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Clan War 10th Anniversary: Interlude: Rode Hard Put Away Wet (CSI: Anthology)



Title: CSI: Anthology – Interlude: Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Author: Bj Jones

Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

Link to Archive


This story in the Anthology sets right in between Clan War: Bonding and Clan War: Transitions.  I hope everyone has caught up on the Anthology to understand what’s going on.

Sylum Essay Series: Vampire Relationships



Sylum Essay Series: Vampire Relationships

The Relationships between Vampires can be vast and complex.   The Sire/Childe Bond, Mate Bond, and other type of Bonds are not always simple and cookie cutter.  Every Bond is different.  Every relationship is different.

Kinda like every day relationships.

As 10th Anniversary Clan War Edition starts to be posted, the variety of relationships will be showcased throughout the series.

It’s not as simple as two Vampires come together as Mates and they live happily ever after.  No relationship works that way.  Even being Soul Mates knowing that they are destined to be together, and if one is to die the other follows – isn’t going to stop the OMG you left your damn shoes in the middle of the God Damn Hallway again!!  It’s also not going to always tie the two so tightly together that there is no one else in the picture.

Some Mates are going to be possessive with each other. Some aren’t.  Some are going to have strong bonds that can handle long distances apart.  Others will always be with the other.  Some will have times when the Bond is closed off.  Others will never close the Bond between them.

Every relationship is different.

Will Turner and Jack Sparrow never close the Bond between them, due to what happened with Davy Jones Locker.  Even when one of them is being beaten, tortured the Bond never closes.

Yev and Craig never Mated even though they knew there Mates for ages, due to their jobs.  It isn’t until Evolution they finally Mate.  But they still have to maintain their jobs, which would require them to close down the Bond.

Ethan Hunt is an Agent/Spy.  He will do what he needs to do.  If that means bedding the target, he does it.  Luther doesn’t get pissy or upset over the situation, he knows it’s Ethan’s job.  Now he will Claim his Mate the moment the job is over, but he doesn’t take it personally.

Older Vampires have established relationships well before they get a Mate.  This can at times cause strife, in some pairs.  For others it’s not a problem.   Arthur and Nico have a long lasting relationship before Guin and Warrick came into the picture.  It’s a relationship that the Mates in time learn not to get between.  Eliot and Neal have a relationship that has lasted 1600 years.  They refused to be parted despite both having Mates – hence their harem.

Then there’s the unique situation of a married couple who is Turned but end up Mated to other people.  Marc Antony and Cleopatra were married with kids, both were Turned and Marc ended up with Alexander.  These two are not just going to stop loving each other.  They have a long history and children.  They will want to be in each other’s lives and Mates would need to learn to deal with it.  But like all relationships – it isn’t simple or easy to do.

Vampires also have connections to old souls, this will pull them together sometimes good and bad.  Carlos and Ernesto have a deep connection that won’t really go away, and it can come out in full force in awkward moments.    Ethan has the soul of Brandt’s wife – these two still act like a Married couple.   Their Mates think its humorous.  Warrick and Guin were married in a past life, tightening their Bond in the now.

Not all Mates can handle the other Mate having sexual relationships with others.  Some like to watch *I’m looking at you Warrick*.   Others like to share between them *I’m looking at you Daniel and Davy*.  Vampires will have Kinks much like Humans do.  The difference is they are older, wiser and have little fucks to give to ‘society’ perception of how they live.

A Vampire can have many Bonds in his life, depending on who they’ve Turned over the years and their connections to that Childe.  Nico is a unique situation in the fact he’s got strong connections and ties to many in his life.  He has his blood family, souls of his children, past lives, and strong Bonds made over his years on this planet.  This is not the rule, but the major exception that runs as a woven thread throughout the series.

A Sire/Childe Bond will have both sides feeling strong emotions from the other.   They won’t sense normal everyday emotions and further they’re from the other – even less.  But they will feel  a major spike in any emotion or a physical attack – like getting shot.  They will feel the death as the Bond unravels from the loss.

A Mate Bond will feel each others emotions and physical injuries.  The stronger the Bond the more intense.  They can’t ‘track’ someone down via the Bond, like during Family – Warrick despite the strong Bond between them could not track Nico’s location.  All he could do is supply his own strength, love and devotion to his Mate to keep him calm.   Cause he knows if he freaked, Nick would freak and that isn’t’ good.

