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Sylum Stories & Where They Are Located

I’ve been asked questions, and seen searches on the Archive and Wiki pertaining to a few Sylum stories.  I figured best to put a heads up where somethings are located.

All stories that have been edited to fit Sylum Canon is located in the Sylum Archive.

There are still stories on the Old Archive.  For example: Family and Evolution.   Plus some that haven’t been transferred and those that are considered non-canon.

Race Through Dark Places – has been removed and being edited at the moment.

If anyone has questions about certain stories you can always email me at or leave a message on this thread: Q&A Center

All these links can be found in the menu on the front page.

Sylum Archive: Update

I’ve updated a few things on the Archive to make things a bit more streamlined.

If you click Library now – it will lead you to a page that will have links to Legacy, Series, Anthologies, or full Story Index.

On the Navigation bar is links to Legacy, Series, & Anthologies.

Plus we’ve added more information on the Welcome page for the Art Gallery & Music Rooms.

Remember to hit like and leave feedback not just for the writers, but also the artists!

Announcement: New Sections in the Sylum Archive

For the past six months we’ve been working to move over Art, Music and Aesthetics to the Archive, so everything is in one place.

Today those sections go live!

On the Home Page, you’ll be able to click  on: Art Room, Music Gallery, and the Library.

Not everything got moved over from the website.  A few videos were retired, due to the fact they were no longer canon and put on my list of ‘needs a new vid list’.  Also not all the artists made it over, for a variety of reasons.

The Art Gallery has two categories: Artists and Aesthetics

The Music Gallery has two categories: Fanmixes and Videos

The Library is a full listing of all the stories posted in the Archive

Please make sure to leave comments and likes on the art, video and story … let the artists and writers know you appreciate their work.

Sylum Archive

Update: Sylum Archive

Quick Announcement: We’re working to move Artwork, Aesthetics, and Music over to the main archive.  Which is why the main webpage isn’t being updated at the moment.  So bare with us as we enhance the Sylum Experience.

Do note that there will be some items that will not be transferred over – we’ll let you know which ones so you can grab them if necessary.

Sylum Archive


Sylum Archive: Links on Blog

All stories from Advent 2018 (except for the Assassins Creed story as that’s part of a larger one) have been ‘Archived’.  What does that mean … since it’s been a while since we’ve done that … it means the story has been removed and in it’s place is a link to the story in the Archive.

At this moment if a story has been uploaded to the new archive, the Original Post and any Throwback Thursdays have been updated to their new archive link.

Stories that haven’t been updated, are either non-canon and won’t be moved over, or they are still in the process of being edited.

So if you’re looking to read some stories that were on the blog – check the Archive first!

Sylum Archive


Sylum Archive: Reminder

Now that Advent is over, make sure to ‘subscribe’ to the Sylum Archive to get notices when Advent stories start to get uploaded. *Hint: they’re already being uploaded

Reminder: You need your own username/password to access the archive.  If you’re having issues (wordpress likes to do the whole send a new password yet never send it!!) you can either email directly at ( or drop a reply on this post or for that matter any post.

Also make sure to ‘like’ and leave feedback for the authors on their stories!

Sylum Archive

Sylum Archive: Update

As we’ve moved over to the new Archive, we’ve been deleting stories that have been transferred out of the older archive.  So the only stories available at the old archive, are ones that have not been edited or Non Canon/AU.

Please note we’ve been updating past blog posts for ex: stories for Paula Cas, ladyjax, and Captain Jack Sparrow have had their Event posts and Throwback Thursdays updated to link to the new archive.

If a story still has a link to the old archive, that story hasn’t been edited/update yet or has gone Non-Canon.

Reminder:  All Throwback Thursday will go to the New Archive – so make sure you have a username/password.

Reminder #2:  The Archive Slider at the top of the Blog links to the new one.  The link on the sidebar goes to the old one.

Reminder #3: Leave feedback – none of the feedback left on the old archive was transferred.  Seriously guys, it’s not hard to hit the like button or leave a comment!!!

Sylum Archive: Likes & Login

As we know there’s always a few kinks when opening new things!  Especially something as big as the Archive.

If you’re having trouble logging in, the password doesn’t reset or the link has ‘timed out’.  Part of the problem could be the server itself timing out, or the system glitching.  Reply to any of the Archive Threads and I’ll work with you to get a new password set up, so you can access the Archive.

