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You may have noticed that there had been some changes to the Blog!!  We’ve been working hard these past week to update the blog, make it easier to navigate, and give it a make-over.

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Please do enjoy the new theme!

A special thanks to Taibhrigh for helping with the behind the scenes and updated images!!




Sylum Essay Series: Sylum Characters

college lecture hall

Sylum Essay Series: Sylum Characters


This particular essay will combine a few of the questions that asked about adding characters or shows.   We briefly touched base on some of our reasons on a previous Sylum Q&A, but figured it would be best to go into more detail.

Not every show will go into Sylum. Yeah I know it doesn’t seem like it, but there are a few shows that will always remain off limits.   There are many reasons why.

* It could be that the characters are so bad that even Sylum can’t redeem them.

* There could be issues with the showrunner/creator of the show that makes us run away screaming as fast as possible.

* It could be the actor/actress is on our ‘Oh Hell No List’.

* None of us watched the show so we have no idea how to even build a storyline or background for the characters involved.

* The storyline/concept doesn’t fit within Sylum parameters.

* Characters and/or story slams against established Sylum storyline or characters.

* Sometimes it comes down to we created Sylum and no I’m not putting that show in it.

Q: In Alias tv show the hunt for Rambaldi’s artifacts is one of it’s main plots, with Rambaldi considered a renaissance man an inventor ahead of his time, would any of his work be of interest to Galileo? Among Rambaldis work are an equation for zero point energy, a neutron bomb that delivered micropulses that disintegrates organic matter but left inorganic matter unharmed, and a key to immortality.

A: Alias in one of these shows that fall into the category of none of us watched it.  I have no way to build any story for the characters in or around the show.   I have no idea who Rambaldi is, so trying to add him to an established storyline like Galileo would be impossible.

Q: Dollhouse tv show with Eliza Dushku, would the technology of wiping memories and implanting new memories be of interest to Crimson Moon? The whole illegal operations would be right in their wheelhouse.

A: Dollhouse falls into two categories.

First off the concept of the show, wouldn’t work within Sylum.  As said we try to have a good reason and, even with sci-fi elements, plausibility.   Basically Crimson Moon are assholes and experiment on variety of people, vampires, and things – but the technology for something like this – much like Nolan’s idea in Inception – is a few steps too far.

Second. Well let me just admit it.  I’m not a Joss Whedon fan.  Never have been, never will be.  The only character I actually liked was Angel, hence his position in Sanctuary. The Buffy and Firefly characters were introduced early in Sylum.   Even with the re-writes they were too established for me to just get rid of completely.   Hence histories and backgrounds have been changed and storylines updated.   The likely hood there will be any other Whedon characters is non-existent.

Q: Outlander tv show based on a book series, has beautiful shots from Scotland, a love story in the past involving a time travelling nurse from WWII, and a cruel villain in the past, which descendant is the woman’s husband in present time. Convoluted? Probably as much as the Back to the Future series. Would Galileo be interested in Claire journey in time?

A:  This particular idea goes against ideas and stories we already established.   When we put in Back to the Future series it was for a reason and the established storyline has ramifications that will be seen throughout the series.   Any elements that attach itself to a Time Travel idea have to be well thought and planned out.   Adding too many elements makes it more convoluted than it already is.

Q: We know that we have our racing group in the clans, that make clan leaders want to tear their hair out, will they have more additions to it like Aaron Paul from Need for Speed?

A: This is a good example of characters that are so bad they can’t be saved for Sylum.  Just to take him to be a ‘racer’ is not enough to establish him in any Clan.   We can also use this movie to showcase how we do get around the ‘OMG what was that and why Dominic why were you in it?’ Those characters or movies that can’t be redeemed or put into Sylum, but have an actor we’ve established – we can use the name as a pseudonym for the established character.

Q: Keanu Reeves was in an awesome kickass movie John Wick last fall reminding me of Neo, would this two characters be connected in a vampire world?

Q: Nick Buckhardt from Grimm tv show, descents from a line of hunters how perfect is he to be a character for the clans?

Q:  I saw this awesome sci fi movie in the summer Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt as Sergeant Rita Vrataski was kickass, you think those exoskeletons and her could exist in the future of the sylum storylines, some of those are pretty far in the future?

