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First there was the Yahoo Group.

Then there was an idea.

And from all of the crazy that the list brought us was the idea/ability to adopt a Sylum Character.

We’re transferring this idea to the Blog – so you can claim/adopt a character and use it when you post your comments.

Note: This doesn’t mean you get to write anything on said character.  Have any say on said character.  Tell us how we should write said character.  Own said character.

It’s just a fun thing that we would like to transfer over from the list to the blog.

So if you’re interested.

Reply to this Page with at minimum three choices … don’t be shocked if a character you want is already taken or unavailable.  There are characters that will not be available – due to past histories and dealings.  It’s not personal but well at one point in time someone made it personal – so characters got removed from availability list.

Please read through the comments to see if a) a character you want has been claimed b) a character you want was requested but the response was they were unavailable  – this way make it easier for you to figure who you want to ask for.

You can always ask who is available in a certain clan… or in theory who isn’t…

Gives us some time to reply.

Once you have adopted a characters – make sure to feed and water properly … and when you reply to a blog post you can use your adopted character name instead of your own.


UPDATE: If you had a character on the list – you get to the keep the character here.  Just stop by state you still want them so I’ll know who not to give away.  It’s been a while and I don’t remember who has who.


  1. Forgive the stupidness of my question. I’m trying to figure out if carbon fibre drop spindles are actually feesable.

    If we adopted a character on the list we still have it right? Or do I need to battle to keep Rodney?

          1. Nicolaus Meridius

            I can’t list out who is available … You would need to go through the Clan Members section Only … (Council, Hunters and Caretakers are unavailable)

            Make sure to list three choices

        1. Nicolaus Meridius

          You’ll need to pick at least three characters – take a look at wiki and make sure to browse through this thread – since some have been taken, others shown as unavailable.

  2. Helen Picken

    Any chance on Laelius? (I have been a lurking lurker who lurks for far too long – I got pushed “upstairs” by the charity I volunteer for so it’s been a bit busy but my day job has eased off a bit since I took (and passed – yay for computer marked multi-choice exams!) my exam this morning! :-D)

      1. Helen Picken

        I promise!

        I’m finally getting around to catching up on Evolution! I waited for it and when you posted it I was stuck working :-S Curse the fact that I need money to fund my internet usage!

      1. Hope B.

        I’ll be more than happy to adopt the computer goddess! Too bad I can’t be a super sneaky assassin, but you can always assassinate someone’s identity with super sneaky ninja computer skills!

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Dean is unavailable – and we used to have someone for Riddick – I’ll like to give them a chance before giving him away.

      Munch is available – please reply letting me know you’ll be adopting him…

      1. Brian Kinney

        Are we allowed to switch our character or if by wanting/needing to switch are we not allowed to have a character anymore? I’ve never asked to switch before if that effects the answer at all.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      I would prefer not Lara – even if you hear back from her…

      Gretel and Lucy are available – so which of those two would you like. Now reminder Gretel isn’t from the Hansel & Gretel movie – it’s a different character.

  3. Hi, I’m new in these parts but I’ve been inhaling (and inhaling) Sylum for the past few weeks and would like to through my hat in the ring for any of the following:

    Aaron Hotchner
    Alec Hardison

    (and I swear I didn’t notice that they all started with an “A”. That’s just…strange)

        1. Nicolaus Meridius

          A good amount there are a few who are unavailable: The Ruling Council and mates plus Tony Stark, US Grant, Hickok, Van Helsing, Danny Messer and their respective Mates.

  4. Debra

    I’ve been reading (over and over-never getting tired of them) Sylum Arc and other stories on your site and love them. Are Logan Cale, Amelia Toretto, or Joan Wilder taken?

  5. Naj (Norma Jean Ryan)

    I used to have a character, but it has been so long I can’t remember who it was. I would really love to be a caretaker. Here are my preferences:
    Hillary Efford
    Thomas Efford

    Please let me know if any are available. Thanks!

  6. Alinora

    I’d always wanted to play when you were doing this on the yahoo group, but I mainly just lurked and watched the fun instead. In order of who I’d prefer, if available, Danny Williams (2011 version), James Longworth, or Radek Zelenka. Thanks!

  7. William Brandt

    Hello! I wanted to see if there was anyway that I could make sure I could keep my character in the event I’m unable to make it to the computer if you put up one of the reply to reclaim posts? I know it most likely won’t be an issue but I just joined the Navy (but I won’t be shipping until February) and I am not sure if I’ll be able to meet the posting guidelines to keep my character so I just wanted to see if there was anything special I should do to ensure I get to keep him. Thanks in advance!

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Congrats on joining the Navy!!! Goodluck and safe journeys! And no worries you can safely keep Brandt as we know where your at 🙂 do drop us a line when you can just to make sure you’re alright 🙂

      1. William Brandt

        Thank you! I’m super excited about it. 😀 Awesome. I’ll make sure to let you know when I can. Thanks again because I love being Brandt so much even if I don’t reply to posts very often.

      2. William Brandt

        Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I will be going in for training on Tuesday and so I will be without Internet for at least the next two months. I will once again be active (or as active as I ever am) after that time. Thank you in advance! 🙂

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