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Sylum Inspiration: Sam Winchester

Sylum: Hunter

Sam was born to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. When he was six months old, Balthazar entered his nursery and killed his mother Mary Winchester. John placed Sammy into his brother’s arms and told him to run.

Raised on the road being taken care of mainly by his brother Dean Winchester, they were trained to hunt Vampires, never staying in one place. Sam hated the life they lived and wanted to stay in one school, have friends, live a normal life. Always strong-willed and stubborn like his father John, Sam fought their lifestyle through his teenage years, finally giving up and leaving for college.

Four years later Dean showed up on Sam’s doorstep with news: their dad had gone missing. After following a few leads and finding nothing, Sam went back to Stanford, only to discover that Balthazar had come back into their lives, killing his girlfriend, Jessica. Swearing to hunt the man down, Sam set out again on the hunt with Dean.

Balthazar soon found them. Dean handed his life over to save Sam’s. Determined to save his brother, Sam found himself at Cal Sci University searching for the blueprints to Balthazar’s penthouse, and ran into Charles Eppes who urged him to find Nicolaus Valerius Meridius in New Orleans.

Driving straight from Los Angeles to New Orleans, he barged into the Manor seeking help and refuge.

Nick and Gaius Cassius Longinus agreed to help and returned to Los Angeles to confront Balthazar. In the ensuing battle, Sam was stabbed by Cassie Robinsonand mortally wounded; he consented to be Turned.

Sylum Inspiration: Dean Winchester

Sylum: Hunter


Dean was born to John and Mary Winchester January 24, 1979 in Lawerence, Kansas. When he was four years old, he was excited at his brother Samuel Winchester’s birth. Six months later, his life was destroyed when Balthazar entered their home and killed Mary. John handed Sammy into four year old Dean’s arms and told him to run. Since then he has taken care of his brother, never truly letting him go.

Raised on the road, trained to hunt Vampires, Dean learned to live the life of a nomad. He barely stayed in one school long enough to make friends, but remained loyal to his father John Winchester and brother Sammy. Among the few bright moments in his life are when he and Sammy stayed with Bobby Singer who taught him everything about cars.

As he got older he began to take hunts on his own, running into Maxine Guevera and Logan Cale. Not truly understanding Vampires and the Clan System, he just figured that Vampires weren’t all bad like his father had preached. When he returned home from the hunt he discovered that Sammy had been keeping secrets, and had left the family for college.

Four years later he showed up on Sam’s doorstep with news: their dad had gone missing while hunting. After following a few leads and finding nothing, Dean took Sam back to Stanford, only to discover that Balthazar had come back into their lives, killing Sam’s girlfriend. Swearing to hunt the man down, Sam set out again on the hunt, with Dean.

Balthazar soon found them, and Dean willingly handed his life over to save Sam’s.

Sylum Inspiration: HM Murdock

Sylum: Member


Humphrey Marrion was born in a small town outside Houston, Texas in 1890. He was always an active child getting into trouble for his over active imagination. He had dreams of getting off the ranch and having grand adventures.

As he grew up his family pushed for him to stop talking nonsense and settle down. Tension with his family came to a fore front when he informed them he was going to France to learn to fly. As he walked out the door he was told not to come back.

Murdock made his way to the South of France where a small squadron was being developed to help with the war effort in Europe. He was a natural. Took to the air like a bird, impressing his superiors despite the fact he was a brash American.

While he learned to fly he met a Henri Benoit, a French Captain, who he had become fast friends with. The two were inseparable, and it was Henri who kept Murdock from trouble with others in the camp.

Murdock was devastated when Henri was killed during an air strike from the Germans. Without thought he climbed into his plane and went after the raiders, only to get into a heavy dogfight with none other than the famous Red Baron.

With luck and determination Murdock was able to land his crippled plane, and barely made it to the cover of the trees before the Baron swooped down on the pilot.

Hiding in the trees, Murdock thought he was safe only to be hunted by a more deadly creature. It wasn’t until the next morning when he emerged from the forest into the arms of Council Spies, Jonathon Clavier and Carlos Alvarez broken and bleeding. Carlos gave him an offer of a new life, one he accepted as he fell into darkness.

Sylum Inspiration: William Tecumseh Sherman

Sylum: Member


Born Tecumseh Sherman, his father named him after the famed Shawnee Warrior. Tecumseh was one of eleven children. Following the sudden death of his father, his mother was unable to take care of all the children, and sent him to live with Thomas Ewing. Thomas’ wife Maria, a devoted Catholic, wouldn’t allow Tecumseh into her household until he was properly baptized and was renamed William.

