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Graphic Gecko – Call out!

Graphic Gecko – Call out!

WARNING: Naked Ass in POST

Since the read more cut doesn’t work on emails – ye have been warned.  So if innocent eyes see this at the dinner table – I am not responsible for you explaining Fassbender’s Naked Ass!

Why is Fassbender’s Naked Ass being displayed?

First – Why not?

Second – It’s 2020

Third – we’re back to the first point 🙂

But actually yes we do have a reason for the naked ass, which is being showcased not on Naked Thursday ( you have to be old school Sylum to get that joke … for those of you who did thanks for holding out this long)

Okay so the actual reason, I’m working on a video of faboolous nakedness or suggestion of nakedness – body paint, really tight pants, gorgeous dress etc for all Sylum Actors/Actresses.

It’s 2020 – the year needs to end on beauty!

What I need from all of you is suggestions of movies/TV shows/Interviews etc … so we can get a variety of Sylum Characters.  Please respond with name of actor/actress and the movie/show that has naked or near nakedness.  We’re not looking for porn, just those nice beautiful, sexy, sensual shots.

Example:  Meela in the body paint in the Mummy; the original Mystique; Dean in his underwear, Fassenber’s naked ass.

Dear Mischief Maker – you know where this going.  😀

Oh and now for the Naked Ass – you’ve had plenty of warning!



  1. luminousblade

    In the first season of The Boys, Episode 4: Karl Urban’s character gets out of bed naked to walk into the other room in the beginning of the episode. Nice butt shot. 😀

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