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Sylum Trivia: May 2022 Answer

Question: Who are the two clones that adopt Rhys?

Answer: Fives & Echo

Winner: Norma

You get to pick your favorite clone or star was character for a snippet.  I’m adding a disclaimer that the snippet may not be Sylum related.

On the good news with this particular snippet I only have nine to catch up on!  Go ME!

Sylum Trivia Answer: April 2020

Question: Name all the Pirates.


Captain Jack Sparrow 
William Turner 
Joshamee Gibbs
Hector Barbossa 
Elizabeth Swann 
Captain Warrick Calhoun 
Samuel Axe 
Captain Edward Kenway 
Ben Linus

Winner: Nyx – you were the closest and I gave you extra points for adding Blackbeard.

You’ll get to choose a pirate for a pirate adventure!

Sylum Trivia: March 2022 – Answer

 Question: Name the Triads in the Clans?


Dominic Toretto/Brian O’Conner /Ronon Dex
Galahad du Lac/Draco/ Thracius Fulvius Severus
Callum Lynch/Aguliar de Nerha/Peter Quill
Murphy MacManus/Connor MacManus/Patrick Mckenna
Master David/Paul Mallory/Joshua Faraday
Jonathon Harker/Wilhelmina Harker/John Constantine
Joseph Grant/Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles
Jonathon Clavier/Jacob Jensen/Carlos Alvarez
Heath Jacobson/RJ O’brian/Norðmaðr
Daniel Ocean/Russel Ryan/Terrence Benedict
Lucas Harrison/Jonathan Ford/James Brody
Neal Caffrey/Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke
Methos/Atilla/Spartacus  (Yes this counts – even if they lost Spartacus)


Richard Fullerton/Matthew Thompson/Alex Regan – where the ones I hinted at in a sneak preview.

Though Nyx your suggestion made the bunny go a bit haywire!

Winner: Nyx and Kathie (as between the two of you, all of them were listed)

You’ll get an email asking which of the above pairing you would like a snippet

Sylum Trivia Answer: November 2021

Question: As we’re on Assassin Month … who is Adéwalé’s Sire?

Answer: Edward Kenway

Winner:  A tie!  Mainly because I loved how both answered the question!

Sonia & Ladyholder – you’ll both be getting an email to pick favorite character/pairing for a snippet

Sylum Trivia: October 2021 – Answer

Question: Name all the characters that are related or in the Ethan Hunt’s family line


Claudio Cruz 
Nathan Algren 
Ethan Hunt
Pete Mitchell
Jack Reacher
Claus von Stauffenberg 

Winner: Kathie!  Who not only listed the family line, but their Mates 🙂 as part of the characters that are related to Ethan Hunt!  You’ll get an email soon and just let me know the character or pairing you would like to a snippet.

Sylum Trivia: October 2021


Name all the characters that are related or in the Ethan Hunt’s family line

Yes I have a long list but I will get them all the snippets written – I have GOALS! 

Fill answer below the cut

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