A: These last three questions fall into the – we haven’t seen them, but will take a look to see if the characters are viable.   There is future storyline that we’ll need a Keanu Reeves character so it is something we’ll look into.  And we’re always looking for good woman characters.

By answering these questions, we wanted to showcase how we look at suggestions and additional characters when working with Sylum.   We are always happy to get suggestions,  sometimes it works out perfectly.  The suggestion for the TV Show Marco Polo was a good example and worked out beautifully.


In the beginning of Sylum it was all about the pretty or everyone’s favorite fandoms.   Now that we’re working through the wiki, establishing stronger character motivations, and re-building storyline – we had to start thinking about the characters and how they fit into the overall universe.

The questions answered showcased some of the reasons why we take or don’t take particular characters or shows.  There are a few more reasons that are much more complicated.

You’re probably asking what is the ‘Oh Hell No List’.

The list is a group of actors/actress that have made their political views clear enough that if they were to discover Sylum they would likely sue are asses.  We’ve listed a few names from this list who have impacted storylines and the wiki.

* Adam Baldwin – all roles have been moved from the series.

* Kevin Sorbo – the roles of Hercules and Iolaus have been re-cast.

* Mel Gibson – Maximilian was re-cast, other roles were removed.

* Charlton Heston – who would rise from the dead to sue – Michelangelo and Ben Hur were re-cast.

* Shia LeBeouf – I’m not actually sure what the fuck happened there but in good conscious we had to remove him.  So yes the role of Sam Witwicky has been re-cast.

* Jeff Davis – Now Teen Wolf is a show that wouldn’t have made it into Sylum for many many reasons.  The simplest one is just no.  Second, storyline doesn’t fit within parameters. Third, the showrunner would hunt us down.   Which indicates that if he does any other shows – they won’t be making it into Sylum either.

And yes we have some names on the list that are for personal reasons.  Benedict Cumberbatch – just don’t even ask.  Ever.  It’s not going to happen.  And don’t try to convince me other wise.  Seriously guys not happening.


All these parameters we’ve showcased also work on the Historical Characters through out Sylum.   Our #1 Rule is never take any ‘Real Person’ who is still alive.  Hence as much as there’s an interesting story for Tony Mendez – that isn’t happening.

But you have the Crab Fishing guys.

Yes and No.

We based the characters off of them, but I’m pretty sure Sig isn’t a 1800 year old Nordic Fisherman.  And yes we’ve used their images, but these guys are in the limelight of ‘hollywood’ not a private citizen who’s life depends on not having his image all over the internet.

Once we established the character we want is dead *smirks* we have to make that there isn’t family around that can hunt us down.   Hence recently we had to remove William Wilberforce – we won’t even mention how many kids he had, and a few of them are psychotic when it comes to the family name.   Also, there have been a few characters we decided against, mainly for very similar reasons.

The last thing we have to do is find images to suit them.  We look at the images, paintings, busts or hopefully some form of description of who they are.  Seriously every person in Ancient Greece has a beard!  We then search for actors/models of the ethnicity of the character.  We try hard not to ‘white wash’ the characters.  There are times we have no choice and take who we can use or if they are already played by a particular actor.  But we work hard to keep the ethnicity of the historical figure to match the image we’ll be using.  And of course this still lines up with our ‘Oh Hell No List’.


So as you can see a lot of work goes into picking characters for Sylum.  Let alone where they’ll end up at!  Never feel shy about asking about a certain character or show, you might be surprised and find out a) we already have them b) it may be usable.  But also be prepared for the no that’s not going to work.





Sylum Essay Series: Modern Sensibilities

Emory University Lecture Hall

Sylum Essay Series: Modern Sensibilities

Welcome to Sylum Essay Series.  We’ll be conducting a set of essays to discuss variety of topics, that will likely come up with the upcoming release of the 10th Anniversary Clan War.  We felt it would be a good idea to get some things out in the open now before anything is released.

Today’s topic: Our Modern Sensibilities

Sylum is a vast universe to say the least.  There are many characters, cultures, religions, and histories.   Within our own community on the blog we have a huge international audience which enhances our experiences and a reminder of how small and large the world actually is.

So what do we mean by Modern Sensibilities.

