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Sylum Inspiration: Lucy Pace

Sylum Inspiration: Lucy Pace



Lucy grew up in a small western town. Her father was a local rancher, who had good standing in the territory. Her mother made sure she had an education, which was provided by the Nuns that worked at the Mission just outside the town.

She was always happy to talk with the Priest who ran the Mission. He always seemed quiet and soft spoken. Took the time of the day to talk to her about many things: religion, philosophy, theology, and even world politics. He told her many times that she could be more than just a wife.

She was never sure about that, as all she saw in front of her was to get married and have children. He advised her to marry for love not duty and with that in mind she set out to court Roy Hicks, the local sheriff.

It was then all hell broke loose. Roy grabbed her from her home when Rogues entered the town and started killing anything that moved. He got her up to the Mission for protection.

They both stared in fascination as Priest set into battle taking out Rogues where they stood. Until the one with a black hat walked in.

They don’t talk about what happened afterwards

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