Sylum Character Adoption

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First there was the Yahoo Group.

Then there was an idea.

And from all of the crazy that the list brought us was the idea/ability to adopt a Sylum Character.

We’re transferring this idea to the Blog – so you can claim/adopt a character and use it when you post your comments.

Note: This doesn’t mean you get to write anything on said character.  Have any say on said character.  Tell us how we should write said character.  Own said character.

It’s just a fun thing that we would like to transfer over from the list to the blog.

So if you’re interested.

Reply to this Page with at minimum three choices … don’t be shocked if a character you want is already taken or unavailable.  There are characters that will not be available – due to past histories and dealings.  It’s not personal but well at one point in time someone made it personal – so characters got removed from availability list.

Please read through the comments to see if a) a character you want has been claimed b) a character you want was requested but the response was they were unavailable  – this way make it easier for you to figure who you want to ask for.

You can always ask who is available in a certain clan… or in theory who isn’t…

Gives us some time to reply.

Once you have adopted a characters – make sure to feed and water properly … and when you reply to a blog post you can use your adopted character name instead of your own.


UPDATE: If you had a character on the list – you get to the keep the character here.  Just stop by state you still want them so I’ll know who not to give away.  It’s been a while and I don’t remember who has who.

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