A Mate Bond with a Non-Vampire.   I’ll take a moment for everyone to get their head wrapped around that…. okay done.  There are at the moment two Vampire/Non-Vampire Mated pairings.   Go ahead try and figure them out …….. Robert De’Lapins and Jack Frost;  Tia and Davy Jones.  Tia and Robert are both Vampires, while their Mates are not.  A Bond is created between them but how they handle each other is quite different from all other relationships.

A Vampire Bond – what is this you ask?  Bonds between Vampires that aren’t Sire/Child or Mates.   Is this possible? Yes.  Hunting pairs build strong Bonds.   Brandt and Tamara have many times Hunted together over the centuries they have a strong Bond to each other.   Their relationships is close, despite Tamara having a Mate and later Brandt’s own Mate.  Evie and Jake Fry – siblings who aren’t Mates.  They still have a strong Vampire Bond that is enhanced by the fact their fraternal twins.

As shown there are a lot of different Bonds that pull Vampires together .  The goal is to showcase the variety of these Bonds over the stories.   So a quick note to the readers: let go of any conception you think Bonded Vampires should act or do.   All relationships and Bonds are different depending on the character, time and place of the story.  How one acts in 21st Century is different from 18th Century – but we already had that Essay Series.

Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




And we’ve come down to our last 10th Anniversary Question!  There were some really good questions, suggestions and comments made through out!!  I hope we were able to answer some of everyone’s curiosity on characters, how we develop storyline and other great Sylum moments.

Q: How did the vampire physiology evolve?

A: We saved this one for last as this isn’t an easy answer.  When Sylum began it was ohh shiny Vampires.  Over time a structure needed to be added into how these Vampires worked in the Sylum Universe.   As you know there are many different legends, myths, ideas and plot devices used for all types of Vampire stories.  Though the sparkling thing still eludes me – seriously wtf was that…

Moving on.

Sylum took a wide range of histories, legends, myth and science tossed it all into a blender and hit puree.  And walla – Vampires.  We used the genetic codes from other vampires to fill the dna strand … oh wait wrong movie!

The main thing was taking the Vampires only come out at night to hunt the for virgin blood.  Ours walk around daylight, have jobs, relationships and really not that interested in virgins.   Obviously blood is their main source of substance, this will never change in the ideas and lore for Vampires.  How they get the blood and where – alters with time.  Sylum Vampires also can eat food, for enjoyment not necessarily substance.

Holy water, crosses, religious artifacts do not affect them.  They are not demons or creatures of the devil.  As we know many of them are very strong in the religious beliefs and continue to practice their religion well after being Turned.

We did keep the myth of sexuality.  They can be very sexual creatures, and it doesn’t always tie to their Mates – but that is another Sylum Essay series that will come soon.

The physical aspects of the Sylum Vampire also had to be figured out.  How does the body work?  How does digesting the blood work?  What is enhanced?  What can or cannot be healed?

We relay some of this information through stories showcasing the Clan Doctors as they would be studying the Vampire Physiology for generations.   A few things we’ll point out here to get an idea of how it all works.

When a Vampire is Turned, the Vampire Gene wraps around the DNA structure that exists freezing that person in time.  So any injuries for ex:  House and his leg, Logan and his back, Al and his amputees.  These stay the same.  They are not healed suddenly.  Now the vampires makes it easier to live with, less pain, the muscles stronger around the injured area, etc…

This also works with being nearsighted or farsighted.   If you needed glasses before hand you would after.   If you were on that verge of needing glasses and was Turned it’s likely when really tired or haven’t fed in a while, the glasses would be needed – for example Nico when extremely tired pulls out reading glasses which is a big warning sign to Warrick the boy needs sleep.

If damage occurs after being Turned, the Vampire gene will heal it.   The age of the Vampire, level of injury will contribute to how long a Vampire will take to heal.   The only injury a Vampire cannot come back from is beheading and severe fire – think burned at the stake.