We also noticed that the ‘Like’ Button wasn’t showing up on the stories.  After some glaring, cursing and really?  It’s been fixed.  So while you’re roaming around the Archive, make sure to click those Like Buttons!



Sylum Archive: Information

Now that you’ve had some time to go explore!  And if you haven’t go to this Post – read the instructions and enjoy!

A few interesting facts:

At this moment: 8 Series.  33 Anthologies.  6 Writers. 177 Posts (Note: CSI: Anthology is 2 Posts but 45 Stories) … reminder this is only the ones that have been updated, there are still more to come!  (If someone wants to calculate the word count – go for it. Let me know what it is when you’re done!)

Each story has an individual Title Banner – so a big thank you to taibhrigh for their hard work!

I’ll be slowing going through the blog, and updating links on stories to the new archive.   This will take time, once done I’ll make an announcement, don’t ask me until then.

We’ve added a Sylum Archive slider on the top of the blog, for easier access.  The Archive link on the side, will still lead to the old Archive.

The old Archive will not be disappearing any time soon.  We’ve still have a few stories that need to be transferred.  (Fics that have been moved will be deleted from the old Archive).   Please note that  AU & Non Canon stories will not be transferred so if you wish to keep those – get them now.

Reminder:  All these stories have been updated.  So you should start to see the small changes and details thrown in that enhance the Sylum Universe storyline.  (For Ex: Carry On My Warward Son Series and Burn Notice Series)

All Throwback Thursday will now link to the new Archive.

This took us a year to accomplish.  Figuring out a new platform, setting up the security, new artwork/banners, then editing and uploading the stories.  A Big Thank You to taibhrigh and Gil for the help and hashing out ideas.  And to my other half Timothy Quinn for patience, tea, and dealing with my OMG What the Fuck is wrong with it NOW moments!

It’s not done – as we still have more stories to edit and upload – let alone new ones being written all the time.

We will not be adding the Sylum Twitter account to the Archive for privacy reasons.  So if you haven’t – subscribe to the archive to get updates!

Note: Despite having a username/password and labeled as a subscriber – you will not get an email when new stories are posted. This is a flaw with wordpress, hence you need a separate notification system.  You will need to actually ‘Subscribe to the Sylum Archive’ – this is very similar to subscribing to the blog.  This is the only way you’ll get an email when a new story has been posted. The Subscribe box is on the ‘Welcome to the Sylum Archive Page‘.


If you’re enjoying the new Archive and stories please consider donating to our Hosting Company to keep Sylum moving forward.  All money donated to the Hosting Company goes directly to paying for the server – which hosts: The Blog, The Wiki, and The Archive.

Please leave comments and likes on the stories.  There are over 200 stories on the archive, with many more to come – we do this out of love for Sylum and the enjoyment of writing.

Thank You.

Bj Jones.

Welcome: New Sylum Archive

This is it!  This is the day the new Sylum Archive opens!

Why are we moving to a new Archive?

A) The old one was no longer supported by the developers and was starting to fail.  Coding wasn’t working, skins were failing, and you might have noticed it didn’t like foreign languages – it would replace accents on foreign words with a ‘?’ – annoying when you’re trying to Demons & Angels.

B) The old Archive was extremely basic, clunky, and was not intuitive.  It was hard to navigate as a reader, let alone trying to upload a story.

C) It was a good way to update older stories, and clean out those that were not part of Sylum Canon.

A few more things before, you scroll down and hit the link!


Stop Scrolling.


Read first – then click.

I get your excited …. but read the instructions first.

Read more“Welcome: New Sylum Archive”

Coming Soon: One Month Until New Sylum Archive OPENS!

One Month!

Until the new Archive opens!

Reminder: Only Sylum Canon stories are being moved from the old archive.  So if you want Non-Canon, AUs or older versions of stories grab them now.

Note: The old archive will not be deleted for a while and we’ll warn you when we get ready to do it.

Mark it down!

October 15th – New Sylum Archive!

Coming Soon: New Sylum Archive

Coming Soon!

We’ve been in the process of building a new Sylum Archive!  It’s taken a while, but we’re now at the stage of transferring older stories.  This process is taking time as the stories are being edit/updated to fit with the established Sylum Canon.

The old archive will not disappear over night!  Any stories that are still in the process of being edited will remain in the old archive, until they’ve been fully updated and moved.

Note: All AUs or Non Canon stories will NOT be moved to the new Archive.  So, if there is a specific AU or Non-Canon story – I would start saving them now.

Archive Opens: October 15, 2018

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