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Character Introduction: Maffeo Polo

Character Introduction: Maffeo Polo

tumblr_njkhrd45k61tfq1eeo1_250Knight Clan: Maffeo Polo

As we’re updating the wiki there have been some changes and additions.  Maffeo Polo is a new edition.  He’s not in Shogun as most would think but instead Knight Clan.  In typical Sylum fashion we have a tendency to twist things around – so it’s not exactly as you would expect.

Maffeo doesn’t talk about his family, and he doesn’t talk about his Turning. Just that he woke up dead with a note saying ‘now you know the truth Niccolo was keeping from you’.

Returning back to Italy not wanting to be near his brother, he ended up staying with Lealta Kin Clan. Until he had to deal with Ezio Auditore and moved through Europe.

Maffeo found a home in Canada, far away from his brother and his nephew’s exploits. He explored the Canadian wilderness and enjoyed establishing new fur trade routes. In time he finally found a Clan he could align himself with.

He was good at finding things, and when La Croix needs information he knows where to get it.

Maffeo is Knight Clan’s Researcher.

What does a Clan Researcher do?

They are the Clans data miner.  Clan Leader needs info, they get it.  Spy Liaison needs info, they get it.  Scientist, Hunters, etc… if they need info on a location, a person, directions, historical significance – the Researcher gets it.

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Image: Corrado Invernizzi


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