The fangs are the most important part for a Vampire.  It’s how he get his blood.  They need to heal, replenish etc… biting works the fastest.  They can swallow via mug, which will help but for best options – biting.  The fangs work in a way that blood will go straight into the blood stream, and work through the system.  Drinking it via cup – works through the digestive system.  IV can work when Vampire unable to swallow or bite, but it will still be a slow processes.   The fangs, action, saliva that goes with it – are the key elements.  The doctors and scientist are still trying to work out how.

Vampire Saliva has healing factors.  This is how a Vampire can bite and cover the wound up and no one would be the wiser.  It’s also how to help a wounded Vampire recoup faster.  You loose a limb, a Mate or Sire’s saliva can help the re-growth process.  Not pretty but effective.

Vampires senses are also enhanced.  They can move faster, see & hear further, and smell minuet fragrances.   We’re just now starting to show case these in the stories.

As you can see there is a lot more to the Vampire Physiology , and we’re still working out how all of it works.  As the Universe expands so does dealing with other species and how the Vampire affects it.


If you have any other questions (that isn’t related to when stories are coming out :D) you can reply to this post or go to the Sylum: Question & Answer Center.  We’ll always answer to the best of our ability – whether directly or in a post similar to this.

Clan War 10th Anniversary Edition: Kiss of Death




Title: Kiss of Death

Author: Bj Jones

Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

Link to Sylum Archive


As we’re gearing up to start posting Clan War 10th Anniversary Edition, we wanted to take you back to last November when we showcased Kiss of Death.   The beginning is always a good place to start.

Also you might want to go back and reread the CSI: Anthology series to catch up with our boys.  The last two stories of that series will be posted with Clan War as they are specifically attached to the Arc.

Link to CSI: Anthology


Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




Q: What exactly is Jack the Ripper? He doesn’t seem to be a regular vampire like everyone else?

A: Jack the Ripper is a Vampire.   He’s also a cold-calculating, highly-intelligent, serial killer.   He has a mission, and sets out accomplish that mission.  When it doesn’t work to his exact specifics, consequences are paid.

The only reason he has the name Jack the Ripper is because no one knows who he really is, where he comes from, or when he was Turned.  He comes to the Vampire Communities attention and focus in 1888.

Q: What’s the connection between Jack the Ripper and Dean?  Why is he protecting him?

A: At one moment in time Dean showed Ripper mercy.  Not necessarily in this lifetime or the one before, or even the one before that … And from that he protects him no matter the incarnation.

More of his connection to Dean will come out in further stories.   Dean isn’t quite sure how to handle a psychotic fairy godfather that will not just kill, but torture for him.

Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




Q: I heard rumors of a storyline involving Ethan Hunt in the works and since vampires tend to live different lives through the decades, was one of his as Maverick from Top Gun?

A: Yes there is an Ethan Hunt story in the works, if the bunny will stop squirming in his gear.  Ethan has always been in Intelligence, he really hasn’t moved off that type of job or work.  Either working CIA directly or IMF inside the CIA.

As for Maverick *smirks*  – well lets just say the Top Gun has his own position in the Clan.

Q: Will we see more of the Ancient?

A: Viduus story is still working it’s self out.  But now that The Doctor is back, more of their story will start to emerge.  At the moment you’re likely to see him in the background helping out supplemental to other stories.

Q: Will we be seeing characters from some of the beloved sci fi movies like the Man in Black or the Fifth Element?

A: There are a few ‘sci-fi’ shows that are set to appear in later story arcs.   One of the main things we have with Sylum – is making it as realistic as possible.   So we have to come up with a good explanation or reasoning of how anything fits into the universe.  Having the Stargate helps a lot in that area!  So on that note: Men in Black – yes will make an appearance. We’ve already introduced Star Wars to an extent, and Star Trek in time will also appear.  Fifth Element, Aliens, etc… are ideas we’re just working on details or if it’s even an option.


Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A





Q: How do you decide who goes into what clan and has their job inside that clan?

A: This is not an easy task.  As we’ve been fixing the wiki, this has been a question that has popped up many times.   Well in forms like: Why the hell is he the Archivist? or Who the hell is going to be the Scientist!? And WTF is he doing in Australia?