At age 16 he received an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the beginning of a long career in the military. In 1850 he married Eleanor Ewing, the daughter of Thomas and Marie, and they had eight children, all raised by their mother’s strict Catholic tendencies. In 1853 he left the military after pressure from his wife’s family, and moved to San Francisco to become a banker. The stress of banking and the climate finally led to Sherman leaving and taking up banking in Kansas. By 1859 he had taken the position as Superintendent of Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy. With the outbreak of the Civil War, he resigned his commission and moved North.

He first saw combat at the First Battle of Bull Run (also known as the Battle of Mananas). His wounds and the defeat by the Confederacy led him to question himself and the war. After spending time to recover, he was assigned to General Hiram Ulysses Grant. The two struck up a strong friendship which changed the course of the War.

When Grant broke his leg entering into New Orleans, they were taken in by Sylum Manor. When the Manor was attacked by Raiders, Sherman was mortally wounded. Jack Aubrey, knowing the importance this man had on the war and on Grant, asked if he wanted to be turned. Sherman consented.

Sylum Inspiration: Peter Mitchell

Sylum: Member

Peter Mitchell grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot. Take after his father Duke Mitchell, who served with the VF-51 squadron aboard the USS Oriskany (CV-34) during the Vietnam War, and was killed in action when his Phantom was shot down.

Peter graduated high school in the top ten of the class, then promptly signed up for the US Navy.

He moved up the ranks, got into flight school, and can still remember the first moment he lifted off the deck of an Aircraft Carrier. He will be the first to tell you he was a cocky son of a bitch and arrogant on the fact he really was that good.

Though despite his attitude, he’s recommended for the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School, known as “Top Gun”, at NAS Miramar. He ends up going with his friend Goose, now his top crew.

It’s during training he meets Timothy Quinn, who is a civilian hired to train at Top Gun. Speed though impressed with Maverick’s skills, thinks hes a moron and calls him on it daily.

Near the end of the program, Maverick and Iceman both chase Jester. Under intense pressure from Maverick, Iceman breaks off. Maverick’s F-14 flies through the jet wash of Iceman’s aircraft and suffers a flameout of both engines, entering a flat spin from which he cannot recover, forcing both Maverick and Goose to eject. Goose ejects but his parachute fails to open.

Although the board of inquiry clears Maverick of responsibility, he feels guilty for Goose’s death, losing his aggressiveness when flying. Speed slaps him when Maverick considers leaving the Navy.

It was Speed who finally told him his responsibility was now taking care of Goose’s wife and child. That he was a born pilot and stop mopping around. He had known his father, flew brilliantly in Vietnam, died a hero.

Three days later Maverick showed up asking how Speed knew his father. Once the whole story of Vampires got out, Maverick wanted it. He wanted to be able to watch over his ‘family’ make sure Goose’s kid grows up, lives a long life.



Sylum Inspiration: Templeton Peck

Sylum: Member

Left on the doorstep of Sacred Heart Orphanage in Los Angeles at the age of three, he didn’t even remember his true name. He took the name Templeton Peck because it sounded important and respectful. He learned from an early age that he had a beautiful smile and used it to get what he needed and wanted. There were very few people in the world he respected; the one man he looked to as a father figure was Father O’Malley at the Orphanage.

Father O’Malley pushed for Templeton to enter collage afraid he would be drafted into the War. Templeton enrolled at USC for the fall. During that summer, he worked his craft to earn enough to buy a ring for his high school sweetheart. When he showed up at her parents’ home to pick her up, he was informed that she had left, leaving him only a letter.

He joined the Army the next day.

His test results had the Army putting him in Officer Candidate School (OCS). The skills he showed during training led to his recruitment into Special Forces. It wasn’t long before he was shipped over to Vietnam holding the rank of Lieutenant, where he was recruited into a SOG Unit. After a failed mission, his unit was dismantled and he was placed under the command of Major Hannibal King. He became fast friends with the small unit, especially their pilot Humphrey Marrion Murdock.

On a routine mission they were ambushed and captured by the Vietcong and sent to a POW Camp. For reasons Templeton couldn’t explain, he was singled out of the unit to be interrogated. Each day it got worse and harder for him to hold on. After another grueling session he was thrown back into the cell. He knew he wasn’t going to live to see the morning. All he wanted was to say goodbye to Murdock and tell him he was sorry for leaving him again.

When Hannibal gave him another option, Templeton Peck took it and never looked back.

Sylum Inspiration: Jack Bauer

Sylum: Hunter

Jack was born in Santa Monica, CA, the oldest son of Phillip Bauer. Little is known of his mother – Jack rarely speaks of her.  Phillip intended for Jack to follow in his footsteps as head of his company BJX Technologies, but Jack chose a career in the military instead.

