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Sylum Advent 2014: Reaction/Question Post



Sylum Advent 2014 has come to close!

The writers & artists are in hibernation for a few weeks.

We thank you for those who have commented throughout Advent.  If you’re still reading and catching up – please take a moment to let them know you enjoyed their work.

And if you have any questions about the stories, series, characters – please feel free to ask.

If you haven’t read the stories yet – do understand that if you read the comments here you may be spoiled.

PS – I know everyone is excited for Clan War especially now with the sneak peaks from the Anthology.  To answer the question before it gets asked – it’s being worked on and will be out this year.


Discussion Thursday: Evolution (Reaction Post)

Discussion Thursday: Evolution

It’s Discussion Thursday so for today we’ll be discussing Evolution



So now that you’ve had time to finish and absorb Evolution – thoughts? Feelings?

Intro of new Characters? Who are you surprised by? Not surprised? DUDE I want their backhistory/story NOW!!!

Curious to see what will happen now?

Ramifications of events that took place in the story?

What was your favorite part? Character?

What shocked you the most?

Discussion Thursday: Sylum – Family (Reaction Post)


Discussion Thursday: Family

Technically it’s Discussion Thursday so for today we’ll be discussing Family




Well the Re-Post of Family has finished!!  Again I would like to thank Timothy Quinn for being my Creative Consultant and working with me on this Arc.  Thanks to Gil and Janet for the Beta Job.  And for Taibhrigh for the Banners and Art!!

So now that it’s been Re-posted – thoughts? feeling?

Did you notice the changes?  Any of them shock you?

The added characters?

Favorite scene?

What most looking for in Evolution?

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