Sometimes it’s easy.  Van Helsing as Lead Hunter yeah that’s simple.  Finding a Lead Hunter for Sanguen – you would think would be easy except for the fact you need one that has been around a while, since Sanguen is the 3rd oldest Clan.  Can’t have a modern guy as a Lead Hunter without explaining where the old one was.  It took a bit but yes we did find one.

For something like Clan Psychologist we try to find actually characters or historical psychologist.  Now considering this is a newer addition to the Clan structure and it’s a modern science, there can be moments of well who would ‘grow’ into the role for Clans like Medjai or Sanguen.

This works for all the Clan Positions.   We’ve had moments of character easily falls into the position, Jack McCoy – Legal Advisor and others where it’s searching for someone to fill the spot, Eowyn – Clan Doctor.

Now as for how someone just ends up in a Clan.  That depends on if the character is a historical figure, the show/book/movie a character came from, and sometimes tossing a dart at a map.  Crocodile Dundee – Oceania.   Javert – Passion Clan.  Ahkmenrah – Medjai.  These were more the obvious ones.

An interesting twist on how to figure out which Clan – while working with the Kin Clans we looked up one of the historical characters and realized he would be better in Medjai instead of where he was, because he had a long history of exploring Africa over living in Switzerland.

Actually one of the more nightmare situations was dealing with the Medjai – as many other characters had moved from Medjai to other Clans, we ended up with the oldest clan with the youngest members.   Which had to be adjusted and much research into the ancient world.  This was an example of using more historical characters instead of shows/movies as we personally don’t know Egyptian/Middle Eastern movie industry, and if you research movies based for Ancient Egypt you get Lawrence of Arabia, Ten Commandments, Cleopatra and The Prince of Egypt.

Believe me there have been times in the past year (whimpers at how long working on the wiki) where we’ve done the WTF OMG WHY?  We’ve moved people around, wiped them out, changed dates/sires/mates and even images.  And once the wiki is finished and revealed you’ll see the work done on it.  Though I personally have to admit, I know more about certain histories and cultures I never thought I would.  So it’s been a learning experience.



Sylum Essay Series: Modern Sensibilities

Emory University Lecture Hall

Sylum Essay Series: Modern Sensibilities

Welcome to Sylum Essay Series.  We’ll be conducting a set of essays to discuss variety of topics, that will likely come up with the upcoming release of the 10th Anniversary Clan War.  We felt it would be a good idea to get some things out in the open now before anything is released.

Today’s topic: Our Modern Sensibilities

Sylum is a vast universe to say the least.  There are many characters, cultures, religions, and histories.   Within our own community on the blog we have a huge international audience which enhances our experiences and a reminder of how small and large the world actually is.

So what do we mean by Modern Sensibilities.

Most of us have been lucky to grow up in a world where … well most of society … has learned to be respectful to the vast culture around us.   Most of us know that there are certain words, phrases, imagery, topics that are not used because its racist, sexist, bigoted..etc.   Modern man would not, in good conscious, utter certain words without disregard to the person they are saying it to.

In Sylum we’re dealing with a expansive history of culture and characters.

Nick Stokes is a CSI from Vegas.  He was raised a good Texas boy and wouldn’t do or say anything that would be disrespectful.   Though raised in Texas we’re sure he heard many colorful words to describe minorities and woman throughout his childhood, but was taught not to use them by his parents.   He was trained to respect woman, and never once would he actually hit one.   In other words, he’s a good sensible man with 21st century values and teachings.   Raised right by his momma.

Nicolaus Valerius Meridius is not Texan nor is American nor is he a Modern Man.  He is a Roman General from a time period where a woman’s place was in the home, slaves and servants were a commodity, and as a Patrician he demanded a certain set of respect.  His word was law in the house.  Wife, kids, servants, slaves did not question his authority.  If they did they were punished.

Even now he would demand respect and obedience from his Clan.

He’s the Clan Leader and it is not a democracy.

The reader will see this particular situation in the upcoming stories.  It’s a shock to a few characters who are getting the brunt of Nicolaus having no fucks to give about their delicate sensibilities and how he should be acting.   They have to come to terms with the difference between Stokes and Meridius.

This particular example is showcasing the characters learning how to deal with a 5th Century Roman General when they’ve been working with a 21st Century Texan.  And how they have to let go of their perspectives and learn who Nico truly is, and not the act he’s put on.

