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Fast Food Day

It’s National Fast Food Day!

Yes, you have my permission to get Fast Food on your way home from work, school, etc …

And Oh look a Snippet that hits TWO!  YES TWO!  From my Snippet list!

Nyx wanted Tony Stark

Norma wanted Dean & Sam

Combine those two with hamburgers, match made in Fast Food Heaven

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Video Game Day


Video Game Day!


I really need to get my X-box back out – it’s been to long since I’ve played.

So who plays them? Which games?  Favorites?  Recommendations?

Read A Book Day

It’s been a rough year or two, but I’m finally getting to work on the next novel by NJF.

If you’re new to Sylum check out my published books!

If you’ve bought my books, please leave a review where you bought it from!  The more reviews the better standing I get, which means more people see the book!

Yes I do have a webpage, now that things are starting to progress I’ll be posting more to the sight to showcase what I’m working on.

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