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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A

Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A




And we’ve come down to our last 10th Anniversary Question!  There were some really good questions, suggestions and comments made through out!!  I hope we were able to answer some of everyone’s curiosity on characters, how we develop storyline and other great Sylum moments.

Q: How did the vampire physiology evolve?

A: We saved this one for last as this isn’t an easy answer.  When Sylum began it was ohh shiny Vampires.  Over time a structure needed to be added into how these Vampires worked in the Sylum Universe.   As you know there are many different legends, myths, ideas and plot devices used for all types of Vampire stories.  Though the sparkling thing still eludes me – seriously wtf was that…

Moving on.

Sylum took a wide range of histories, legends, myth and science tossed it all into a blender and hit puree.  And walla – Vampires.  We used the genetic codes from other vampires to fill the dna strand … oh wait wrong movie!

The main thing was taking the Vampires only come out at night to hunt the for virgin blood.  Ours walk around daylight, have jobs, relationships and really not that interested in virgins.   Obviously blood is their main source of substance, this will never change in the ideas and lore for Vampires.  How they get the blood and where – alters with time.  Sylum Vampires also can eat food, for enjoyment not necessarily substance.

Holy water, crosses, religious artifacts do not affect them.  They are not demons or creatures of the devil.  As we know many of them are very strong in the religious beliefs and continue to practice their religion well after being Turned.

We did keep the myth of sexuality.  They can be very sexual creatures, and it doesn’t always tie to their Mates – but that is another Sylum Essay series that will come soon.

The physical aspects of the Sylum Vampire also had to be figured out.  How does the body work?  How does digesting the blood work?  What is enhanced?  What can or cannot be healed?

We relay some of this information through stories showcasing the Clan Doctors as they would be studying the Vampire Physiology for generations.   A few things we’ll point out here to get an idea of how it all works.

When a Vampire is Turned, the Vampire Gene wraps around the DNA structure that exists freezing that person in time.  So any injuries for ex:  House and his leg, Logan and his back, Al and his amputees.  These stay the same.  They are not healed suddenly.  Now the vampires makes it easier to live with, less pain, the muscles stronger around the injured area, etc…

This also works with being nearsighted or farsighted.   If you needed glasses before hand you would after.   If you were on that verge of needing glasses and was Turned it’s likely when really tired or haven’t fed in a while, the glasses would be needed – for example Nico when extremely tired pulls out reading glasses which is a big warning sign to Warrick the boy needs sleep.

If damage occurs after being Turned, the Vampire gene will heal it.   The age of the Vampire, level of injury will contribute to how long a Vampire will take to heal.   The only injury a Vampire cannot come back from is beheading and severe fire – think burned at the stake.

The fangs are the most important part for a Vampire.  It’s how he get his blood.  They need to heal, replenish etc… biting works the fastest.  They can swallow via mug, which will help but for best options – biting.  The fangs work in a way that blood will go straight into the blood stream, and work through the system.  Drinking it via cup – works through the digestive system.  IV can work when Vampire unable to swallow or bite, but it will still be a slow processes.   The fangs, action, saliva that goes with it – are the key elements.  The doctors and scientist are still trying to work out how.

Vampire Saliva has healing factors.  This is how a Vampire can bite and cover the wound up and no one would be the wiser.  It’s also how to help a wounded Vampire recoup faster.  You loose a limb, a Mate or Sire’s saliva can help the re-growth process.  Not pretty but effective.

Vampires senses are also enhanced.  They can move faster, see & hear further, and smell minuet fragrances.   We’re just now starting to show case these in the stories.

As you can see there is a lot more to the Vampire Physiology , and we’re still working out how all of it works.  As the Universe expands so does dealing with other species and how the Vampire affects it.


If you have any other questions (that isn’t related to when stories are coming out :D) you can reply to this post or go to the Sylum: Question & Answer Center.  We’ll always answer to the best of our ability – whether directly or in a post similar to this.


  1. I’m sorry, this will probably sound like a stupid question, but I am seriously curious. What about allergies? From what I understand from reading this post if a person has say, a peanut allergy before they are turned, then they will still have the allergy after they are turned. If that is true then it kinda sucks. No peanut butter forever! D:

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      They would have it to a point – most allergies can lead to shutting down the ability to breathe – Vampires don’t have to breathe … So the body would react to the allergy but the affect would be muted …

  2. Felicia Cooper

    I was wondering about the Vampire and blood drying up and flaking away. I only remember seeing it in the Anthology series and I wanted to know the reason that happens. Is it a new thing or did I jet miss it from before? You guys are awesome and thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      When skin, blood, sweat, a limb basically anything that comes off or from the body goes to dust because it’s detached itself from the body that was sustaining it … And as it’s the vampire gene that keeps the body going … once any part of that body is removed it dies … And when a vampire dies they explode into dust hence the skin, blood etc goes to dust … Hopes that helps

      1. Felicia Cooper

        Thanks, it does. As I said, you guys are awesome. There is so much thought behind everything that you do. Nothing is slap dash; everything has a reason and a purpose. I’m so glad I found Sylum and stuck with it.

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