But the readers also have to let go of their ‘delicate sensibilities’.    The reader cannot take their 21st century perceptions of the world and place it on historical narrative.   What we think is acceptable or not acceptable is considerably different 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 500, 1000, 2000 etc…

Just look at the situation now.  Ten years ago same-sex marriage wouldn’t even be talked about let alone accepted … ish.   Fifty years ago interracial marriages weren’t accepted.  Hundred years ago interfaith marriages weren’t accepted.   Society changes, thank god.  But we have to be careful in judging our ancestors by our standards.   We cannot look at our grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents and go HOW DARE YOU!  Why? Because their society was completely different from ours.  Was it wrong? No, it was their society, it is from their society that we built ours, and as each generation builds onto it, it changes.   The problem doesn’t lie in past societies, it’s not adjusting to the changes in society as it grows.

Sorry ran off on a tangent there!

What we’re trying to say is this.

Sylum has a 7000 year old Earth History.   There will be stories that will slam against our modern sensibilities.   Words will be used in context of their time period.  We as the writers will not white wash history to make the readers feel more comfortable.

Elena is 13 years old when Nico arranges her marriage.  This is a major story point in Nico’s history as in Tony’s past life.  Elena meets a nice Roman soldier, who Nico arranges for her to marry.  Yes she’s 13.   She just started her period, which in this time made her available for marriage.  And yes her fiance would be in his twenties.

By today’s standard our instincts scream OH HELL NO!  She’s 13!! Not an adult.  She’s barely reached puberty.

Well yeah. But that’s now.  Not then.

Would Nico arrange for Cassie to get married at 13, no.  He would likely kill any man looking at her when she is 13, if Lara and Indy don’t get to him first.  But that’s today’s society not Ancient Rome.

Warrick Calhoun is a Pirate.

This is not your Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Pirates – those who chased the girls around a table and never caught them.  Drinking rum and burning down the town while singing a Pirates Life for Me.

Get that out of your head first off to understand that Warrick is a Pirate.

A filthy, disgusting, lawless Pirate.

He runs his crew with an iron fist, he kills those who disobey him or get in his way, and will take what he wants.  And we don’t just mean the gold.

Again as the writers we are not white washing over this, we’re not disney’fing it.   When he meets Nico, it’s not all sweet and cuddly.  It’s also not anything the reader will expect, whatever head canon that is in everyone’s mind, forget about it. Now.

This meeting defines the two men and their relationship.  It will likely not fit within the readers concepts of how Mates should act, but not every Mated Pairing is the same.

But that’s a whole different essay.

The main purpose of this particular essay is to prep the readers that this isn’t fanfiction anymore.  This isn’t cute, fluffy or an excuse to get two characters into bed.  Oh yes it has sex, lots of sex.  It’s Vampires. There’s lots of Vampire sex.  But it is more than that.  The writers work to keep the historical settings accurate, even if it’s brutal and not a perspective the reader is expecting.   Some of these characters come from hard times, with hard lives.  They will always see the world from a view point ‘the modern man of any particular time’ will not.  Some are old enough to not having any more fucks to give about anyone’s sensibilities.

Harvey will always come across as an asshole.  He’s lived to long to put up with people’s bullshit and will tell them how it is, even in a society that being PC is more appropriate.

Arthur is the King of Britain.  Always will be and demands the respect that goes with it.  He will also expect his wife to act like the Queen that she is.  And when she steps out of place he will put her back in it.

Two examples of characters whose actions would send today’s society into a frenzy.  But it’s who they are, and where they come from.  It’s also an assumption.

Harvey is an asshole but he fights for those he cares for, he’s old enough to have seen societies change, twist, and turn in and around itself many times over.  He doesn’t care what race, religion, or sex someone is as long as they do their job.  They fuck up, he’ll call them on the carpet for it and not think twice about it.  If someone is offended he would ask why they are offended.

Arthur would come across as a demanding husband making his wife be in her place.  But she’s his Queen and rules next to him.  She runs his businesses and is the public face for the two of them in London and politics, because putting Arthur near Parliament would be a bad idea. Guinevere knows her place, and its next to her King as his Queen.  It doesn’t make her any less of a woman for it.

