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Super Bowl Sunday


I know there’s at least a few people who actually follow the teams, and are excited by the upcoming game. 

Me … I watch for the Clydesdales! 

Who are you routing for?

Or do you just watch for the commercials?

So don’t care …. when does Rugby start? 😀

Casting Call


We’re doing a Casting Call!


We have some new characters coming, but we need to cast them!  So we’re reaching out to the clan – send in some actors/actresses that you would like to see in Sylum.

A few things before you start tossing names out:

  • They can’t be on, or added to, our OH HELL NO list.  What is the Hell no List?  It’s those actors that are homophobic, racists, sexists assholes that would lose their minds having their names associated with something like Sylum.
  • Please don’t pick overly famous names or actors that have family dynasties in Sylum.  We’re not looking for the next Meridii or McFassii – they are already good at adding their own characters in without additional help.
  • The actors need to be actors not a ‘reality stars’ there’s a reason we re-cast the Crab Fishermen.
  • We’re looking for a variety of actors/actresses:  all nationalities and variety of ages
    • Specifics we’re looking for
      • Indian Woman (30ish)
      • Eastern European Male (40ish)
      • European Male (40ish)
      • African Male (30ish)
      • 2 American Females (Both 30ish … dark hair and the other blonde/red)
      • Latin American/Mexican Male (30ish – that isn’t Pedro Pascal or Oscar Issacs)
      • 2 American Males (Early 40’s wearing glasses is a plus but not needed and 30ish close cropped hair or bald)

You can either drop the name on this post or go to the discord and drop images w/ name in the Channel – #SylumPretties


Spotify – some of you may heard of it, some may even have it.

Would people be interested in me building ‘playlists’ for Sylum Stories?  Or what’s inspiring for this week? 

And for those curious on the discord – I’ve got all the tallies just working things out.  I’ve honestly havne’t had the time or energy to sit down to put all together.  But soon!

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