know what your interested in doing, don’t forget to give us your contact info so we can get a hold of you.

Sign Ups close May 15th.  If we do not get your request, by the 15th it will not be included.

Is there a deadline of when the Fic/Art needs to be Finished?


– Posts will appear over the next months to check on everyone’s progress.

– All Fic/Art will need to finished and emailed to ( by June 25th.

I have questions?

– Drop a reply to this post with a “FLAIL” “HELP” with contact info and we’ll get back to you.

– Email:

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