Most of us have been lucky to grow up in a world where … well most of society … has learned to be respectful to the vast culture around us.   Most of us know that there are certain words, phrases, imagery, topics that are not used because its racist, sexist, bigoted..etc.   Modern man would not, in good conscious, utter certain words without disregard to the person they are saying it to.

In Sylum we’re dealing with a expansive history of culture and characters.

Nick Stokes is a CSI from Vegas.  He was raised a good Texas boy and wouldn’t do or say anything that would be disrespectful.   Though raised in Texas we’re sure he heard many colorful words to describe minorities and woman throughout his childhood, but was taught not to use them by his parents.   He was trained to respect woman, and never once would he actually hit one.   In other words, he’s a good sensible man with 21st century values and teachings.   Raised right by his momma.

Nicolaus Valerius Meridius is not Texan nor is American nor is he a Modern Man.  He is a Roman General from a time period where a woman’s place was in the home, slaves and servants were a commodity, and as a Patrician he demanded a certain set of respect.  His word was law in the house.  Wife, kids, servants, slaves did not question his authority.  If they did they were punished.

Even now he would demand respect and obedience from his Clan.

He’s the Clan Leader and it is not a democracy.

The reader will see this particular situation in the upcoming stories.  It’s a shock to a few characters who are getting the brunt of Nicolaus having no fucks to give about their delicate sensibilities and how he should be acting.   They have to come to terms with the difference between Stokes and Meridius.

This particular example is showcasing the characters learning how to deal with a 5th Century Roman General when they’ve been working with a 21st Century Texan.  And how they have to let go of their perspectives and learn who Nico truly is, and not the act he’s put on.

But the readers also have to let go of their ‘delicate sensibilities’.    The reader cannot take their 21st century perceptions of the world and place it on historical narrative.   What we think is acceptable or not acceptable is considerably different 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 500, 1000, 2000 etc…

Just look at the situation now.  Ten years ago same-sex marriage wouldn’t even be talked about let alone accepted … ish.   Fifty years ago interracial marriages weren’t accepted.  Hundred years ago interfaith marriages weren’t accepted.   Society changes, thank god.  But we have to be careful in judging our ancestors by our standards.   We cannot look at our grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents and go HOW DARE YOU!  Why? Because their society was completely different from ours.  Was it wrong? No, it was their society, it is from their society that we built ours, and as each generation builds onto it, it changes.   The problem doesn’t lie in past societies, it’s not adjusting to the changes in society as it grows.

Sorry ran off on a tangent there!

What we’re trying to say is this.

Sylum has a 7000 year old Earth History.   There will be stories that will slam against our modern sensibilities.   Words will be used in context of their time period.  We as the writers will not white wash history to make the readers feel more comfortable.

Elena is 13 years old when Nico arranges her marriage.  This is a major story point in Nico’s history as in Tony’s past life.  Elena meets a nice Roman soldier, who Nico arranges for her to marry.  Yes she’s 13.   She just started her period, which in this time made her available for marriage.  And yes her fiance would be in his twenties.

By today’s standard our instincts scream OH HELL NO!  She’s 13!! Not an adult.  She’s barely reached puberty.

Well yeah. But that’s now.  Not then.

Would Nico arrange for Cassie to get married at 13, no.  He would likely kill any man looking at her when she is 13, if Lara and Indy don’t get to him first.  But that’s today’s society not Ancient Rome.

Warrick Calhoun is a Pirate.

This is not your Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Pirates – those who chased the girls around a table and never caught them.  Drinking rum and burning down the town while singing a Pirates Life for Me.

Get that out of your head first off to understand that Warrick is a Pirate.

A filthy, disgusting, lawless Pirate.

He runs his crew with an iron fist, he kills those who disobey him or get in his way, and will take what he wants.  And we don’t just mean the gold.

Again as the writers we are not white washing over this, we’re not disney’fing it.   When he meets Nico, it’s not all sweet and cuddly.  It’s also not anything the reader will expect, whatever head canon that is in everyone’s mind, forget about it. Now.

This meeting defines the two men and their relationship.  It will likely not fit within the readers concepts of how Mates should act, but not every Mated Pairing is the same.

But that’s a whole different essay.

