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Sylum Inspiration: Lilith Sternin

Sylum Inspiration: Lilith Sternin


Knight: Psychologist


Lilith’s father was a Psychologist, he was very strict and made sure the family followed his rules perfectly. When her mother killed him, Lilith knew fate was a bitch.

She grew up in the orphanage, while her other siblings were adopted. She refused to talk about what happened to her family, and kept her father’s strict rules.

She left the orphanage, went to school, and got a degree in Psychology, even after being told she couldn’t cause she was a woman.

She married, though it only lasted a few years.

She became very successful in her private practice, never babying her patients and telling them like it is.

When she ended up with a patient who thought she was Macbeth, she only blinked and asked about her relationship with her father.

Years later, Gruoch Macbeth offered her a lifetime of learning. The only condition was she would need to work with her Clan.

Lilith, humoring her, met her at her home, only to realize the castle was filled with delusional and crazy people.

She took the job.


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