He joined the US Army, working his way up to the elite unit, Delta Force. While in the Army, Jack received several commendations for performance under fire. He left the Army with the rank of Captain, and made a career of working for various federal and state/local government agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, and a stint as case officer in the clandestine service with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  He is now Lead Field Agent/Field Ops Director for the CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit).

He has demonstrated a high proficiency with firearms, explosives, electronic devices, resistance to torture (Dilios Note: After being kidnapped by Chinese agents, and tortured for almost two years, it is revealed he didn’t speak a single word for the whole time). He is fluent in German and has demonstrated ability to speak Spanish , Russian, Arabic, and Serbian.  He’s also shown to fly planes and helicopters.

His wife, Terri, was killed by a terrorist, J ack blames himself for her death. His daughter, Kim, worked with him at CTU, while dating Bauer’s partner Chase.

After a day from hell, Kim dumped Chase and disappeared.

Jack was left picking up the pieces.

Jack was Turned Without Consent and to this day doesn’t know who Turned him. The only one who does is Richard Riddick. Jack was taken to Nicolaus Valerius Meridius soon after Turning and swore loyalty to Sylum Clan, training as a Hunter. He had also visited Josiah Scurlock at The Border Clan learning about his history and family.

Sylum Inspiration: Aveline de Grandpré

Sylum Hunter: Aveline de Grandpré


Aveline was born in New Orleans on 20 June 1747 to Philippe de Grandpré and his African placée bride, Jeanne. Granted freedom along with her mother at birth, Aveline grew up in a caring and considerate environment, protected by her father’s wealth and influence within the city. However, when her father’s business began to suffer, he married Madeleine de L’Isle, the daughter of one of his investors, in 1752.

(Dilios Note: Rumor has it that her grandmother is Annemarie, famed Pirate who sailed with Captain Jack Sparrow)

While this act put a strain on the relationship between her parents, both Aveline and her mother Jeanne were permitted to stay at the de Grandpré mansion, with Madeleine becoming responsible for the young girl’s education.

Aveline’s carefree life as a youth was cut short two years later, when Jeanne inexplicably vanished, leaving a void in the girl’s life. Despite the fact that Madeleine quickly adopted the role of doting stepmother, Aveline continued to be troubled by the loss of her mother. As a result, she frequently had nightmares about the events surrounding Jeanne’s disappearance.

Simultaneously, Aveline’s feelings and observations regarding the prevailing contrasts present within her city eventually spurred her into action. In 1759, she attempted to free a slave, but was caught in the act and set upon by sailors employed by the slave’s owner. Thanks to an intervention from Nicolaus Meridius, Aveline and the slave managed to escape unharmed. Deciding her commitment to freedom and justice was beyond compare, Nicolaus took Aveline under his wing.

Following a few months of intense training, Aveline would act as Nicolaus agent in New Orleans, using her skills to help people in need and rid Louisiana of the Templars.

Her first assignment under Nico, was to locate and find Shay Patrick Cormac, who had come to New Orleans specific to have a safe haven for Templars. They discovered that Shay was working with Governor d’Abbadie, who was determined to keep the city and providence under French Templar control.

Between the two of them, they removed the Templar influence.

She discovered his nature when, she found him with Warrick. Upset at first, at hypocrisy she was seeing, she confronted him, only to find herself faced with the Vampire. He explained who he was, and that the man she saw was Warrick, his Mate.

Seeing great potential in her, Nicolaus knew that she would need further training. In 1769 he sent her to Masyaf, along with a letter and trinket for Dastan and Altaïr.

Aveline proved her skills by taking on novices being trained. Altaïr taking Nicolaus word, set out to train her.

She learned much in Masyaf, became fast friends with Tamara.

It was her work, that established a network of woman assassins.

Aveline returned to New Orleans in 1775, and discovered Nicolaus was in New York. She traveled up to the city, to find him.

It was here she met Connor Kenway, and worked with him in dealing with Templars roaming the Eastern Seaboard.

She found Nicolaus in 1776, commanding troops. Impressed by his skills as an Assassin, a General, and the fact he had a black Mate, she requested he Turn her.

Sylum Inspiration: Thomas Efford

Sylum: Caretaker

Thomas Efford was raised in the countryside of Norfork, the youngest son of a small noble family. When he was of age he married and settled down at his family’s Manor. The couple had four children, and were content with their lives.

After Elizabeth the First disbanded Catholicism, he began to shelter and protect the local Priests. He hid them in his home, giving them a place to conduct Mass and minister to the people. The family and local village were always on guard, keeping an eye out for any of Elizabeth’s soldiers.

