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Solitaire Day!


Who plays?  Old school with a deck of cards?

Or on the computer?  Or do you have an app?

If an app which is the best one?

I actually have one on my phone Solitaire Grand Harvest – I enjoy it a lot!


Tell A Fairy Tale Day

So today is Tell A Fairy Tale Day!

Sylum isn’t without Fairy Tales!   

There’s Cinderella with Wenceslaus. 

Also Scheherazade and 1001 Stories.   

And coming soon – Swan Lake.


So what’s your favorite Fairy Tale?

California Day


It’s California Day.

It’s actually not the day California became a state, that would be September 9th.

This is just a day to recognize the Golden State.

As a California native, I’m taking the day off 🙂

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