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The General is Moving!

So yes we’re moving.

The next two months will be hectic and chaotic.

Posts have been prepped way in advance, hopefully nothing will go off the rails *crosses fingers*.  If need to get a hold of me – email: … but note it could take time for me to get back to you.

There will be times I’m not able to access the blog or site.  So be patient if something does happen, I’ll work to get things fixed as quickly as possible.

At the moment – Sylum Vault is closed and we’ll make announcement when it reopens, likely in October.

Most importantly the bunnies have been packed and organized, hopefully they won’t get lost on the way to their new den.

Wish us luck and see you on the flip side.

Sylum Announcement

COVID-19 AKA: Coronavirus

I’m sure all of you have received many emails from a variety of sources about COVID-19.  This isn’t one of them, not really.

Many of us are either working from home, staying home (some mandated, others in early precaution stages), and keeping social contact to a minimum – we’re finding a lot of time on our hands.

Just know that we’re keeping up with our goals of having a post go out a day, so you should have something to look forward to.  Though I would love to take this time and focus more on Sylum I’m actually working from home :(.  Though napz have been had *don’t tell anyone*.

So while we’re curled up on our couches, watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, those favorite DVDs that never come out of the player or reading some new books that you always wanted to read or that old book just love to read all the time – this would be a good time to catch up on Sylum!  Read it all over again.  All of it!  Make sure notes/comments to the authors.

The Manor has survived many things in history, this is just one more thing to be added.

If you need to talk to someone, reach out on the blog to get a conversation going.

And guys.  Take care of yourself.  Wash your hands.  Stay safe.  Be kind.  We’re all in this together.

The General.

Aka – Bj Jones

Sylum Security: Update

Security Update

As mentioned earlier that the Yahoo Groups are going away … ish.  They are basically turning into a listserve.  There will be no online group, where you can upload files or access older emails.  Well for the Sylum Security this isn’t an issue, not really.

So we decided to basically keep things the way they are.  I’ll send out emails at the first of the month with the password, as a reminder.  When we do decided to update the password (Warning!  This will likely be next year!) we’ll send out plenty of notices via the group.

You will still need this password to access the Sylum Wiki along with fanmixs/videos.  When you request access, we’ll be using this as your statement that you’re over 18 and fully understand what you’re getting into.

If you already are part of the Yahoo Group!  Great no need to do anything.  If you’re not – go here and request access for the password.

Thanks for the patience as we tried to figure all this out.

Note:  Those of you that have access to the old Sylum Yahoo Group (ahh the memories).  Though the group was closed, I left it active for archival purposes.  As they are removing all the content, it’s kinda pointless.  So by end of year that group will be deleted.  So the only group you should be apart of is this one Clan Security and that’s only for the purpose of distributing the password.

Sylum Security: New Information

So Yahoo Group is going the way of the dodo.  Not really surprised, but it makes it quite difficult to give out passwords if the system doesn’t work anymore.

The Yahoo Group will not be deleting most of the files until December, so we have some time but not a lot to rework the system.

We’ll be looking into how to handle the situation and will keep you updated.


Sylum Archive: Likes & Login

As we know there’s always a few kinks when opening new things!  Especially something as big as the Archive.

If you’re having trouble logging in, the password doesn’t reset or the link has ‘timed out’.  Part of the problem could be the server itself timing out, or the system glitching.  Reply to any of the Archive Threads and I’ll work with you to get a new password set up, so you can access the Archive.

We also noticed that the ‘Like’ Button wasn’t showing up on the stories.  After some glaring, cursing and really?  It’s been fixed.  So while you’re roaming around the Archive, make sure to click those Like Buttons!



Sylum Blog: Information (Social Media Login)

Update on Social Media Shenanigans on Sylum!

For those who use Social Media to log into the blog, I’ve removed a few of them – specifically: Facebook and Google.  They coding was screwed up after we updated to https.  Trying to fix it has been nothing but headache after the next, so we got rid of those, and added another.