Thomas’ life would change when he met Nicolaus Valerius Meridius and his two sons, Antonio Crisafi and Timothy Quinn, while riding back from London, with his manservant.  He stated they could stay at his home for the night. As they approached the small Manor, Tony smelt burning and they spurred their horses onwards.

They came upon the house burning, the family dead, and the Captain of the Guard ready to throw the infant into the raging fire.  Nicolaus rides head long into the middle, grabs the baby and kills the guard, while Tony and Timothy take out the rest of the soldiers.

They proceed to get Thomas, his daughter and manservant out of the area.  The manservant who has family in Ireland, takes the baby so she can be raised properly and hidden away from the Queen’s Guards.  Timothy tells him to contact Boru and he would help him.

Thomas takes on the role of manservant to Lord Leavy, since the Baron Efford had died in the fire. As the months progress he learns how to meet the three’s needs.  In time he asked Nicolaus to Turn him.

Sylum Inspiration: Timothy Quinn

Sylum: Timothy Quinn

Born Timothy Quinn in 1312 AD, near Donegal, Eire, the youngest son of Callum and Lavena Quinn.

His two older brothers, Gregory and Aaron, followed their father into a living on the land and developing their farm. His older sister Lorain was betrothed to Fearghus O’Niel, eldest son of a neighboring family.

At a young age his curiosity and inquisitive nature got the best of him when he stole the local Priest’s Bible trying to understand what was being said in the pages. The Priest taught him to read, a rarity for someone of his social class during that time, and with a thirst for knowledge he learned quickly from local wisdoms, soon becoming the clan’s Healer.

At the age of sixteen, British soldiers attacked outlying farms near Donegal, killing Timothy’s entire family. Lord Sean, the Clan’s Leader took him into the O’Gairmledaig family, and for the next few years Timothy helped with the household, and repaid their kindness by teaching Lord Sean’s children, Aden and Collin, to read and write.

Timothy and Eleina – wife to Lord Sean – were attacked while traveling to another Clan. The subsequent chase caused her to go into early labor. The baby was born safely but at the cost of his mother’s life. Before her death, she named the child Quinn to make sure he had a strong start in life.

Six years later, Timothy found his place in the family when he became Sean’s lover. Tragically, Timothy and his Lord only had six months together before the O’Gairmledaig Clan was destroyed by a rival. Timothy escaped with Quinn, fleeing to Lord Caine’s Castle near Derry. The young Quinn was taken in, to be raised as a Caine.

Timothy rode away, prepared to die from the wounds he had sustained, and grief stricken at Lord Sean’s death, only to then be offered a new life by Nick Maoilriain.

Sylum Inspiration: Antonio Crisafi


Sylum: Second-In-Command


Born Antonio Crisafi in 1115 AD, Turin – Italy, he was the youngest son of the Crisafi family.

Intending a career in the priesthood, he was inspired by the writings of Bernard of Clairvaux, and in 1129 set out to find the Templar Knights, finally tracking down Hugues de Payens in 1131. At only 16 years of age he began his service as a Squire due to the influence of his family name, and his considerable education from the Benedictine Monastery in his home town.

As a Prior he found his true calling, serving God in the austere environment of the Holy Land, and as he grew in both years and experience, Antonio rose with seeming effortless speed to the rank of Preceptor by the year 1148, serving his Master, Captain Alexis de Chateauneuf.

Attacked while on escort for Benedictine Monks heading to Pilgrimage in Jerusalem during the time of the Second Crusade, he was captured along with his Master, and three other Priors, having distracted the enemy long enough for the Brothers to escape danger. Antonio watched his beloved Templar Brethren die at the hands of their captors, and found an unlikely ally in a Crusader who occupied the jail cell next to his own – Robin Longstride. An undying friendship was forged between the two men as they endured the physical abuses of their situation, and encouraged one another to remain strong that they might one day escape.

Their affection would last them forever.

After the death of his Master, tortured into a lingering agony until he finally succumbed to his injuries, Antonio escaped from prison with Robin and despite a desperate situation as they fought their way free, salvation came for them both at the hands of Nicholas Dupre.

Before Antonio left home to complete his education, he had unknowingly fathered a son by his sister’s handmaiden, Constance. She had been sent away to a Nunnery in shame, dying in childbirth to bring William Crisafi into the world. The child was given to the Papera Family as they journeyed out of Italy to make a new life for themselves, finally settling in Northern England.

