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Sylum Inspiration: William ‘Billy the Kid’ Bonney

Sylum Inspiration: William ‘Billy the Kid’ Bonney


Knight: Hunter


William Bonney was born to Irish immigrants, it is uncertain who his biological father was. Some researchers have theorized that his name was Patrick McCarty, Michael McCarty, William McCarty, or Edward McCarty. His mother’s name was Catherine McCarty, although there have been continuing debates about whether McCarty was her maiden or married name. She is believed to have emigrated to New York during the time of the Great Famine.

In 1868, Catherine McCarty had moved with her two young sons, William and Joseph, to Indianapolis, Indiana. There she met William Antrim, who was 12 years her junior. In 1873, after several years of moving around the country, the two were married at the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and settled further south in Silver City. Antrim found work as a bartender and carpenter, but then became involved in prospecting and gambling as a way to make a living, and during that period spent very little time at home with his wife and stepsons.

McCarty’s mother reportedly washed clothes, baked pies, and took in boarders in order to provide for herself and her sons. Boarders and neighbors remembered her as a jolly Irish lady, full of life and mischief, but she was already in the final stages of tuberculosis when the family reached Silver City. On September 16, 1874, Catherine McCarty died.

At the age of 14, McCarty was taken in by a neighboring family who operated a hotel. He worked there to pay for his keep. The manager was impressed by the youth, contending that he was the only young man who ever worked for him who did not steal anything.

In 1877, McCarty (now widely known as William Bonney) moved to Lincoln County, New Mexico. Bonney, along with Brewer, Bowdre, Scurlock, the Coes and Saunders, was hired as a cattle guard by John Tunstall, an English cattle rancher, banker and merchant, and his partner, Alexander McSween, a prominent lawyer.

It’s here the story gets legendary.

Billy along with Scurlock, Chavez and the rest of Tunstell’s crew set out to bring justice to the man who murdered their employer, and became known as the ‘Regulators’.

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Billy the Kid became more legend than man over the next few years, leading to confrontation with Garrett in Mexico. When Pat dragged him away from the area and told him about Vampires, and that he should ask Doc about it, Billy attacked him, for insulting his friend.

He didn’t call many friend, but Doc was one of them.

Garrett took him to see Scurlock, who was tending to Chavez, who had been Turned after the shootout with Garrett. Doc went after Pat’s throat, only to be pulled back by his Mate. Billy sat down with him and asked a lot of questions.

In the end he walked back into the desert and demanded Pat do what needed to be done.

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