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2013 Sylum Clan Gathering – San Diego

2013 Sylum Clan Gathering – San Diego

We’re back!

Exhausted! Feet still hurt! But back to work on all things Sylum!

San Diego was amazing! The city was a gracious host if not exhausted after Comic Con.

Below is a picture of Petco Stadium taken from the St. James Hotel aka Ramada Gaslamp District Convention Center.

Just a few days before we arrived Zombies were running around this place.

Lucky for us they were gone before we got there.

As were the Padres.



There was only a few of us but that didn’t stop us from having loads of fun.

Or going to see some amazing places.

On Wednesday:

A few of us took off to see the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala.

The first Mission in California.


Then we met up and did a quick hello and headed off to Old Town San Diego.

Some dared to see the Whaley House 

While others had a few Margaritas!

On Thursday, five us of ventured out to view the USS Midway!

We got there at 10am left at 4pm.  Only stopping for an hour for lunch!!

If you ever get a chance to see this. GO!!!


They say it takes 90 mins… HA! Maybe 90 Mins per Deck!

The Audio Tour gives a great guide through the decks and life on the ship.

Adds personal stories from crewmen to put into perspective of what you’re seeing.

There are many things to look at and learn.

Crewmen’s Quarters


Engine Room

Mess Hall


But the main event is the Flight Deck.


On Friday we had our Clan Meeting

Discussion Topic: Maritime and Navy

Gee – I wonder why?

Gil gave a great lecture on Ancient Greek/Roman Navy

And their unique naming convention *smirks*

Shep gave us the history of the Coast Guard along with history/bios of a few Characters this will connect to.

Timothy Quinn gave us a history of the HMS Surprise and the Royal Navy.

Which we got to see the next day!


The Maritime Museum of San Diego was pretty awesome.

They had a lot of ships and a very detailed Museum.

But in truth the main reason we were there was for the HMS Surprise.

If you do not know the Surprise – You will need to watch Master and Commander.

Actually – let me just say this now!

Master and Commander is a very important element in Sylum and must be watched.


We spent the day exploring the HMS Surprise 

And I won’t tell you how many photos were taken!


Back at the Hotel there was Pizza, Beer and some Trivia!

Sparrow and Shep fought it out to win the prize.

We’ll be listing out the Trivia later this week, to see what score you can get!

A few memorable moments from the Gathering.

* Trying to get Speed off the HMS Surprise

* Intro to the Assassins

* The Elevator from 1913 that was fast in 1913 not so much in 2013

* ‘… like a goddamn Animal’

* He is him but not him but really him but not him cause really it is him


View from Roof of Hotel.


We’re all ready planning Next Year’s.

Just a few changes in store.

Instead of Clan Gathering – it’s now officially called:

Sylum Con

We have some ideas of where we’ll be going.

Well we had an idea but there may be issues so we’re working on new ideas.

An announcement will be made soon for the Dates for Sylum Con.

Followed by the where, when, how and why.


All Photos shown were taken by Bj Jones

Graphic Gecko is proud


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