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Seven Days of Summer – 2023: Day Five

Video: Dragon Song

Vid Maker: Bj Jones

Vid Maker Notes:  There’s two new Dragons being introduced in this video!  Also, just to make the note since Mushu isn’t as tiny as the one in the cartoon – please take in account the Asian Dragons shown are representative of what Mushu could look like.  (As I don’t actually have real footage of Mushu as he’s shy :D).  Also there’s hints of future members of the Dragon ‘family’.  PS – watch all the way to the end! 

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Ipod Day? So …


So a few months ago (felt like years ago) there was Ipod Day – where had Wade building playlists for Serenity members.

I’ve actually started a playlist on spotify (there’s not many songs – but will add one for Ben Wade).

Call out to everyone here – got any good songs that would represent characters from Serenity?  I’ll take suggestions and work up a Fanmix (Spring Fling is coming up)




Update: Music – Downloads vs Spotify

About a month back I put out a question to see what was the best option for fanmixes.

It pretty much was tied on downloads and spotify.

So this is what we’ll be doing.  

All fanmixes will be downloadable from the Archive, if possible a Spotify playlist will also be available.

Which means I’ve been updating the Music Room (specifically the fanmixes I’ve done) to add Spotify lists to some of the fanmixes!

Sylum Music Room

Spotify: Supernatural

Normally on these I post a playlist inspired by Sylum.

Today as I know we have a few Supernatural Fans *smirks* I found this playlist I’m sure many of you would enjoy.

It’s all the songs/music from the series.

Note this isn’t my playlist but one I found and figured everyone would enjoy.


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