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Sylum Archive: Snippets Update

Sylum Archive Update

I’ve reorganized all the snippets on the Archive.  I dug through the blog and found all the snippets (even some that had gone missing) plus Teasers.  Everything has been uploaded into the Archive!  So even if you’ve checked out some of these over the weeks make sure to check them out!

Here’s the breakdown of snippets:

McFassi Fortnight (All those from the Sylum Event a while back)

Mission Impossible (Snippets associated with that particular series)

Boxing Day (Snippets from Boxing Day)

Jedi Chronicles (Snippets that are in associated with Star Wars)

The Vatican (Snippets that are associated with the Vatican)

The Winchesters (Pie Day series and other snippets with the Winchesters – thank Norma for this grouping as she is the reason for most of them :D)

Sylum Clan (Snippets associated with characters from Sylum)

Camelot Clan (Snippets associated with characters from Camelot)

Oceania Clan (Snippets associated with characters from Oceania)

Ghost & Darkness Clan (Snippets associated with characters from Ghost/Darkness)

Sanctuary Clan (Snippets associated with characters from Sanctuary)

Sylum Universe (Snippets associated with everything else.  Note: When a Clan gets 3 or more snippets they’ll get their own post)



Seven Days of Summer 2022: Day Seven

Title: Qomolangma
Author: Bj Jones
Rating: M
Summary: The journey to the top of the world is full of surprises
Sylum Timeline: March-May 2022
Author’s Notes: This was a snippet from last Seven Days – yes it took that long to finish it! A few things. There are a few real people mentioned in this story, mostly in association with the Khumbu Climbing School and the Expedition Leader. I have a deep respect for all of them, so this is a tribute to them. If you’re wondering how this story came about – there’s a walking series on the iFit program called ‘Trek to Base Camp’ it was a challenge but learned so much about Everest, but more about the Sherpa people.  The places and trek is real, as is the history and path up Everest.  Personally I think you have to be batshit to climb the mountain – but we all know Ethan is not sane.

Link to Archive

Seven Days of Summer 2022: Day Two

Title: Another Day In Paradise
Author: Paula Cas |
Characters: Thomas Magnum, Henrietta Lange, Jonathan Quayle Higgins III/Herbert Westminster, Thomas Jefferson, Members of Oceania Clan, Original Background Characters
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A picture from a collection of World War II photos, found by a former President begins an investigation that takes Magnum deep into his and other Clan members’ old nightmares.

Link to Archive

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