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Sylum Inspiration: Ben Wade

Sylum Inspiration: Ben Wade


Serenity: Lead Hunter

Ben doesn’t talk much about his childhood. He was nine years old when he was left behind on a dock in Plymouth England, by his mother. Ben realizing he’s been abandoned sneaks onto the next boat heading to the New World. He stays hidden for three months, only having the family bible to read.

When he arrives in New York, he sets out to find his mother, only to get swept up by officers and sent to an Orphanage. He plays the game and stay’s out of trouble.

Reading about a new opportunity in California, he sets out with other seeking a new life. He found some gold during the ‘Gold Rush’ enough to sustain himself.

Ben moved around the frontiers area, riding just above the law. It’s not until he finds himself in Boulder, Colorado. He found himself a saloon, settled in for a game of cards, flashed some gold around.

His only memory of that night is the green eyed girl.

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