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Sylum Inspiration: Lucius Malfoy

Sylum Inspiration: Lucius Malfoy


Mod: Legal Advisor/Spy Liaison


Lucius Turned his Mate instantly.

The two easily settled with Mod, though the uncouthness sometimes drove them both to long vacations in civilized society.

Lucius has been a good lawyer to Builwyf. His sneakiness has saved their Clan’s lands a variety of times, and his outright manipulation of Nazis during World War II had saved many lives.

When he had learned of Tavington, he was curious about a family line, but when his feud with Timothy Quinn popped up, Lucius always made sure that Timothy understood he was the handsome one with long hair, not that other one.

When his wife took the idea to go to school to get her own degree, he supported it 100%, and when the schools refused to take a woman, he made them cry and question their life choices.

Lucius has worked hand in hand with many of Kin Clans’ lawyers to make sure to protect Clan assets and members.


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