A readers modern sensibilities could vilify these two characters because they don’t fit ‘today’s societies perspectives’.   But then they would have lost out on finding out who they really are.


First.  Set aside all head canon about what you think the beginning of Sylum is.  Though Clan War in it’s element hasn’t changed.  The depth and histories of these characters have been filled out and a stronger foundation has been laid, giving the readers a bigger jumping off base for the whole series.

Second.  Read it.  Read it again.  Then read it a third time.  Look deep to understand the characters and where they come from.  Don’t judge these guys by how you think they should act.  If you don’t understand why – look up the history of who they are, and where they come from.   We actually have a lot of historical characters within Sylum, and how they acted and treated people is documented.

Third.  Remember these characters have huge histories.  Histories we’re just starting to figure out or dive into.  They will have changed over the years, but the core of who they are will always stay embedded from where they came from.  Nico will always be a Roman, but he’s learned to live in a modern society.

Fourth. We the writers guarantee at some point you’ll read something that will jar you. We can already hear the screech of the record pin sliding across the record as you come to a complete halt.  Before you rant off on how dare they – remember this: It’s jarring to you because our society has hopefully gotten rid of that aspect.   Historically it was perfectly acceptable.  It’s a nice reminder that despite the 21st Centuries faults – it’s not a bad place to be.


On a personal note:

We thank you for being patient with us as we get through these re-works.  When we started this it was not attended to take this long, but RL happened to the point of all writing and creativity stopped for over six months.   Just when we were getting into the swing of things, slammed to a stop again due to a physical injury.

We are working hard in not only re-working Clan War, but also updating the Wiki.  And to understand how big the Wiki Updates are: We’ve just started on our last clan which is Sanguen (not yet the Kin Clans) and there are already over 700 Bios.  Not empty pages, but actual written Bios.  That’s 700 characters that we had to figuring out where they came from, who Turned them, are they Mated, and what have they been doing since.

So yes we’re behind.

But I can tell you this.

It will be awesome!

We’re hoping to start posting Clan War Chapters at the end of August.   And if the heavens align the Wiki will also be open for all to see.  In the meantime we hope everyone is enjoying the Character Introductions.

10th Anniversary Clan War: Trailer



There is a new Clan War Trailer!!!

Click the Banner to see the video!  Reminder: You must have the password to the website to view the video!

Also please remember to bookmark our 10th Anniversary Page!  This is where we’ll be posting the upcoming chapters.   Along with the artwork, trailers, fanmixs – etc!!

10th Anniversary Page

Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




Q: A take on a question I asked a few years ago about deciding who joined the Sylum Universe: How did you decide clan leaders and where the clans would be based?

A: Oh that’s a good, complicated do you have a few months question!!

The first one was Nick and that was kinda winging it.   Nick was always my favorite CSI *pets him* and had always felt there was way more to the character that show ever did with him *pointedly glares at moron CSI Writers/Producters/Showrunners*.   I made him older, Roman, though Tim will tell you I picked the worst moment in Roman history! but hey we made it work!  The rest of the Clan fell in and around Nico, Tony and Speed.

When Sylum began to grow, new Clans started to develop some of them were easy others not.

Alexander the Great had to be a Clan Leader and he would be in no other place but Greece

Ardeth leader of the Medjai in Egypt was practically handed to me.

As was Arthur Pendragon of Camelot.

There were a few I had to sit and think about and o with the movies/books that I was working with at the time.  Now remember this was ten years ago so the options were limited.

Benton for Tallikut worked nicely, and putting it in Canada made perfect sense, considering the show it was based on.

I admit Mal was not my addition.   And in truth if I had to start over with it, he would not be there.  But he was sneaky enough to ingrain himself into storyline that could not be changed.  Serenity now is a much different Clan that it started off as.

Doc well he’s always been a personal favorite – movie and historically, so I gave him Border.  Pretty sure he hates me for that.

Katsumoto slipped easily into the role for Shogun, he just need a longer history and background.  Japan seemed at the time like a logical chose considering the political situation in Asia.  Building the Clan’s history, well it’s been a learning curve.

Mad Max worked for Australia, ’cause I really couldn’t see Crocodile Dundee as a Clan Leader!  But we had to build a history for the character, then had to rethink everything when Gibson ended up on our hell fucking no list!  We ended up with an original character based off a fictional one.