To login to the Blog you can use the following Social Media Logins: Twitter, WordPress, Yahoo, Instagram & Tumblr

Yes, this does mean I kept my Tumblr – I’m not liking to really use it, but I will keep posts going to it for those who do follow Sylum that way.

For those who want a Facebook group, considering Facebooks Shenanigans and their security issues, I’m having doubts.  But I’m still thinking about it and wanted to know what would you like us to use it for?  Conversation? Posts via Facebook?  Comment below …

Sylum Website: Updates

Quick update for the website.

Last year website address started to change from http to https for security reasons.

We have the ssl certificates for the website, blog, wiki and new archive.  The only thing you’ll need to do is to check your bookmarks.

Make sure it says:

As for other Updates:

All Aesthetics have been uploaded to the Sylum Art Room: Aesthetics

All Artwork from Advent & Spring Fling has been uploaded to the Sylum Art Room.

All Videos/Fanmixs from Advent & Spring Fling has been uploaded to the Sylum Music Room.


Privacy Policy Updates

I’m sure everyone has received a ton of these emails about updates to ‘insert any website here’ policies.

Yeah we’ve had to do it here also.

So quick recap.

We don’t collect any of your information for any reason, but for what is stated.  Any information collected during Polls or Questions is deleted once the needed information is gathered.

Email Address and IP Addresses are collected for comments, but are not used or sold.  If you would like your information deleted, let me know and we’ll work on getting older comments removed.

We do not sell any information nor do we take any in from advertisers.

The only information we have gathered and will keep for a few years, is those who participate in the Christmas Card List.  We only keep the past 5 years of information, then delete it.

As for security, we have programs for Malware and Spam, plus protection with the hosting company.  If anything should happen – we will let everyone know immediately.

This update is not just for the Sylum Blog, but also the Sylum Wiki Blog and the future Sylum Archive.

If you would like to read the policy – it can be found under Privacy Policy at each location.

If you have any questions please contact:

Advent Posts: Update


We’ve noticed that the emails sent out for each of the posts, aren’t showing the full posts, or even a portion, just the Advent Banner.

This is do to the fact, we have the information for the story, and story itself organized via tabs.

We’ve changed the format for the rest of the Advent posts, hopefully it will show more of what that day represents and a ‘link’ to the post to read the story.

*fingers crossed*

5th Year Anniversary of Sylum Blog

Happy 5th Anniversary: Sylum Blog


The first post on the blog was July 29, 2012 …

okay so now officially 5 Years and a few days 🙂

It was fun to look back at those first few posts!

There were posts from Bob, Bob 2, Alien and Continuity Hamster!

The beginning of Demons & Angels

With in a few days we had posts for Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park … which really shows how much Linkin Park has been an influence on Sylum #RIPChester

*Raises Glass*

So here’s to 5 more years! And many more posts, teasers, and sylum!


Sylum Canon Updates

Everyone Look Here



Now that I’ve got your attention.

If you’ve read through Demons & Angels along with Roads Untravelled – you know that there have been some canon changes.  Most of the changes were already announced – basically the main one being the introduction of John as Meridia.

Now if you haven’t read the updated Demons & Angels or Roads Untravelled – stop now or you will get spoiled.

Go finish it and then come back and read this! Go on.

Okay now for the rest of you ….


Yes the Caine twins are no more.

*holds up hand* before the whys, buts, and questions …

This was not an easy decision.

This went around and around and around for weeks.

Hashed out, talked out, and flailed at.

We discussed it from every point of view, every character view, storyline view, basically gave it a 360 degree look over.

We started off looking at the space between Clan War and Family, and the ‘bullshit’ storyline that was CSI: Miami … nothing was working.

Marisol should never had been added, let alone the very idea that Speed would allow his Mate to marry someone else … yeah no.  Horatio wouldn’t be pushing for kids because hello he’s still adjusting to being a Vampire.