The main purpose of this particular essay is to prep the readers that this isn’t fanfiction anymore.  This isn’t cute, fluffy or an excuse to get two characters into bed.  Oh yes it has sex, lots of sex.  It’s Vampires. There’s lots of Vampire sex.  But it is more than that.  The writers work to keep the historical settings accurate, even if it’s brutal and not a perspective the reader is expecting.   Some of these characters come from hard times, with hard lives.  They will always see the world from a view point ‘the modern man of any particular time’ will not.  Some are old enough to not having any more fucks to give about anyone’s sensibilities.

Harvey will always come across as an asshole.  He’s lived to long to put up with people’s bullshit and will tell them how it is, even in a society that being PC is more appropriate.

Arthur is the King of Britain.  Always will be and demands the respect that goes with it.  He will also expect his wife to act like the Queen that she is.  And when she steps out of place he will put her back in it.

Two examples of characters whose actions would send today’s society into a frenzy.  But it’s who they are, and where they come from.  It’s also an assumption.

Harvey is an asshole but he fights for those he cares for, he’s old enough to have seen societies change, twist, and turn in and around itself many times over.  He doesn’t care what race, religion, or sex someone is as long as they do their job.  They fuck up, he’ll call them on the carpet for it and not think twice about it.  If someone is offended he would ask why they are offended.

Arthur would come across as a demanding husband making his wife be in her place.  But she’s his Queen and rules next to him.  She runs his businesses and is the public face for the two of them in London and politics, because putting Arthur near Parliament would be a bad idea. Guinevere knows her place, and its next to her King as his Queen.  It doesn’t make her any less of a woman for it.

A readers modern sensibilities could vilify these two characters because they don’t fit ‘today’s societies perspectives’.   But then they would have lost out on finding out who they really are.


First.  Set aside all head canon about what you think the beginning of Sylum is.  Though Clan War in it’s element hasn’t changed.  The depth and histories of these characters have been filled out and a stronger foundation has been laid, giving the readers a bigger jumping off base for the whole series.

Second.  Read it.  Read it again.  Then read it a third time.  Look deep to understand the characters and where they come from.  Don’t judge these guys by how you think they should act.  If you don’t understand why – look up the history of who they are, and where they come from.   We actually have a lot of historical characters within Sylum, and how they acted and treated people is documented.

Third.  Remember these characters have huge histories.  Histories we’re just starting to figure out or dive into.  They will have changed over the years, but the core of who they are will always stay embedded from where they came from.  Nico will always be a Roman, but he’s learned to live in a modern society.

Fourth. We the writers guarantee at some point you’ll read something that will jar you. We can already hear the screech of the record pin sliding across the record as you come to a complete halt.  Before you rant off on how dare they – remember this: It’s jarring to you because our society has hopefully gotten rid of that aspect.   Historically it was perfectly acceptable.  It’s a nice reminder that despite the 21st Centuries faults – it’s not a bad place to be.


On a personal note:

We thank you for being patient with us as we get through these re-works.  When we started this it was not attended to take this long, but RL happened to the point of all writing and creativity stopped for over six months.   Just when we were getting into the swing of things, slammed to a stop again due to a physical injury.

We are working hard in not only re-working Clan War, but also updating the Wiki.  And to understand how big the Wiki Updates are: We’ve just started on our last clan which is Sanguen (not yet the Kin Clans) and there are already over 700 Bios.  Not empty pages, but actual written Bios.  That’s 700 characters that we had to figuring out where they came from, who Turned them, are they Mated, and what have they been doing since.

So yes we’re behind.

But I can tell you this.

It will be awesome!

We’re hoping to start posting Clan War Chapters at the end of August.   And if the heavens align the Wiki will also be open for all to see.  In the meantime we hope everyone is enjoying the Character Introductions.

Saturday Annoucements


It’s that time of year again! Spring Fling will start tomorrow!

There have been a few changes on how we’re presenting the material for Spring Fling.  From here on, all items will be showcased directly on the blog, instead of linking to an outside Event Page.  Which means any videos or fanmixs are stored in the main directories of the Sylum Website, and you will need to have the password to view & download.

Link to Sylum Security

There are some beautiful art pieces dedicated to Sylum 10th’s Anniversary.  Some exciting fanmixs showcasing upcoming storylines.  And the Graphic Gecko was let loose this year with entertaining Sylum Videos.

So please make sure you have access to the website! Get the Password if you don’t have it!


While I have your attention.  Don’t forget the new Sylum Forums!  There are a few topics that have been added, including one now on Furious 7 so stop by and take a look. Join in have some fun.


