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Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A

Sylum 10th Anniversary: Q&A



Q: My 2 favorite Clans are Oceania (because I live in Hawaii), and Shogun (because I’m Japanese-American).  I have been enjoying all the new Oceania stories (Thank you Hawaii 5-0!), and am wondering if there will ever be stories for Shogun?  I also noticed that most of the members of Shogun are Chinese, and was wondering if this was because you didn’t know many Japanese characters (Not complaining! Just thought it was interesting that the leader is Japanese and the clan is based in Japan, but more than half the members are Chinese.)?

A: Since I’m actually working on Shogun at the moment and have highlighted a few of their characters in the past few days, figured this was a good question to answer.  Shogun has gone through a few changes over the history of Sylum.  And it’s only right now that we’ve been able to make a more diverse Clan that incorporates all of Asia.

Now that the Clan is become more settled, stories will start popping up.   You’ll start to see the characters showcased in other stories, and ones centering on Shogun’s characters and histories.  I know that I have a few stories in the works, including Katsumoto’s and Nathan’s meeting and Bonding.  And there are stories centering around World War 2 and what happens to the Clan Members who are Westerners.

Q:  Blue Bloods tv show follows a family of cops, the Reagans, in New York in which Donnie Wahlberg is one of the main characters, he also plays another character who already exists in the clans connected to a triad.

A: I haven’t actually seen Blue Bloods – it’s on my netflix que!  At the moment there is no reason to connect them.  Now when I do get a chance to see the show that could change.

Q: Any plans to add characters from the Raid movies or the Infernal Affairs to Shogun clan? The Departed by Martin Scorsese was a remake of the Infernal Affairs movie.

A: There are no plans for any of the characters from these movies.

There are many elements we look at when we choose characters for Sylum.   Sometimes it can be the character is just perfect, but we steal it from the show/movie and make up our own backgrounds history.  A movie/show can be intriguing enough for us to build off of it.   And sometimes it comes down to logistics.  If a show/character doesn’t work – it doesn’t work.   We also have to look at who the actor or director of the show is – there are some actors that are on our Oh Hell Fucking No list and can’t be used.


    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Actually its not – its a list for behind the scenes for the writers to know which characters we cant use or have, due to actors leanings towards social issues ex if they are homophobic or their personal attitudes go against the openness of Sylum

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