Character Introduction: Robin Longstride


Camelot/Sylum: Member

Name: Robin Longstride

Turn Date: 1148 AD

Sire: Nicolaus Meridius

Mate: Sir Degore (aka The Spirit)


Robin doesn’t remember much of his childhood. He remembers his dad having strong hands, and working as a stone mason.

He spent most of his life in the army. His natural skills with a bow and arrow had him moving up the ranks as an Archer.

As the crusades moved on he began to loose his faith. And when he was abandoned by his superiors leaving him and a few friends alone on the battlefield at Damascus he lost it completely.

He fought with his friends, until he was the last one standing. Praying for the final blow to end his life, he closed his eyes in anticipation of going home.

He woke up in a filthy jail cell.

Robin could hear someone in the cell next to him, and soon the two talked and became friends. Hearing the other prisoner say the Rosary daily helped restore his faith.

He could hear defeat in his friends voice, and knew now was the time to escape. The theory being escape or die trying.

They got out of the prison and onto the streets of Damascus. Soon they were surrounded, and ready to die with a sword in their hand, when men wearing black robes swarmed the area. He was pulled away when one bent over his friend, Antonio Crisafi, and begged him to let him save him.

Robin watched in horror, shock as the man grew fangs and bit Tony. He struggled against the one who held him, only to be told he was safe and then promptly blacked out.

Robin woke up in a comfortable bed, he got up and searched out those who helped, to find the dark haired man who bit Tony. He introduced himself as Nicolaus, then explained what happened.

He demanded to be Turned. No way was Tony going to survive without him.

Robin has dual memberships between Sylum and Camelot.  This is rare between the Clans, though many Vampires have ties to other Clans, the ones that swear loyalty to two Clan Leaders are not as well known.

Basically Robin has sworn loyalty to Nico and Arthur and if they call him he will be duty bond to answer.  If both need him, he would discuss with the other Clan Leader where he is needed most.


Image: Russell Crowe

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  1. tuckercat2 says:

    I will enjoy reading the stories as I have all the others I have read. I thank you all again for sharing your talents and computer skills (I can find my way to all the goodies!) with me. I appreciate you all so much!!

  2. Kathie says:

    Hmm, I thought he’d make the perfect former lover for Antonio Crisafi. Everyone else seems to have them. 🙂 Thanks for this. I wasn’t sure who he was beyond his turning with Tony.

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