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Sylum Inspiration: Mr. Phelps

Vampire Council Member: Jim Phelps aka Mr. Secretary (Dilios Note: Not to be confused with the asshole) Jim Phelps comes from a long line of Phelps, and is named after his grandfather.   Born in England, he worked for the Special … Continue reading

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Random Act of Kindness

Technically Random Act of Kindness day is tomorrow the 17th.   My feeling is doesn’t need to be on a certain date, every day should be a Random Act of Kindness Day.

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World Hippo Day

February 15 is World Hippo Day, an occasion to celebrate and appreciate the world’s third largest mammal. They’re big, they’re river dwellers, and they’re adorably cute – but what else do you know about these great beasts? Here are some facts that … Continue reading

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Coffee House Friday

Happy Valentines Day! Any plans? Date night? Pizza and netflix?

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Throwback Thursday: I’ve Always Had a Fondness for France by Paula Cas

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Annihilation: Last Chance

Last Warning! When Hurricane Season was published during Advent, it became the replacement for Annihilation.   On March 1st, all mentions of this story will be deleted from the blog. So if you haven’t got the copy go to this Post.  … Continue reading

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Sylum Charity: LGBT Center LA

Los Angeles LGBT Center Since 1969 the Los Angeles LGBT Center has cared for, championed, and celebrated LGBT individuals and families in Los Angeles and beyond. Today the Center’s nearly 700 employees provide services for more LGBT people than any … Continue reading

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Reminder: New Sylum Security Group

Sylum Security Reminder As a reminder we’re moving the Security List to a new list.  If you missed the State of the Clan, we’re doing this because Yahoo is an asshole. In the original security group we had it arranged … Continue reading

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Sylum Inspiration: Tongilius

Council: Member   Tongilius came from a wealthy connected family.   He was groomed for politics, and in time he found himself following the words and actions of Lucius Sergius Catilina. It was rumored they had become lovers, but it was … Continue reading

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Spring Fling 2020: Last day to Sign Up

Spring Fling 2020 Last day to sign up! What do you need to do to participate? You will need to sign up and state what your interested in doing How do I sign up? There are two ways to sign … Continue reading

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Sylum Trivia: February 2020

Question: What birds came to Nico during the Hurricane? Please answer below the line!

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Coffee House Friday

Favorite play? Musical? Ballet?

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Throwback Thursday: Galileo/Cesare by Gil Grissom

Link to Gil Art Page: Wallpaper – Mates *Reminder – you can leave likes and comments on Art/Music Pgs*

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Shower With a Friend Day

I’m not quite sure what to say about this day … so instead wrote a small Sylum Snippet

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Homemade Soup Day

So who’s got some good soup recipes?

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