Sylum Blog: New Features



Sylum Blog: New Features


Behind the scenes we’ve been updating and fixing up the Blog, the new improved Wiki *glares at it*, and website.  All this in association and prep for the 10th Anniversary!!

Let me introduce you to one of the new features of the Blog:

As we had a massive Spam attack a while back, we shut down the ability to sign up and login in as a ‘user’ for protection.  One of the downsides was the inability to log in.  Anyone could make a comment using their email but no one could log into the blog itself.

That’s been changed!!

You can now log in either using your Google, Twitter, Yahoo, WordPress, or Tumblr accounts.  This will allow you to post comments more efficiently, with the add benefit of being able to track comments on a particular post.  Plus this benefit will come in handy at a later date for other new features were implementing into the blog!

Where do you sign in?

Some of the Widgets have been moved around for better access.

When looking at your screen, check the left side bar – at the top you should see a link that says ‘Log In’.

Click that.

Pick what you would like to sign in with … it will ask you for permission for the blog to have access to all your secrets … *smirks* … contact info etc.  Do not worry!! No one sees it and I promise not to black mail anyone *shifty look*.

If there are any questions please reply to this post so we can keep track.


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