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Sylum Trivia: November Answer


Question: Name members of Crimson Moon


Don Jon 
Dorian Grey 
Edward Vogler 
Jonathon Royce 
Larry Sizemore 
Nicole Wallace 
Obediah Stane 
Raven Darkholme 
Victoria Metcalf 
William Stryker

Victor Frankenstein

Winner:  No One Answered!  So for this group no snippet – though considering the long list I got from October’s – we’re good 😀

Sylum Trivia 2023: October – Answers


Question: No question but instead list out your favorite characters to see what list I can get for snippets so I can be behind 🙂

Answers: There were a lot of answers for this, and not many surprises.  So do have some extra characters can list out for the snippets in times to come.

Here’s a list of a few:

Ethan Hunt

Sam & Dean Winchester

Ernesto Olivetti

Jason Bourne

Paul Mallory

Enik Summer (This was one of the few surprises)


Michael Westen


September Trivia 2023: Answer

Question: Name the Heads of Security


Wilhelm Grimm – Ehre/Weisheit 
Benedick D’Padu – Integridad 
Javert – Passion 
Erik Sveinsson – Mod 
Yevgeniy Onegin – Sila 
Lucius Vorenus – Lealta 
Nearchus – Sanguen 
Sanada Nobushige – Shogun 
Stephen McGarret – Oceania 
Robert Muldoon – Ghost/Darkness 
Aragorn – Medjai 
Maxine Guevera – Sanctuary 
John McClane – Serenity 
Franklin Hamerson – Knight 
James Malone – Tallikut 
Horatio Caine – Sylum 
Brian O’Conner – Border 
Hugh Beringar – Camelot 
Jason Bourne – Council

No one answered so, I’m taking this month as a break … unless bob pops up with an idea!

Sylum Trivia: August 2023 Answer


Question: Name the characters played by Pedro Pascal & Oscar Isaacs


Pedro Pascal:  

Peter 1 of Portugal 

Plus hinted at a couple other characters that are coming

Oscar Isaacs:


There will be at least two others popping up over time

Since no one answered – I might in time tease you with the upcoming characters down the road!

Sylum Trivia: July 2023 – Answers

Question: Name the metal bending family.


Callum Lynch
Aguilar de Nerha
Paul Mallory
Harry Hole
Brandon Sullivan
Erik Lehnsherr
Quinto Dias

Winner: Nyx

Pick a member of the family for a snippet!

Sylum Trivia Answer: May 2023


Question: Name the Dragons


Tiny Terror 

Drogo  – though he’s only been mentioned in a few snippets *makes a note to add him to the wiki*

And a new one that is coming *grins wickedly*


Winner: Norma ….. pick a dragon 🙂

Sylum Trivia: April 2023 Answer

Question: Name the Clan Doctor – bonus name other doctors off.


Border – Gabriele Demarco
Camelot – Marion Dubois
Ghost and Darkness – Tao Eoirdan
Knight – Christian Troy
Medjai – Immutef
Oceania – John Flynn
Sanctuary – Doug Ross
Sanguen Vitae – Hippocrates
Ehre/Weisheit – Gabriele Falloppio
Integridad – Al-Zahrawi
Lealta – Éowyn
Mod – Morgana
Passion – Jean Valjean
Сила – Peter Darling
Serenity – Mark Sloan
Shogun – Li Shizhen
Sylum – Ducky Mallard
Tallikut – John Carter
Vampire Council – Plato


Border – Amelia Toretto
Camelot – Thracius Fulvius Severus
Ghost and Darkness – Addison Montgomery and Naomi Bennet
Knight – Sean McNamara
Oceania – Johnathon Shephard
Ehre/Weisheit – Chris Beck
Sanctuary – Stephen Maturin
Serenity – Simon Edwards
Sylum – Clarissa Barton
Gregory House
James Wilson
Timothy Quinn
Megan Tillman
Lisa Cuddy
Tallikut – Maura Isles
Vampire Council – John Watson


Winner: Nyx – pick a doctor!

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