Character Introduction: Paul Bunyan

Paul_Bunyan1-195x300Serenity: Hunter


Turn Date: 1787 AD

Sire: Malcolm Reynolds

Mate: John Henry


Paul’s family is from the French Canadian, he knows it ties directly back to France, and he’s pretty sure straight to the Good King. He was the youngest son out of 12 siblings. He was also the largest. By the time he reached puberty he was already pushing 6 ft.

He left the family farm at sixteen, moving around the Canadian wilderness. He quickly earned a reputation as a lumberjack, able to knock down a tree in one swing.

Paul never one to settle down found himself in New Orleans, when a call went out for removal of trees to begin building a small town. He presented himself to the foreman and was hired instantly. He liked the community that was building, but was curious about the Plantation that was funding the efforts.

Paul had laughed lightly when he surprised Malcolm, the Foreman, with his philosophies and the fact he was educated. The two found a quick friendship, enjoying the bantering and snark.

At a harvest festival that the Plantation had put on, he was called to compete in the Axe competitions. One of the lumberjack’s lost control of the ax, sending it towards the crowd. Paul stepped in and took the blunt of the impact.

He finally discovered what was going on at the Plantation.

When Mal moved to Canada to build Serenity Clan – Paul followed.   Once settled he became one of Mal’s Hunters.

What does it mean to be a Clan Hunter?

Basically exactly what it sounds.  Paul would be assigned either by the Lead Hunter or the Head of Security to hunt down a specific person, rogue, or even scout out location to check if it’s secure.  Hunters also get assigned guard duty for high ranking Clan Council or even visiting Vampires.

Image: Jeffrey Dean Morgan


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