Sylum Advent 2019: Day Fourteen

Summary: Something was hinky. Not the best description for it, but hinky seemed to fit.
Sylum Timeline: May – July 2005
Author’s Note:  This story is technically the replacement for Loved One Lost.  I’ll tell you now it’s not going to be the story you’re expecting.  It was pulled off Clan War as it needed to be it’s own story.  Its focus is on Nick’s kidnapping & burial, the team searching to find him, plus the aftermath.  It brings in threads we needed to deal with and sets the foundation for future stories.

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15 Responses to Sylum Advent 2019: Day Fourteen

  1. wildbird says:

    Love it what a great ending to the story.

  2. says:

    Dear BJ, Thank you for this awesome story with a lot of interesting twists, and despite the dark parts also something to laugh, A really great work- I am just a little bit sad that it seems that a liked person became a bad one. I look forward how this all will evolve. Again thank you and great work.

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Always try to mix the humor in with the drama. As the story progressed it became natural transition for the character.

  3. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

    I can only say two words( actually 5); Thank you!!! and More, please!!!!

  4. jackbauerconnie says:

    Excellent! I over this, very enjoyable reading! Looking forward to more!

  5. Kathie Guazzo says:

    Love how you made the changes meld so well together. Great story.

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