Sylum Inspiration: Warrick Calhoun

Sylum: Co-Leader

Born Warrick Calhoun in 1687 AD, in Port Royal, the third child in a family of seven. His father, William Calhoun a free black man, took his family to the small island of Jamaica to keep them free from the risk of slavery, but his hopes for his family were not to last long. William died from an unknown illness when Warrick was nine years old, leaving the family vulnerable.

Warrick watched as his older brother and sister were captured and sold into slavery, whilst he protected the youngsters, and saved his mother.

To avoid that fate himself, Warrick ran off and became a cabin boy on a Pirate ship, taking a berth on the Red Stallion on the eve of his tenth birthday.

He grew up to become a feared Pirate, under the tutelage of Captain Jericho Brown, for whom he became a valued and trusted First Mate. Upon tiring of the Pirate life, Brown ran off with a merchant’s daughter to settle down in Spain, leaving the ship to Warrick.

As Captain, Warrick became a well known Pirate Hunter, and a true gentleman of the sea. If a Pirate needed to be caught, Warrick was the one usually contracted for the job. He brought in every man he set out to claim bounty on. His friend and Quartermaster was James Brass, who would tell anyone he knew the Red Stallion better than her Captain.

While boarding a small merchant vessel in 1723, he found himself with more than mere treasure, for Fate had brought him face to face with Nicolaus Valerius Meridius.

(Dilios Note: recently rumors have started that the story of who Warrick is, has started to adjust and change … it would seem the pirate was hiding more than we all knew)

Sylum Inspiration: Nicolaus Meridius

Sylum: Clan Leader

Yes I think everyone pretty much knows who Nico is :).  As we’re approaching Advent and the final of Clan War and intro of the rework of ‘Grave Danger’.  We thought be fun to highlight … those who started it all.

Born Nicolaus Valerius Meridius in 399 AD, Rome, Italy, youngest son of Vitus Crescentius Meridius, he was the younger brother to Artorius Flavius Meridius.

He followed in his brother’s footsteps and entered the Army, where his dedication and strategic mind moved him quickly up the ranks. At the age of eighteen he bought a Persian slave, Sofya, from the market and made her his wife. His father had at first forbid the match, but Sofya’s sweet nature and charming smile won him over. Julia, wife to his brother Artorius, took her in and taught her how to be a proper Roman wife. On their wedding night she became with child, much to the delight to the Meridius household since Julia had not yet been able to conceive.

Meridia was the first born daughter of Nicolaus Valerius Meridius and she was the apple of her father’s eye. She had her mother’s olive skin and eyes that would pierce your very soul. She had the household wrapped around her little finger and knew it.

Nico had gone to visit his father, leaving Sofya and Meridia at their villa in the city of Rome. As Nico and Artorius made the way back to Nico’s home, they heard shouts and saw smoke billowing into the sky. Fear clutching their hearts, they ran the rest of the way only to find the building engulfed in flames. Nico and Artorius moved to the back of the house, but the fire was hot and the smoke thick, but through it he could make out his wife’s body lying on the floor, and he could hear Meridia’s screams. It took all his brother’s strength to keep him from running into the burning home. He collapsed to his knees when his child’s cries stopped, and his own scream echoed through the surrounding buildings as the roof of the villa collapsed.

No one knew who had attacked his young wife. Rumors spread that people were angered that Nico had taken a Persian slave as a wife. Others said it was retribution for perceived past injustices.

Nico left Rome and returned to the Army with his brother, throwing himself into his career, hoping to forget the screams of his little girl, but it wasn’t long before tragedy struck the Meridius family again. Artorius was killed in battle, and upon hearing of his oldest son’s death, their father’s heart gave out and he followed his son and grandchild to Elysium.

Nico found himself Patriarch of the family Meridii, and he took Julia as his wife to maintain her ties with the Meridius line. They had a good, strong marriage. She gave him four children: Elena, Antonio, Gloria, and Theodosis. He lost Julia in childbirth with Theo, her loss a further devastation to him, for she had become a good wife and faithful friend. It was the companionship of his lover Razi, a former Gladiator, and his handful of children that made life joyous.

Two years later devastation hit the Meridius family once again. His military Second in Command, Marcus, consumed by anger and jealousy of Nico’s position and power, rode straight into the villa with troops. Razi fought by his Master’s side, only to be cut down along with the family tutor, Cyrus. Marcus slit Antonio and Gloria’s throats in front of Nico. As the soldiers Nico had once commanded beat him to the ground, he was forced to listen to Elena’s screams as she was beaten and raped. A young soldier, who was himself betrothed to Elena, died trying to save her. Their blood mingled as they laid dead at Nico’s feet.

Nico was stripped and crucified, with the bodies of his family laid out at his feet, and in one final act of defiance, Marcus stole Theo from his family to raise him as his own son.


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