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Sylum Inspiration: Roy Hicks

Sylum Inspiration: Roy Hicks


Knight: Hunter


Roy Hicks grew up out on the Western Frontier. All he knew was his father died at the Battle of Shiloh, and his mother took him out West seeking a job as a nanny for a wealthy land owner.

Roy grew up running around the deserts, learning to live on the land from his patron’s cattle ranchers. He learned to shoot, herd cattle, speak Spanish, and a few native languages from the local Priests at the Mission that settled in the area.

He ended up the small town’s Sheriff.

Roy was prepared to ask Thomas Pace for his daughter’s hand in marriage, when everything went to shit.

Rogues rode into the town, destroying and killing everyone. Roy was able to grab Lucy and escape to the Mission, hoping to hide her so he could go get help.

Only to have the monster follow him.

Roy held Lucy as they watched the Priest fight off the Rogues, one by one they each went down. Until the last one stood, a man in a black hat.

Hicks doesn’t talk about what happened after that.

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