And they just came off a Clan War!

Adding to it – the Delkos are Catholic.  It would’ve gone against Maria’s, Marisol’s sister, faith to be a surrogate.

So starting off just the ‘how the babies even got here’ storyline was starting to fall apart.

We worked, plotted, argued going around and around to try to get it to work but nothing was falling into place, without some major handwaving and ‘don’t look at the person behind the curtain’.

Yes, we will always have some elements of ‘you didn’t see anything’ but most of the time we strive to make the story threads tie together natural, and the characters have proper motivation.

Plus we started to realize – Speed and Horatio were being removed from storyline!  Why? Because they were taking care of babies.

They could’ve just leave them with someone?

…. really?  Then what is the point of the kids in the storyline anyway?

But what about DEAN!?

Face it this is probably what most of you were concerned about.

And in all honestly – this was our biggest question.

But think about it – the very fact the ‘twins’ were being kept not for their parents but for another character, indicated something wasn’t working.

In the end we were able to give Dean the motivation and character he needed, to help him with his Turning.   (The Winchester stories are being updated at this moment, and will be reposted soon … indicating this change)

Who the hell is Bradley?

Ahhh good question!  We already established that Ellis had a child … we had planned that it was going to be Dino’s son, and he would’ve appeared in storyline down the road. With the ‘twins’ being removed … we adjusted this to make the kid Horatio’s and bring Bradley in early.

Still giving Horatio the ability to be dad w/out sidelining two of our major characters – as Bradley is six years old and being raised by the Herriots as they adopted him when he was a baby (Yes we will be showcasing that conversation between Speed & Horatio in upcoming story).  And as we have already established Cassie – y’all remember her right – she’s the same age as Bradley, and as they are both are being raised at the manor by the Clan, they have someone their own age to grow up with.

Remember, most of these changes have come because of the rework through Clan War – As we update the old storyline we’ve found major plot holes, dangling threads, and what the fuck was that … and when these get fixed it impacts story (already written and some that weren’t) down the road.

The challenge has been fixing the old, setting up for the new, while continuing working on stories showcasing where we’re going – hence canon adjustments and sometimes ‘mix/matched’ storylines.

We’ve added notes to Family and Evolution that there are canon changes that some storyline will not mesh with the most recent stories – we will not go in the either series and adjust – we’ll be doing an edit job once we get to that section of the timeline.

So yes you’ll see stories with wrong info, but we’re working on it!

Now how are you going to know when old story is updated?  I will always post a Throwback Thursday or make special posts to showcase updated stories.

But Elizabeth is Ellis returned and it ties to the Jack the Ripper story and Dean!

Jack the Ripper storyline with Dean is not related to Elizabeth or Ellis.  Ripper has his own motivations with Dean, that goes far beyond Elizabeth and/or Ellis.

But Ellis returned in Elizabeth!

The only reason we had Elizabeth was because Ellis died …



The Matrix has been reset!

Blog Maintenance

Blog Updates!!


WordPress and all the plugins were updated yesterday, which means something has likely broken or will!

Today’s post was posted on the blog, but wasn’t sent via email or onto the social media accounts, not I’m not sure if this is because of mix up in settings (via also the Coffee House Friday got posted late) or if the ‘share’ plug in isn’t work.

So this post is a test to see if email gets sent out, along with social media posts.

*waits patiently*

In the meantime if this works – make sure to check out Sylum Vault: Last Chance for Ernesto Olivetti Collection

Now to see if this works

*sends prayers to St. Isidore of Seville*

Reminder: Ask Ernesto a Question!

For the upcoming Ernesto Olivetti Week we’ve arranged for a special interview with the Inspector so we’re taking your questions.  Fill in the questionnaire and we’ll make sure to ask him!

Please note: Don’t hit enter more than on once, if you think your question didn’t go through (email or comment on this post and I’ll check)

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