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Sylum Advent 2020: December 31st

Title: Race Through Dark Places
Author: Timothy Quinn
Summary: Ellis comes home …
Sylum Timeline: December 31st 2005
Author’s Note: This is a small snippet of the beginnings of the rework, which ties into Family’s rework.

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Sylum Advent 2020: December 29th

Summary: Robert Langdon finds himself embroiled in the history and mythos of Washington.
Sylum Timeline: 2017 AD
Author’s Note: You’re getting the rough versions of Parts 1 & 2 during Advent … the completed story will be posted in 2021.

Part One

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Sylum Advent 2020: December 27th

This Advent there is a series of Snippets or Timestamps from a variety of stories & characters. Some of these will become larger stories, some will be as is.

Title: MI:6
Author: Bj Jones
Summary: It was time to leave
Sylum Timeline: Future Storyline
Author’s Note: This particular snippet was inspired by: Atomic Weapons by Epic North

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