Announcement: New Sections in the Sylum Archive

For the past six months we’ve been working to move over Art, Music and Aesthetics to the Archive, so everything is in one place.

Today those sections go live!

On the Home Page, you’ll be able to click  on: Art Room, Music Gallery, and the Library.

Not everything got moved over from the website.  A few videos were retired, due to the fact they were no longer canon and put on my list of ‘needs a new vid list’.  Also not all the artists made it over, for a variety of reasons.

The Art Gallery has two categories: Artists and Aesthetics

The Music Gallery has two categories: Fanmixes and Videos

The Library is a full listing of all the stories posted in the Archive

Please make sure to leave comments and likes on the art, video and story … let the artists and writers know you appreciate their work.

Sylum Archive

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