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Sylum Inspiration: Carl Elias

Knight: Advisor


Carl Elias had a rough childhood.

His mother was murdered when he was eight years old, stabbed to death in their own home.  It was ordered by his father Mob Boss Don Gianni Moretti.

Elias was sent to a boy’s home where he met Anthony Marconi, the two became instant friends.  And as time went on partners, and then lovers.

Carl never forgot his mother, and even though he had gone straight he plotted.  It wasn’t until his number came up, and he ended up saved by John Reese, that his true identity and plans were revealed.

Carl was determined to destroy the Russian Mob and take back Brighton Beach as his own territory.  Over the next year, he kept running into John Reese.  He grew to admire the man, and his own persistence to help those in need.

He knew something was different when he watched Reese jump an impossible distance between buildings to get to Harold Finch, who was being held by a small criminal organization Elias wanted destroyed.  He knew if they touched Finch, Reese would finish them.

Elias was determined to figure out how Reese made that jump.  Anthony brought him the information about Vampires, and in time he was introduced to Lucien La Croix.

The only Vampire Clan that didn’t mind his side business.

He requested to be Turned.

Sylum Inspiration: Claudio La Cruz

Knight: Co-Leader


Claudio was the youngest son of French and Spanish Aristocracy.  He was raised in privilege and had the finest tutors.  Though Claudio may look fancy and flighty, in truth he was very politically savvy, and had the ear of many ladies and lords in Court.

His parents gave up hope of finding him a wife, and hoped he would become someone’s ‘kept boy’.

When Lord Lucien La Croix introduced himself to Claudio at a party, their hopes were soon realized.

Claudio liked the charming Italian instantly. He was open and honest with him, told him about Vampires and that he was his Mate.

Until he saw him with the male hussy. It took Lucien months to get back the ground he lost. (Dilios Note: Ask Kirk Lazarus and Nico about that particular moment in time)

Claudio finally gave into Lucien, and he was Turned and soon after they two Mated.  He still talks about how romantic it was, and how attentive Lucien was to his needs.

Sylum Inspiration: Lilith Sternin


Knight: Psychologist


Lilith’s father was a Psychologist, he was very strict and made sure the family followed his rules perfectly. When her mother killed him, Lilith knew fate was a bitch.

She grew up in the orphanage, while her other siblings were adopted. She refused to talk about what happened to her family, and kept her father’s strict rules.

She left the orphanage, went to school, and got a degree in Psychology, even after being told she couldn’t cause she was a woman.

She married, though it only lasted a few years.

She became very successful in her private practice, never babying her patients and telling them like it is.

When she ended up with a patient who thought she was Macbeth, she only blinked and asked about her relationship with her father.

Years later, Gruoch Macbeth offered her a lifetime of learning. The only condition was she would need to work with her Clan.

Lilith, humoring her, met her at her home, only to realize the castle was filled with delusional and crazy people.

She took the job.

Sylum Inspiration: Roy Hicks


Knight: Hunter


Roy Hicks grew up out on the Western Frontier. All he knew was his father died at the Battle of Shiloh, and his mother took him out West seeking a job as a nanny for a wealthy land owner.

Roy grew up running around the deserts, learning to live on the land from his patron’s cattle ranchers. He learned to shoot, herd cattle, speak Spanish, and a few native languages from the local Priests at the Mission that settled in the area.

He ended up the small town’s Sheriff.

Roy was prepared to ask Thomas Pace for his daughter’s hand in marriage, when everything went to shit.

Rogues rode into the town, destroying and killing everyone. Roy was able to grab Lucy and escape to the Mission, hoping to hide her so he could go get help.

Only to have the monster follow him.

Roy held Lucy as they watched the Priest fight off the Rogues, one by one they each went down. Until the last one stood, a man in a black hat.

Hicks doesn’t talk about what happened after that.

Sylum Inspiration: Lucy Pace



Lucy grew up in a small western town. Her father was a local rancher, who had good standing in the territory. Her mother made sure she had an education, which was provided by the Nuns that worked at the Mission just outside the town.

She was always happy to talk with the Priest who ran the Mission. He always seemed quiet and soft spoken. Took the time of the day to talk to her about many things: religion, philosophy, theology, and even world politics. He told her many times that she could be more than just a wife.

