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Saturday Annoucements

Saturday Annoucements


It’s that time of year again! Spring Fling will start tomorrow!

There have been a few changes on how we’re presenting the material for Spring Fling.  From here on, all items will be showcased directly on the blog, instead of linking to an outside Event Page.  Which means any videos or fanmixs are stored in the main directories of the Sylum Website, and you will need to have the password to view & download.

Link to Sylum Security

There are some beautiful art pieces dedicated to Sylum 10th’s Anniversary.  Some exciting fanmixs showcasing upcoming storylines.  And the Graphic Gecko was let loose this year with entertaining Sylum Videos.

So please make sure you have access to the website! Get the Password if you don’t have it!


While I have your attention.  Don’t forget the new Sylum Forums!  There are a few topics that have been added, including one now on Furious 7 so stop by and take a look. Join in have some fun.



    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      If you have the website password – you’re good. I’m guessing you’re getting notification of posts being made, so you’ll see the posts for Spring Fling. Since you already have the password – you’ll be able to access and view the fanmixs & videos withe ease.

      If you have any problems viewing anything starting tomorrow – please comment or email ( and we’ll make sure to get it all worked out.

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