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Sylum Inspiration: Connie O’Mara

Sylum Inspiration: Connie O’Mara


Serenity: Legal Advisor


Connie’s goals in life were to be a wife and mother. It’s all she wanted to be. She met John O’Mara while at Church. He was sweet, treated her with respect, and adored her. They were married a year later.

Her only disappointment was the fact she couldn’t get pregnant. They tried for many years, until John finally sat her down and told her that he loved her not that she could give him children.

They settled into their life. John promoted to Sergeant in the LAPD, and she helped with the local Catholic school, teaching young children.

Then they were blessed at the worst moment in time.

She became pregnant when John built the ‘Gangster Squad’ to go after Mickey Cohen. She loved her husband, but he wasn’t the most brilliant strategist. She helped him pick out his team, and when she met James Hickok and Noah Dixon, she instantly trusted them to take care of her husband. Part of it was because Jimmy looked so much like her husband when he was younger, just with longer hair.

It was Jimmy that had taken care of her. When John got to close to Cohen they called a hit on her. It was Jimmy who saved her. He got her out of the front rooms and into the bathroom. When she went into labor he didn’t panic but stayed with her, helping her give birth to her son.

They both knew something was wrong when she wouldn’t stop bleeding. Jimmy then confessed what he was, and how he knew her. That she in had taken him when he was a young hot headed kid and made him into the man he was today.

Connie wouldn’t deny her boy.

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