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Graphic Gecko – Call out!

WARNING: Naked Ass in POST

Since the read more cut doesn’t work on emails – ye have been warned.  So if innocent eyes see this at the dinner table – I am not responsible for you explaining Fassbender’s Naked Ass!

Why is Fassbender’s Naked Ass being displayed?

First – Why not?

Second – It’s 2020

Third – we’re back to the first point 🙂

But actually yes we do have a reason for the naked ass, which is being showcased not on Naked Thursday ( you have to be old school Sylum to get that joke … for those of you who did thanks for holding out this long)

Okay so the actual reason, I’m working on a video of faboolous nakedness or suggestion of nakedness – body paint, really tight pants, gorgeous dress etc for all Sylum Actors/Actresses.

It’s 2020 – the year needs to end on beauty!

What I need from all of you is suggestions of movies/TV shows/Interviews etc … so we can get a variety of Sylum Characters.  Please respond with name of actor/actress and the movie/show that has naked or near nakedness.  We’re not looking for porn, just those nice beautiful, sexy, sensual shots.

Example:  Meela in the body paint in the Mummy; the original Mystique; Dean in his underwear, Fassenber’s naked ass.

Dear Mischief Maker – you know where this going.  😀

Oh and now for the Naked Ass – you’ve had plenty of warning!

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Sylum Inspiration: Deimos by Liquid Cinema


This piece of music was the inspiration for one of the scenes in the upcoming story: The Russian Spy.   It’s one of those moments, that has been in my head for a long while, so finally getting to write it – has been amazing.

We first heard the piece of music in an Assassins Creed Fanvid and searched high and low for it until, we discovered Liquid Cinema had their material on iTunes.  If you want good inspirational music – we would suggest Liquid Cinema.

If you want the song – Download 10th Anniversary Sylum Fanmix.

Random Post: Songs that Inspire

As we’ve mentioned before – Linkin Park is pretty much the Sylum Soundtrack.

Steve Aoki who does a lot of remixes of their work is like the back up Sylum Soundtrack.

In the recent Sylum Fanmix: Adventure of a Roman, there are 4 Linkin Park songs and one Remix with Steve Aoki.

So yes these guys have a big place in Sylum, and will continue to in Chester’s memory.

On that note – here are three different videos of three very different songs – that inspire upcoming segments in Sylum




Powerless – Linkin Park

Graphic Gecko Here!!!

Earlier this week there was a blog post on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The music is just as inspirational..

*looks around*

I’m dropping Linkin Park’s Powerless here for Bj – there’s a video waiting to happen with this song. Though the one made isn’t half bad!!

*uploads video and scurries away*

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