She was never sure about that, as all she saw in front of her was to get married and have children. He advised her to marry for love not duty and with that in mind she set out to court Roy Hicks, the local sheriff.

It was then all hell broke loose. Roy grabbed her from her home when Rogues entered the town and started killing anything that moved. He got her up to the Mission for protection.

They both stared in fascination as Priest set into battle taking out Rogues where they stood. Until the one with a black hat walked in.

They don’t talk about what happened afterwards

Sylum Inspiration: William ‘Billy the Kid’ Bonney


Knight: Hunter


William Bonney was born to Irish immigrants, it is uncertain who his biological father was. Some researchers have theorized that his name was Patrick McCarty, Michael McCarty, William McCarty, or Edward McCarty. His mother’s name was Catherine McCarty, although there have been continuing debates about whether McCarty was her maiden or married name. She is believed to have emigrated to New York during the time of the Great Famine.

In 1868, Catherine McCarty had moved with her two young sons, William and Joseph, to Indianapolis, Indiana. There she met William Antrim, who was 12 years her junior. In 1873, after several years of moving around the country, the two were married at the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and settled further south in Silver City. Antrim found work as a bartender and carpenter, but then became involved in prospecting and gambling as a way to make a living, and during that period spent very little time at home with his wife and stepsons.

McCarty’s mother reportedly washed clothes, baked pies, and took in boarders in order to provide for herself and her sons. Boarders and neighbors remembered her as a jolly Irish lady, full of life and mischief, but she was already in the final stages of tuberculosis when the family reached Silver City. On September 16, 1874, Catherine McCarty died.

At the age of 14, McCarty was taken in by a neighboring family who operated a hotel. He worked there to pay for his keep. The manager was impressed by the youth, contending that he was the only young man who ever worked for him who did not steal anything.

In 1877, McCarty (now widely known as William Bonney) moved to Lincoln County, New Mexico. Bonney, along with Brewer, Bowdre, Scurlock, the Coes and Saunders, was hired as a cattle guard by John Tunstall, an English cattle rancher, banker and merchant, and his partner, Alexander McSween, a prominent lawyer.

It’s here the story gets legendary.

Billy along with Scurlock, Chavez and the rest of Tunstell’s crew set out to bring justice to the man who murdered their employer, and became known as the ‘Regulators’.

For More Information contact the Vampire Council Library

Billy the Kid became more legend than man over the next few years, leading to confrontation with Garrett in Mexico. When Pat dragged him away from the area and told him about Vampires, and that he should ask Doc about it, Billy attacked him, for insulting his friend.

He didn’t call many friend, but Doc was one of them.

Garrett took him to see Scurlock, who was tending to Chavez, who had been Turned after the shootout with Garrett. Doc went after Pat’s throat, only to be pulled back by his Mate. Billy sat down with him and asked a lot of questions.

In the end he walked back into the desert and demanded Pat do what needed to be done.

Character Introduction: Maffeo Polo

tumblr_njkhrd45k61tfq1eeo1_250Knight Clan: Maffeo Polo

As we’re updating the wiki there have been some changes and additions.  Maffeo Polo is a new edition.  He’s not in Shogun as most would think but instead Knight Clan.  In typical Sylum fashion we have a tendency to twist things around – so it’s not exactly as you would expect.

Maffeo doesn’t talk about his family, and he doesn’t talk about his Turning. Just that he woke up dead with a note saying ‘now you know the truth Niccolo was keeping from you’.

Returning back to Italy not wanting to be near his brother, he ended up staying with Lealta Kin Clan. Until he had to deal with Ezio Auditore and moved through Europe.

Maffeo found a home in Canada, far away from his brother and his nephew’s exploits. He explored the Canadian wilderness and enjoyed establishing new fur trade routes. In time he finally found a Clan he could align himself with.

He was good at finding things, and when La Croix needs information he knows where to get it.

Maffeo is Knight Clan’s Researcher.

What does a Clan Researcher do?

They are the Clans data miner.  Clan Leader needs info, they get it.  Spy Liaison needs info, they get it.  Scientist, Hunters, etc… if they need info on a location, a person, directions, historical significance – the Researcher gets it.

More Information on Maffeo Polo

Image: Corrado Invernizzi


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