Seven Days of Summer – 2016: Reaction Post



And that’s a wrap for Seven Days of Summer – 2016!

Take a moment to let the writers and artists know how much you appreciated their work.

We had some great stories showcasing characters from other clans!  Make sure to checkout the wiki bios that go with the stories centering around Camelot, Serenity and Oceania.  We got a look at the reworks going on in Border and a very special Sneak Peek on the beginning story of the POI Arc that will tie into the Westen Arc that just finished – leading to a major showdown.  There was hand drawn artwork, video, and banners that complimented the stories perfectly.

So again.

Take a moment and let those who participated know your appreciation.  You can either reply to this post or go back to the original post and comment there.

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5 Responses to Seven Days of Summer – 2016: Reaction Post

  1. luminousblade says:

    Everything was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it! ^.^

  2. Paula Cas says:

    Can’t believe it’s over already. Everything was GREAT as always.

  3. Antoinette says:

    Thank you to everyone who contributed. I like the looks at Oceania, Serenity and Camelot clans. I enjoyed the bit about Alex Huntley and the story with Jack and Will. I am looking forward to Shifting Sands.

    It’s nice to see a variety of stories set among the different Clans. Thank yu again for all your hard work.

  4. Dian says:

    A big thank you to all the authors and artists. I loved the looks in the lives of the different clans and look forward to more history sessions.

  5. Loretta M Mc Neil says:

    I am always awed by all the fantastic authors and artist that are in Sylum!! Kudos to you all for all the “better days ” I have because of all your wonderful stories and art banners etc. Thank you one and all for your time and efforts for all our pleasure!

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