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5th Year Anniversary of Sylum Blog

Happy 5th Anniversary: Sylum Blog


The first post on the blog was July 29, 2012 …

okay so now officially 5 Years and a few days 🙂

It was fun to look back at those first few posts!

There were posts from Bob, Bob 2, Alien and Continuity Hamster!

The beginning of Demons & Angels

With in a few days we had posts for Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park … which really shows how much Linkin Park has been an influence on Sylum #RIPChester

*Raises Glass*

So here’s to 5 more years! And many more posts, teasers, and sylum!


Sylum 10th Anniversary

website-banner-modified10 Years of Sylum


10 years ago today, on June 14th, 2005 I started this tiny thing called Sylum Yahoo Group.

The rest was history.

Sylum was already in the making, I was working on ‘Going Home’ when I made the Yahoo Group.  At the time, I had been posting to several different Yahoo Groups.  One was specific for CSI: Miami, another for NCIS, and the last was Makebelieve (I think anyone who’s been in fandom for a while, knows Makebelieve).

It was on CSI: Miami Yahoo Group that I met Tony … yes it is Tony’s fault.  And where I pissed off members of the community by asking the question – what characters would be interesting as Vampires.  Oh I labeled it OT  etc… but a couple of people started talking about it, going back and forth on ideas (I wasn’t even involved) and someone got bitchy and in a huff left the group because refused to talk this Vampire crap.

Well honey – 10 years later we’re still talking this Vampire crap.

But it was that moment that had me thinking the idea of a Yahoo Group for Sylum.  I talked it over with Tony – who was like go for it … see it is always Tony’s fault.  I built it, freaked out, and then launched it on June 14, 2005.

I left for lunch.

Came back to see 100 people had already joined.

I fainted.

Quickly had to learn how to run a Yahoo Group.  Set up rules and enforce said rules.  And realized how much of my life was now going to be dedicated to a simple idea – ‘that you can’t kill someone if they are already dead’.

For those who have been with us from the beginning, I’m sure you can remember some epic moments from the list.  The Yahoo Group was a blessing and my worst f’in nightmare.  OMG the drama that we kept off the list … *rubs head* I still get headaches.

Over the past 10 years.  The list grew.  The Universe grew.  Lives were changed.  I’m pretty sure there are a number of stories out there about long lasting friendships and relationships that developed from the list.

With the continued problems with Yahoo, and with their decision to change everything.  That’s when we decided to move to the Blog.  Though it’s not quite like the list, it’s been doing well over the past years.

Still can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Ten!  A lot has happened in my personal life over those ten years, good and bad.  Sylum has grown into an amazing universe that astounds me every time I sit down to work on it.  The vast number of characters, locations, story threads… keep it on track, making sure continuity stays in place … dear Marvel – never complain to me about ‘too many storylines/movies/characters to keep up with’ cause dude – seriously?  you have no f’in clue. No really you don’t.

Over the past ten years many have come and gone, a few have stuck with me from the beginning.  And I thank you for that.  It truly does humble me how far we’ve come and the fans that have followed us along this great adventure.

Now for a few special thank yous and notes!

Janet who took over the beta for an epic storyline, especially after the nightmare that came before, and the continued beta of this massive universe.  I know it’s a lot of work, and I thank you.

Sparrow who keeps track of all the continuity.  I may have all of Sylum in my head but even I get lost on where everyone is at!  Pointing out the fact characters have disappeared half way through a story is always helpful!

Gil and Shep the work you’ve done on Border and major storylines has built the Universe past the fab six, making it all encompassing.  Though I’m pretty sure you still want to kill me for handing that over.

Taibhrigh you came in just as the blog was beginning.  Your re-work and design of the new website was amazing and I can’t thank you enough for that.  Your art has been an inspiration to not just the readers but also us writers.

Note: We’ve recently updated the website to reflect the 10th Anniversary – go and take a look!

Timothy.  Well I could write a post just on how much I have to thank you for.  Yes I’m going to get sappy deal with it.  You came into my life as a friend and stayed as my spouse.  Sylum would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for you.  You are and will always be my inspiration and creative consultant.  Even if you do tease me about the how many times I described the road leading in and out of town *smirks*.   Working this past year on the 10th Anniversary of Clan War has inspired so many stories and bunnies – that I’m now looking forward to the 20th Anniversary.  Though I’m not redoing the wiki… hell no once is enough.

Bob.  I hate you, you son of a bitch. You and your clones.  Though if it wasn’t for you … my life would be normal but boring as hell.

So here we are Ten Years!

*raises glass*

To Sylum.  Thank you for this grand adventure.  We’ve had ten amazing years and look forward to the next ten.


Bj Jones

PS: Please reply to this post with your memories of Sylum, either how you discovered it, memory from the yahoo group, friends you’ve made, gatherings you attended, how it’s affected your life.  Let’s make this day unforgettable!


Happy Anniversary – Sylum Blog

July 29th (yeah okay a day short – but you know me and dates/birthdays/anniversaries)

The Sylum Blog is One Year old today!





So far in one year, we have had:

264 Posts (well 265 counting this post!)

27 Pages

56 Categories

166 Tags (well 167 counting this post!)


692 Subscribers (come on just need 8 more for 700 – we can do this)

372 Users


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