Sylum Blog: New Features



Sylum Blog: New Features


Behind the scenes we’ve been updating and fixing up the Blog, the new improved Wiki *glares at it*, and website.  All this in association and prep for the 10th Anniversary!!

Let me introduce you to one of the new features of the Blog:

As we had a massive Spam attack a while back, we shut down the ability to sign up and login in as a ‘user’ for protection.  One of the downsides was the inability to log in.  Anyone could make a comment using their email but no one could log into the blog itself.

That’s been changed!!

You can now log in either using your Google, Twitter, Yahoo, WordPress, or Tumblr accounts.  This will allow you to post comments more efficiently, with the add benefit of being able to track comments on a particular post.  Plus this benefit will come in handy at a later date for other new features were implementing into the blog!

Where do you sign in?

Some of the Widgets have been moved around for better access.

When looking at your screen, check the left side bar – at the top you should see a link that says ‘Log In’.

Click that.

Pick what you would like to sign in with … it will ask you for permission for the blog to have access to all your secrets … *smirks* … contact info etc.  Do not worry!! No one sees it and I promise not to black mail anyone *shifty look*.

If there are any questions please reply to this post so we can keep track.


Sylum Universe Information: Things you must know when reading Sylum!



Sylum Universe Information:  Things you must know when reading Sylum!

There are a lot of culture reference in our own society, which is no different than the Sylum Universe.  The only thing is that there are culture reference for ‘us’ but not for ‘sylum’.


Star Trek Series: There is no 1960’s TV Show, no movies, no Next Generation etc… For example there will be no references to fictional Captain Kirk, Spock… no iconic lines ‘Captain she’s given it all that she can’ ‘I’m a Doctor Jim not a ….’ ‘Red Shirt Syndrome’ ‘Vulcan neck pinch’  etc…

Star Wars Series: The Original Series exists there are no prequels.  For example there can be references to Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Death Star, Vader, Emperor – May the Force Be With you etc… No references to Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Jar Jar Binks, etc…

POTC: There is a series of movies and everyone is always shocked that Sparrow is really like that.

Transformers: There is no cartoons, books, comics or movies.

Gladiator: This movie does exists (Maximus hates it Quintus loves it)

Stargate: No Movies or TV Series

Disney: Yes it all exists  movies, tv, theme parks, the mouse….

Dreamworks Animation: Movies do exists – just ask Tulio/Miguel in Sanctuary, but avoid Mod Clan and Hiccup…

Moulin Rogue!: The place in Paris and the movie does exists

Young Guns: Yes the movies exists much to Scurlock’s dismay and Billy’s amusement

The Mummy: Yes there are variety of movies and tv shows

Comic Books:

Marvel Comic Universe:  As this is vast and many elements of it is incorporated into Sylum  – this is extremely complicated.

Captain America – yes there is a comic series and Iconic images used for World War 2

Iron Man – no comic series, movies etc…

Hulk – no comic series, movies etc..

Spiderman – yes there is a comic series, no movies/tv shows

X-Men – no comic series, movies etc…

Thor – yes there is a comic series and norse legends

Fantastic Four – yes there is a comic series (Vondoome swears he’s not that guy)

The Avengers – no comic series, movies etc…

DC Comic Universe:  As this is vast and many elements of it is incoporated into Sylum – this is extremely complicated.

Batman – yes there is comic books, movies, tv shows – It’s the running joke for Bruce Wayne and Dick Greyson

Wonder Woman – yes there is comic books, tv shows

Green Lantern – no comic series, movies etc

Superman – yes there is comic books, movies, tv shows (the more recents series of movies does not exists)

Green Arrow – no comic series, movies, tv shows etc


Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle – yes this exists as do the movies and tv shows

Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis – yes this exists as does the movies (based on people Lewis met)

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowlings – yes this exists as does the movies (except Draco wrote it and it’s reference off fellow Clan Members)

Lord of the Rings Series by Tolkien – yes this exists as does the movies (based on people Tolkien met)

Robert Langdon Series – yes but not the way it is represented in our society

Jack Aubrey Book Series by Patrick O’Brian – yes this exists (The movie is currently in development by Wayne Studios rumored to be staring Kirk Lazarus as Jack Aubrey)

