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Author: <span>Nicolaus Meridius</span>

Sylum Inspiration: Arbaaz Mir

Sanguen: Hunter (India)


Arbaaz Mir was born in Kashmir in northwestern India during the early 19th century to a Muslim family. His home region was conquered by Maharaja Ranjit Singh of the Sikh Empire in 1819, leading to the death of numerous Muslims in Kashmir, including some of Arbaaz’s kin.  This led Arbaaz to grow up with a resentment towards Singh, considering him a cold-blooded killer.

His revenge led him to go after Singh only to be thwarted by the Assassins. He was taken from India and handed over to Dastan and Altaïr. Both saw potential in him, but also his anger.  They worked to train him, and in time they watched him grow into a steady Assassin.

Dastan escorted him back to India, hearing rumors about his old enemy, the Hassassin. When they arrived he discovered that Templars were using the British Government to influence the Maharaja so they could control the land and wealth.

Arbaaz had to face his own emotions when he came face to face with Singh.

He realized they were trying to poison the Maharaja, and knocked the tea out of his hand, instead of watching him die – but it was already too late.  The Templar escaped but Arbaaz stayed with the Singh, and told him he forgave him.

Ranjit smiled and died peacefully.

Arbaaz barely had time to react when the Templar returned.  He defected the blow, but ended up with a mortal wound before he gave the killing blow.

Sylum Charity: Monuments Men and Woman


Considering the destruction of art, historical buildings and monuments in the Ukraine and other war torn locations.  I felt it was good to bring up these guys once again.

The Monuments Men and Women Foundation honors the legacy of the men and women who served in the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives section, known as the “Monuments Men,” and their unprecedented and heroic work protecting and safeguarding civilization’s most important artistic and cultural treasures from armed conflict. During its first decade of operations, the Foundation successfully raised worldwide awareness about the Monuments Men and Women through film, television, and books, honored their military service through the awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal – the highest civilian honor bestowed by the United States, and preserved their legacy through a partnership with the National World War II Museum making the Foundation’s incomparable archives and artifacts accessible to students and scholars around the world. In October 2019, the Museum broke ground on its Liberation Pavilion, which will feature a permanent exhibition about the Monuments Men and Women, the first of its kind. 

As the Foundation begins its second decade of operations, its focus will now shift to longer term objectives. In addition to locating and returning works of art and other cultural objects to their rightful owners, the Foundation will put the remarkable legacy of the Monuments Men and Women to work through custom-designed programs that not only educate and inform our youth, but challenge them to become the Monuments Men and Women of tomorrow. With world governments facing ever increasing demands for funding, no nation has the financial resources to fund the preservation of all of its national treasures. Consequently, preserving our shared cultural heritage for future generations depends on informing and inspiring our youth to meet the challenges ahead. It is an ambitious agenda, but one that pales in comparison to the challenge confronting the handful of Monuments Officers who conceived of the concept of cultural preservation officers in the midst of the most destructive war in history, without the use of any tools of technology. What they achieved not only informs the mission of the Foundation, it will serve as an inspiring guide to students, educators, military and world leaders, and the general public.

For More Information: The Monuments Men & Women

Sylum Trivia: September 2022 – Answer

Question: Name off all the Meridii …

Yes I know we’ve done this one before, but it is always fun!

Jackson Healey 
Pearly Soames 
Edward Kenway 
Colonel Wales 
Joshua Connor 
Richie Courtney 
Edward ‘Cort’ Courtney 
Jack Aubrey 
Henry Thorne 
Terry Thorne 
Ben Wade 
Robin Longstride 
US Grant

Desmond Miles
Hank Palmer 
Jonathan Royce 
Harry Lockhart 
Lionel Sweeney 
Tony Stark

John Rhys
Nicolaus Meridius 
Aurelius (Neal Caffrey)

Winner:  Well since no one sent this one in – Speed got to pick the character!  They wanted Ben Wade and the small snippet turned into a fic for Advent!



Sylum Inspiration: Celephas

Sanguen: Member


Celephas was born in Syracuse and settled in Athens in the Paraeus section that catered to Artisans and Market was located.

His skills were in building shields and weapons. The quality was so good, that at one point he had 120 slaves working on a variety of workshops, building/crafting high quality shields, each unique to the artist they were.

It was Perseus who noticed his workmanship and went to see some of his work. The skill used was one that Perseus felt shouldn’t be diminished. He talked with him, becoming friends. He pointed out that Celephas’ son though would be famous in history, he himself shouldn’t be forgotten.

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