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Sylum Advent 2021: Reaction Post

Reaction Post!

So first off I would like to thank Gil for all the hard work this Advent.  It took a lot of stress off me, this year and I greatly appreciate it.

Also many thanks to taibhrigh for all the banners and last minute wiki images.

This post is a good time to say thanks to all those who participated this year.   There was some great stories, awesome artwork and fun aesthetics!

Seven Days of Summer 2017: Reaction Post

And Seven Days of Summer comes to a close!

We had a wide variety of stories this year.

Showcase of a new series of Hotel Rooms.

Re-work of Shifting Tides, introducing everyone to more aspects of Border Clan.

A look into more remote Clans like the Medjai and Ghost & Darkness.

Plus a sneak peek at the Pirate Series, along with announcement to Pirate Day!

Remember to leave feedback!!

Ernesto Olivetti Week: Wrap Up

Ernesto Olivetti Week has comes to a close!

*collapse onto couch*

Please no one mention the name Ernesto for a while ….

This became bigger than we anticipated, but have to say it turned out extremely well.

Thank you to Timothy Quinn for all the hard work dealing with this Italian Bastard.

Thank you to taibhrigh for the updated images for the wiki.

Interesting facts and numbers:

20 posts … 13 more than we anticipated.

11 pieces of Jewelry (don’t forget to stop by and get your Ernesto Inspired Jewelry and Free Gift before time runs out!  We’ll keep ‘Ernesto Olivetti Collection for another week – On June 13th it will be gone!)

3 Sylum Aesthetics

6 Past Live Posts

1 New Fanmix

3.5 Hour Interview


100 New Pages to Roads Untravelled

I admit this was a fun and creative endeavor, and likely we’ll do something similar in the future.  As a matter of fact we’re already planning ‘Pirate Day’.

Though at the moment I’m recuperating with a bottle of wine on my couch!  So if you don’t see the normal amount of posts next week blame Ernesto.

I hope everyone has enjoyed Ernesto Olivetti Week.  Let us know what your thoughts, feelings, OMG WTF!! on this post … and please let us also know where you are in the world – we’re kinda curious to see how far spread Ernesto’s influence has gone.








Sylum Advent 2016: Reaction Post


And this concludes Sylum Advent for 2016!

What an adventure!  I have to admit this one was a rough one, but as always we pulled it off.

For those who want to leave a quick message or just are still catching up – drop a comment here on this post to let the Author’s know you liked their stories.  We don’t get paid for this, so it’s nice to know when the story is appreciated.


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