Knight Clan and La Croix kinda sneaked into the Universe.  It worked well, as we needed that Clan where the not so good guys but not evil could swear to.  And La Croix fit that persona perfectly.

I’m not actually sure how Vachon got his position, just that he wanted as far away from La Criox as possible and his original character was a Conquistador, so putting him in Brazil made sense.

Now the Kin Clans, well honestly, they’ve been a pain in my ass for a while.

As how we got the Kin Clans.  In the early years of Sanguen there would be need to have small clan structures through Europe to control that area, as travel was limited and took time.  With modern world and easier transportation the structure of the Kin Clans would need to adjust, and that’s what we’re working on now.

As for the Kin Clan Leaders well…

Remus/Romulus are Italy.  Beowulf for the Norwegian area made perfect sense.  The others were tossed around and added into the mix.  I’m going through Sanguen now in the epic wikiwiki adventure so adjustments will be made.  Not that we’ll change Kin Clan Leaders but look more closely at the histories to make things work smoother.  *pokes Sanguen*



Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A



Q: My 2 favorite Clans are Oceania (because I live in Hawaii), and Shogun (because I’m Japanese-American).  I have been enjoying all the new Oceania stories (Thank you Hawaii 5-0!), and am wondering if there will ever be stories for Shogun?  I also noticed that most of the members of Shogun are Chinese, and was wondering if this was because you didn’t know many Japanese characters (Not complaining! Just thought it was interesting that the leader is Japanese and the clan is based in Japan, but more than half the members are Chinese.)?

A: Since I’m actually working on Shogun at the moment and have highlighted a few of their characters in the past few days, figured this was a good question to answer.  Shogun has gone through a few changes over the history of Sylum.  And it’s only right now that we’ve been able to make a more diverse Clan that incorporates all of Asia.

Now that the Clan is become more settled, stories will start popping up.   You’ll start to see the characters showcased in other stories, and ones centering on Shogun’s characters and histories.  I know that I have a few stories in the works, including Katsumoto’s and Nathan’s meeting and Bonding.  And there are stories centering around World War 2 and what happens to the Clan Members who are Westerners.

Q:  Blue Bloods tv show follows a family of cops, the Reagans, in New York in which Donnie Wahlberg is one of the main characters, he also plays another character who already exists in the clans connected to a triad.

A: I haven’t actually seen Blue Bloods – it’s on my netflix que!  At the moment there is no reason to connect them.  Now when I do get a chance to see the show that could change.

Q: Any plans to add characters from the Raid movies or the Infernal Affairs to Shogun clan? The Departed by Martin Scorsese was a remake of the Infernal Affairs movie.

A: There are no plans for any of the characters from these movies.

There are many elements we look at when we choose characters for Sylum.   Sometimes it can be the character is just perfect, but we steal it from the show/movie and make up our own backgrounds history.  A movie/show can be intriguing enough for us to build off of it.   And sometimes it comes down to logistics.  If a show/character doesn’t work – it doesn’t work.   We also have to look at who the actor or director of the show is – there are some actors that are on our Oh Hell Fucking No list and can’t be used.

Sylum 10th Anniversary

website-banner-modified10 Years of Sylum


10 years ago today, on June 14th, 2005 I started this tiny thing called Sylum Yahoo Group.

The rest was history.

Sylum was already in the making, I was working on ‘Going Home’ when I made the Yahoo Group.  At the time, I had been posting to several different Yahoo Groups.  One was specific for CSI: Miami, another for NCIS, and the last was Makebelieve (I think anyone who’s been in fandom for a while, knows Makebelieve).

It was on CSI: Miami Yahoo Group that I met Tony … yes it is Tony’s fault.  And where I pissed off members of the community by asking the question – what characters would be interesting as Vampires.  Oh I labeled it OT  etc… but a couple of people started talking about it, going back and forth on ideas (I wasn’t even involved) and someone got bitchy and in a huff left the group because refused to talk this Vampire crap.

Well honey – 10 years later we’re still talking this Vampire crap.

But it was that moment that had me thinking the idea of a Yahoo Group for Sylum.  I talked it over with Tony – who was like go for it … see it is always Tony’s fault.  I built it, freaked out, and then launched it on June 14, 2005.