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly – yes this exists as does the movies and adaptations

Dracula by Bram Stoker – yes this exists as does the movies and adaptations

TV Shows:

CSI – no series or it’s spin offs

NCIS – no series or its spin offs

Supernatural – tv series made after Bruce meets Sam & Dean

Dr. Who – the long running series of TV show does exists (The Doctor blames The Ancient for that)

Deadliest Catch – in Sylum it’s Crab Hunting

Due South – is in production – Wayne is pissed didn’t get rights to it

Video Games:

Assassins Creed – Dastan sold the game but not in the way we play it in our society

Prince of Persia – Dastan sold the game but not in the way we play it in our society

Watchdog – Dastan sold the game but not in the way we play it in our society

Resident Evil – Games and movies exists with variations from what we play in our society

Halo – Games, TV Shows, books do exists


This list is not exclusive and is subject to change at the whim of the Bob’s.  If you have a question about a series/books/movies or other types of cultural referencing  – reply to this post.

Testing: Please Reply to this Post



We’re always trying to find the best ways to keep the blog safe yet keep it easily accessible to everyone else.

The spam program we were using, the designers decided not to support it anymore.  Though it had worked great it also made commenting more difficult.

Tried another – we won’t even go there.

The one we’re trying now could possible work to keep the spam out yet not annoy everyone else in the process – this is a good thing!

*crosses fingers*

I’m asking for those who do read and comment on the blog to do a favor for me.

First – clear your cookies/caches etc… this will get rid of previous versions of the blog and make it clean so to speak.

Second – reply to this post. I’ve added back the reply via twitter, facebook, wordpress or email. (I’m not sure where it had gone but hey it’s back!)

If you are one of those who was able to keep their registration – sign in that way and reply.   You use twitter and follow the link from twitter – reply using that.  If you don’t have twitter but do have facebook – try it with that.  You’re a wordpress user – please comment via wordpress.  If you don’t have any – please use the email.

We’re trying to see what catches in the spam what doesn’t.  I’ll be answering each comment to see what’s going through and what isn’t.  Though be patient with us this may take a while.  If you don’t get an answer and never see your comment within 24 hours – email us at (

Third – cross your fingers, send good thoughts, light a candle and send a prayer to St. Isidore of Seville Patron Saint of Computers.

What’s in store for 2014?


We’ve recovered from Advent or maybe should say we’re still recovering, anyway, the Sylum Writers are starting to put together what will be happening in 2014.

Spring Fling will start Easter Sunday with a story from ‘The Warren’.

Seven Days of Summer will start in July.  Rumors have it that there maybe Part 2 of Wayward Son in that selection of stories.

Sylum Advent as always is the month of December.

The Christmas Card Exchange will also continue this year, just a few weeks early to give everyone time.  I hope last years went decently and those who participated enjoyed their cards.

Now for a few different things that will be happening this year.

Next year (2015) will be the 10th Anniversary of Sylum Clan.

I’m going to sit here and let that sink in for a moment.

Yeah 10 Years! 10! 

Many of us will be gearing up for 2015 as we work through this year.   One of the things you will be seeing in prep for next year – is Old School CSI stories.  A few of us have been watching Old School CSI remembering the joys of a baby Nicky *pets him* and working on stories to showcase Nico through those moments.  These stories will lead up to the 10th Anniversary Edition of Clan War.

George Eads_Fence

There are many fun and cool things coming to Sylum this year and we hope everyone will enjoy what we have in store!

Announcement: Twitter

A quick announcement to let everyone know that the Bobs have gotten themselves twitter handles.




You can read their tweets on the  Sylum Blog on the left hand side (you must be on the website to see these widgets doesn’t show on mobile devices)

Or you can follow their tweets personally.

Announcement: Sylum Con – Cancelled

Sylum Con – Napa Valley, 2014



Unfortunately due to circumstance in my Personal Life, I will not be able to focus on/or host next year’s Sylum Con.

I’ll miss our regulars attenders!! *pokes* make sure to keep in touch!!

Meanwhile Bob and Bob 2 are still evil, still plotting and there are many fun, amazing, surprising things coming up in Sylum for Advent and all the way into next year!

And just to make everyone grin….

A pretty for all.