I left for lunch.

Came back to see 100 people had already joined.

I fainted.

Quickly had to learn how to run a Yahoo Group.  Set up rules and enforce said rules.  And realized how much of my life was now going to be dedicated to a simple idea – ‘that you can’t kill someone if they are already dead’.

For those who have been with us from the beginning, I’m sure you can remember some epic moments from the list.  The Yahoo Group was a blessing and my worst f’in nightmare.  OMG the drama that we kept off the list … *rubs head* I still get headaches.

Over the past 10 years.  The list grew.  The Universe grew.  Lives were changed.  I’m pretty sure there are a number of stories out there about long lasting friendships and relationships that developed from the list.

With the continued problems with Yahoo, and with their decision to change everything.  That’s when we decided to move to the Blog.  Though it’s not quite like the list, it’s been doing well over the past years.

Still can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Ten!  A lot has happened in my personal life over those ten years, good and bad.  Sylum has grown into an amazing universe that astounds me every time I sit down to work on it.  The vast number of characters, locations, story threads… keep it on track, making sure continuity stays in place … dear Marvel – never complain to me about ‘too many storylines/movies/characters to keep up with’ cause dude – seriously?  you have no f’in clue. No really you don’t.

Over the past ten years many have come and gone, a few have stuck with me from the beginning.  And I thank you for that.  It truly does humble me how far we’ve come and the fans that have followed us along this great adventure.

Now for a few special thank yous and notes!

Janet who took over the beta for an epic storyline, especially after the nightmare that came before, and the continued beta of this massive universe.  I know it’s a lot of work, and I thank you.

Sparrow who keeps track of all the continuity.  I may have all of Sylum in my head but even I get lost on where everyone is at!  Pointing out the fact characters have disappeared half way through a story is always helpful!

Gil and Shep the work you’ve done on Border and major storylines has built the Universe past the fab six, making it all encompassing.  Though I’m pretty sure you still want to kill me for handing that over.

Taibhrigh you came in just as the blog was beginning.  Your re-work and design of the new website was amazing and I can’t thank you enough for that.  Your art has been an inspiration to not just the readers but also us writers.

Note: We’ve recently updated the website to reflect the 10th Anniversary – go and take a look!

Timothy.  Well I could write a post just on how much I have to thank you for.  Yes I’m going to get sappy deal with it.  You came into my life as a friend and stayed as my spouse.  Sylum would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for you.  You are and will always be my inspiration and creative consultant.  Even if you do tease me about the how many times I described the road leading in and out of town *smirks*.   Working this past year on the 10th Anniversary of Clan War has inspired so many stories and bunnies – that I’m now looking forward to the 20th Anniversary.  Though I’m not redoing the wiki… hell no once is enough.

Bob.  I hate you, you son of a bitch. You and your clones.  Though if it wasn’t for you … my life would be normal but boring as hell.

So here we are Ten Years!

*raises glass*

To Sylum.  Thank you for this grand adventure.  We’ve had ten amazing years and look forward to the next ten.


Bj Jones

PS: Please reply to this post with your memories of Sylum, either how you discovered it, memory from the yahoo group, friends you’ve made, gatherings you attended, how it’s affected your life.  Let’s make this day unforgettable!


Sylum 10th Anniversary: Sylum Q&A



Q: Would like to know if there will be more JackB and Chase stories?

A: Speaking of Jack and Chase…  The two actually have weaseled or worked themselves into their own storyline.   As we’ve re-worked Clan War – Jack and Chase weren’t fitting as well as expected.  Instead after a round of Bauer style negotiations – mainly his way or the highway – the two ended up with their own story.  *sneaky bastards*

Because of this *glares at the two very non-repentant CTU Agents* I’ve had to adjust the Clan War Teaser Trailer  <— Click to view it.  *sits and waits*

Q: Also will Sam/Dean be in same stories?  Wasn’t sure if this would be continued of question 1 or a question all by itself.  So to be safe I put it in 2 questions.  Ok?

A: Well the new ideas brew, Sam and Dean won’t make an appearances as they wouldn’t have arrived into Sylum yet.  For future stories, I can see them working with Jack and Chase.

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