Sylum Con: July 22 – 27, 2014 – Napa Valley, California

Save the Date

Sylum Con 2014



July 22nd – 27th, 2014

Napa Valley, California


This year we’ll be looking at a more relaxing Convention!

Discussion will focus on the four Vineyards that are part of the Sylum Universe:

The Warren

La Grenouille

I Vigneti Antichi Tranquillatà

The Batcave


Hotel Information, Fees, Tours – etc will be announced soon!!

Make sure to book the days – it’s a convention you’re not going to want to miss!


Sylum Con

July 22nd – 27th, 2014

Napa Valley, California


Hope to see you there!!

Happy Anniversary – Sylum Blog

July 29th (yeah okay a day short – but you know me and dates/birthdays/anniversaries)

The Sylum Blog is One Year old today!





So far in one year, we have had:

264 Posts (well 265 counting this post!)

27 Pages

56 Categories

166 Tags (well 167 counting this post!)


692 Subscribers (come on just need 8 more for 700 – we can do this)

372 Users


2013 Sylum Clan Gathering – San Diego

We’re back!

Exhausted! Feet still hurt! But back to work on all things Sylum!

San Diego was amazing! The city was a gracious host if not exhausted after Comic Con.

Below is a picture of Petco Stadium taken from the St. James Hotel aka Ramada Gaslamp District Convention Center.

Just a few days before we arrived Zombies were running around this place.

Lucky for us they were gone before we got there.

As were the Padres.



There was only a few of us but that didn’t stop us from having loads of fun.

Or going to see some amazing places.

On Wednesday:

A few of us took off to see the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala.

The first Mission in California.


Then we met up and did a quick hello and headed off to Old Town San Diego.

Some dared to see the Whaley House 

While others had a few Margaritas!

On Thursday, five us of ventured out to view the USS Midway!

We got there at 10am left at 4pm.  Only stopping for an hour for lunch!!

If you ever get a chance to see this. GO!!!


They say it takes 90 mins… HA! Maybe 90 Mins per Deck!

The Audio Tour gives a great guide through the decks and life on the ship.

Adds personal stories from crewmen to put into perspective of what you’re seeing.

There are many things to look at and learn.

Crewmen’s Quarters


Engine Room

Mess Hall


But the main event is the Flight Deck.


On Friday we had our Clan Meeting

Discussion Topic: Maritime and Navy

Gee – I wonder why?

Gil gave a great lecture on Ancient Greek/Roman Navy

And their unique naming convention *smirks*

Shep gave us the history of the Coast Guard along with history/bios of a few Characters this will connect to.

Timothy Quinn gave us a history of the HMS Surprise and the Royal Navy.

Which we got to see the next day!


The Maritime Museum of San Diego was pretty awesome.

They had a lot of ships and a very detailed Museum.

But in truth the main reason we were there was for the HMS Surprise.

If you do not know the Surprise – You will need to watch Master and Commander.

Actually – let me just say this now!

Master and Commander is a very important element in Sylum and must be watched.


We spent the day exploring the HMS Surprise 

And I won’t tell you how many photos were taken!


Back at the Hotel there was Pizza, Beer and some Trivia!

Sparrow and Shep fought it out to win the prize.

We’ll be listing out the Trivia later this week, to see what score you can get!

A few memorable moments from the Gathering.

* Trying to get Speed off the HMS Surprise

* Intro to the Assassins

* The Elevator from 1913 that was fast in 1913 not so much in 2013

* ‘… like a goddamn Animal’

* He is him but not him but really him but not him cause really it is him


View from Roof of Hotel.


We’re all ready planning Next Year’s.

Just a few changes in store.

Instead of Clan Gathering – it’s now officially called:

Sylum Con

We have some ideas of where we’ll be going.

Well we had an idea but there may be issues so we’re working on new ideas.

An announcement will be made soon for the Dates for Sylum Con.

Followed by the where, when, how and why.


All Photos shown were taken by Bj Jones

Graphic Gecko is proud

Upcoming Clan Gathering!


Sylum Clan Gathering

July 23rd – 28th

San Diego, Ca


Just to let everyone know that the Blog will be quiet for the next few weeks do to the Sylum Clan Gathering!

We’ll work to post at least Throwback Thursday and Coffee House Friday.

But don’t be surprised if we suddenly disappear!



Actually you should be worried.


This is when all the Bobs come together and plot!


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